Index of 1932 Wise County Texas Newspaper
(Decatur News 'DN')

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Aug 19, 2017

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Last Name, First Name Type of Article Notes Image (Page)
Aaron, J. T. Death   1932-12-15-pg01
Aaron, Weldon Death of Bowie 1932-05-26-pg05
Adams, Fisher D/Campbell, Alpha Wedding Marriage license 1932-09-29-pg01
Armstrong, Lucius/Crawford, Ester Wedding Marriage license 1932-04-21-pg05
Arnett, Glenn Edward/Brown, Jackie Mildred Wedding Marriage 1932-01-21-pg01
Arrington, George A Death 4/13/1932 1932-04-14-pg01
Atteberry,George/Lee, Louise Wedding Marriage license 1932-11-17-pg01
Atwo….A. E. Death   1932-12-08-pg01
Aycock, Joe/Hogan, Fern Wedding Marriage 1932-04-28-pg01
Baggett, Rex/Belew Emma Dean Wedding Marriage 1932-06-23-pg01
Bailey, Jonite/Webster, Ooy Wedding Marriage license 1932-11-17-pg01
Barnett, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Opal Barnett Birth   1932-03-17-pg01
Barr, Esther Grace/Claud, Roy Wedding Marriage license 1932-06-09-pg01
Bastian, John Death   1932-07-14-pg01
Bavouset, Mrs. Laura Death of Dallas, formerly of Decatur 1932-08-04-pg01
Beaty, Ezra Death 24 years old 1932-09-22-pg06
Belew, Emma Dean/Baggett, Rex Wedding Marriage 1932-06-23-pg01
Belew, Thomas Marion Death 24-Oct-32 1932-10-27-pg01
Bell, Ira Mae/Dunn, John Thomas Wedding marriage 1932-09-08-pg01
Berg, Daughter of Mr and Mrs. A. W. Berg Birth 3/20/1932 1932-03-24-pg05
Bernett, Mary/Coak, C. M. Wedding Marriage license 1932-04-28-pg05
Blackerby, J. F. Death   1932-09-22-pg01
Blackleby, Matt/Caraway, Beatrice Wedding Marriage 1932-02-18-pg08
Blanchette, Louise/Moss, Jackson Wedding marriage 1932-11-10-pg01
Board, Marshall Death   1932-03-03pg08
Booth, Mrs. Jim Death   1932-07-21-pg01
Bowden, Roscoe/Byrd, Stella Wedding marriage 1932-09-29-pg01
Boydston, Mrs Annie/Cross, Virgil Wedding License to wed 1932-03-17-pg08
Branch, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Branch Birth 25-Jul 1932-07-28-pg01
Bridges, Alan/Foreman, Thelma Wedding License to wed 1932-03-17-pg08
Brites, Cletis Death child, no age given 1932-09-22-pg06
Brown, Melvinia/Lewis, Robert Wedding Marriage license 1932-12-08-pg01
Buck, Parry Death of Oklahoma 1932-09-01-pg08
Burch, Mrs. M. W. Death Oak Lawn Cemetery 1932-01-21-pg01
Burke, Albert Lee/Tarrant, Newell Wedding Marriage license 1932-06-23-pg01
Burman, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Burman Birth of Granite, OK. 1932-10-27-pg08
Burnett, Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. O. H. Burnett Birth   1932-03-10-pg05
Burton, Charles Clark Death 5/19/1932 1932-05-26-pg01
Byrd, Stella/Bowden, Roscoe Wedding marriage 1932-09-29-pg01
Campbell, Alpha/Adams, Fisher D. Wedding Marriage license 1932-09-29-pg01
Campbell, Tom Death Slidell 1932-04-28-pg01
Canrell, R.I. and Jopling Berniece Wedding Marriage license 1932-07-14-pg01
Caraway, Beatrice/Blackleby, Matt Wedding Marriage 1932-02-18-pg08
Caraway, Floyd C. (Pomp) Death   1932-07-21-pg01
Caraway, Mrs Sim Death   1932-09-29-pg01
Cargill, Sally Death Sandhill Cemetery 1932-01-14-pg04
Carpenter, Maggie/Spain, Wilbue Frederick Wedding Marriage 1932-02-18-pg01
Casey, John Death in Tokio, TX 1932-05-26-pg01
Cates, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Cates Birth in Ft. Worth 1932-06-23-pg01
Cearley, Calvin/Jones, Mabel Wedding Marriage license 1932-07-21-pg01
Chesser, Buck (Bob) Death Burial 1932-06-30-pg01
Chester, Mrs. Glennie Minerva Death Husband Bob Chester 1932-01-28-pg01
Clark, John J. Death traveling salesman, Alta Vista Creamery 1932-03-03-pg01
Claud, Roy/Barr, Esther Grace Wedding Marriage license 1932-06-09-pg01
