Merged Index of Old Decatur Texas Newspapers
Wise County Messenger 'WCM' & Decatur News 'DN'
1900-1920, 1923-1926
(27,638 Names as of Jan 2020)(More to come soon)

Index of the Following 41 Decatur TX Newspapers
'The Wise County Messenger'
1900-1919 WCM Index by David Pitts
1920 WCM Index by David Pitts & Sue Tackel
1923-1925 WCM Index by Donna Weeden
'The Decatur News'
1900-1902 DN Index by David Pitts
1904-1906 DN Index by Sally Stokes
1908-1909 + 1911 DN Index by David Pitts
1915-1916 DN Index by Sue Tackel
1917-1919 DN Index by David Pitts
1925-1926 DN Index by Donna Weeden

This material is owned by the Wise County Historical Society
To obtain copies of the images of these articles please contact the Wise County Heritage Museum 
1602 S. Trinity St, Decatur, TX 76234

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