Clement. Mrs. Emma Death Funeral, of Burkburnett 1932-03-24-pg05
Clifton, Charles Death 5/28/1932 1932-06-02-pg01
Coak, C. M./Bernett, Mary Wedding Marriage license 1932-04-28-pg05
Cochran, J. W./Helm, Vernelle Wedding Marriage license 1932-07-21-pg01
Columbus. Christopher Death of Rosston, Cooke County 1932-09-22-pg03
Cook, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Cook Birth 13-Jul-32 1932-07-21-pg08
Coursey, K. L./Hudson, Leta Mae Wedding License to wed 1932-03-17-pg08
Covington, S. M. Death president of Alvord National Bank 1932-08-25-pg04
Cox, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cox Birth of New Mexico 1932-05-12-pg08
Cox, Louella/Jones, J. E. Wedding marriage 1932-10-20-pg01
Craft, Jefferson Davis Death Funeral, Wise County pioneer 1932-06-23-pg05
Crawford, Ester/Armstrong, Lucius Wedding Marriage license 1932-04-21-pg05
Cross, Virgil/Mrs. Annie Boydston Wedding License to wed 1932-03-17-pg08
Cunningham, Marguerite/Daniel, Barrett Wedding Marriage license 1932-11-17-pg01
Dallas, Russell and Gately, Gene Wedding Marriage 1932-08-11-pg01
Daniel, Barrett/Cunningham,Marguerite Wedding Marriage license 1932-11-17-pg01
Davis, Charlie Death 21 years of age, Oaklawn 1932-03-03-pg01
Day, James T. Death 10-Oct-32 1932-10-20-pg01
Dellis, Son of Mr.and Mrs. L. C. Dellis Birth 5/24/1932 1932-05-26-pg05
Denham, I. N. Death   1932-06-16-pg04
Dickson, Douglas/Phillips, Willie Mae Wedding Marriage 1932-06-16-pg01
Dillehay, Dub Death Card of thanks 1932-01-14-pg05
Donaghey, Henry/Wheeler, Elizabeth Wedding 5/31/1932 1932-06-09-pg01
Donohoo, Elizabeth/Rieger, Richard T Wedding Marriage 1932-03-31-pg01
Douglas, Mack Death of San Antonio 1932-07-21-pg01
Doyle, Mrs. W. S. Death of Slidell; 5/15/1932 1932-05-26-pg08
Dunn, John Thomas/Bell Ira Mae Wedding marriage 1932-09-08-pg01
Earp, Lena Joeann/McWilliams, Garland E. Wedding Marriage license 1932-12-08-pg01
Elder, Sarah Mabel/Jones, Welton Wedding marriage 1932-06-09-pg01
Elder, Son of Mr. And Mrs. George Elder Birth 5/22/1932 1932-06-02-pg05
Ellison, Leon and Wardlow, Annie Cathrine Wedding Marriage license 1932-07-14-pg01
Elrod, Verdell and Frawner, Floyd Wedding 2-Jul 1932-07-14-pg01
Ervin, Jim Death   1932-03-17-pg08
Evans, Margeurite/Melton, E. B. Jr. Wedding Marriage 1932-02-18-pg05
Fancher, Mrs. Claire Death of Canada, former Decatur resident 1932-04-21-pg05
Ferguson, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Ferguson Birth 29-Oct-32 1932-11-03-pg04
Flowers, Lizzie Vera/Thomas, Albert Raymond Wedding Marriage license 1932-06-09-pg01
Foreman, Maye/Womack, J. F. Wedding Marriage license 1932-09-29-pg01
Foreman, Thelma/Bridges, Alan Wedding License to wed 1932-03-17-pg08
Foster, A. L. (Uncle Arch) Death   1932-08-18-pg01
Foster, Ora Mae/Hodgeson, Walter Wedding Bridgeport News 1932-01-14-pg08
Frawner, Floyd and Elrod, Verdell Wedding 2-Jul 1932-07-14-pg01
Freeman, Charles Death drownned in Oklahoma 1932-06-16-pg01
Fry, Anna M. and Williams, W. E. Wedding Marriage license 1932-07-14-pg01
Fullingim, J. P. (Uncle Jess) Death 24-Oct-32 1932-10-27-pg01
Gage, J. M. Death   1932-03-31-pg01
Gage, Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Gage Birth   1932-06-30-pg05
Gardner, Bud Death of Bowie 1932-06-30-pg08
Gately, Gene and Dallas, Russell Wedding Marriage 1932-08-11-pg01
Gibbon, Roy Death former Decatur resident 1932-04-21-pg01
Gibson, S. P. "Dad" Death   1932-07-14-pg01
Gilbert, K. E. Death of Rhome, accident 1932-08-11-pg01
Givens, Harve Death   1932-11-03-pg08
Goodger, Mrs. Lum Death 4/27/1932 1932-04-28-pg01
Goodger, Raymond/Lewis, Novia Wedding marriage 1932-11-10-pg01
Green, Otho Death of Bowie 1932-08-25-pg04
Greer, Clarence/McGlothin, Alice Wedding Marriage 1932-01-21-pg01
Griffith, Vida Mae/Sellers, Cecil Wedding License to wed 1932-03-17-pg08
Gripon, Ruth Ann, Daughter of, Mr. and Mrs. Birth of Houston 1932-04-14-pg05
Hale, Son of Mr . And Mrs. Ben Hale Birth 19-Oct-32 1932-10-27-pg04
Harkins, Mrs. Mary Alice Death 5/26/1932 1932-06-02-pg01
Harmonson, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Z. Harmonson Birth 24-Sep-32 1932-09-29-pg03
Harris, Mrs. H. F. and York, Garner Wedding Marriage license 1932-08-11-pg01
Harris, Mrs. Jim Death Greenwood 1932-03-10-pg01
Harris, Mrs. Jim Death   1932-03-17-pg08
Hartsell, Russell Neel Death   1932-04-07-pg08
Harvey, Mrs. H. T. Death of Fort Worth 1932-09-15-pg05
Hattley, Adrian Death 8 years; July 25, 1932 1932-07-28-pg01
Hayden, Tom Death   1932-11-10-pg08
Helm, Vernelle/Cochran, J. W. Wedding Marriage license 1932-07-21-pg01
Henderson, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bud Henderson Birth 15-Aug-32 1932-09-01-pg08
Henton, Ila Mae/Robinson, E. Lamar Wedding Marriage license 1932-12-08-pg01
Hill, Helen/Mooney, Orus Wedding marriage 1932-09-08-pg01
Hinkle, Tom Death   1932-06-09-pg04
Hoad, Walter Death   1932-04-28-pg01
Hodgeson, Walter/Foster Ora Mae Wedding Balsora News 1932-01-14-pg08
Hoffman, Roy Death   1932-05-26-pg08
Hogan, Fern/Aycock, Joe Wedding Marriage 1932-04-28-pg01
Holt, J. D. Death 19-Jul-32 1932-07-21-pg01
Holt, Lem Death Funeral 1932-04-07-pg08
House, Mrs. Mariah A. Death   1932-03-24-pg01
Howell, J. R./Lowance, Dottie Wedding 6/4/1932 1932-06-09-pg01
Hoyl, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Embry Hoyl Birth 30-Jun 1932-07-07-pg05
Hoyl, Polly Jane Death 6 days old 1932-07-14-pg01
Hudson, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tillie Hudson Birth 31-Aug-32 1932-09-08-pg01
Hudson, John/Vandiver, Ruth Wedding Marriage 1932-06-02-pg05
Hudson, Leta Mae/Coursey, K. L. Wedding License to wed 1932-03-17-pg08
Huff, Bine/Mrs. Lula Manning Wedding Marriage license 1932-06-09-pg01
Huff, Son of Rev. and Mrs. L. M. Huff Birth 25-Oct-32 1932-10-27-pg04
Huggins, Ola/M. B. Williams Wedding Marriage 1932-03-10-pg08
Hughes, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hughes Birth 1-Nov-32 1932-11-03-pg04
Hunter, Charles T./Smith, Gladys Wedding Marriage 1932-01-14-pg08
Infant of Mr. and Mrs. Gib Rogers Death   1932-03-24-pg08
Jackson, H. A. and Turner, Ocie Wedding Marriage license 1932-07-14-pg01
Johnston, J.B./Clark, Anna Mae Wedding Bridgeport News 1932-01-14-pg08
Johnston, Samuel G. Death   1932-09-15-pg05
Jones, J. E./Cox, Louella Wedding marriage 1932-10-20-pg01
Jones, M. R. Death   1932-09-01-pg04
Jones, Mabel/Cearley, Calvin Wedding Marriage license 1932-07-21-pg01
Jones, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Enos Jones Birth 5/25/1932 1932-05-26-pg05
Jones, Uncle Major Death   1932-09-08-pg08
Jones, Welton H./Elder, Sarah Mabel Wedding marriage 1932-06-09-pg01
Jopling, Beniece and Canrell, R.I Wedding Marriage license 1932-07-14-pg01
Kearley, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elias Kearley Birth 14-Aug-32 1932-08-18-pg05
Kemp, Mrs. Della Death   1932-09-01-pg04
King, Leslie/Witt, Ruby Wedding Marriage license 1932-09-29-pg01
Lambert, Bessie/Quisenberry, Wallace Wedding Marriage 1932-04-28-pg01
Lambert, Jessie/McCambell, Tom Wedding Marriage 1932-04-28-pg01
Langwell, W. G. Death found near railroad tracks 1932-04-04-pg01
Lawrence, W. H. Death dynamite explosion 1932-03-10-pg01
Layfield, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Layfield Birth 5/30/1932 1932-06-02-pg05
Leak, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Houston Leak Birth 1-Nov-32 1932-11-03-pg04
Lee, Louise/Attebury, George Wedding Marriage license 1932-11-17-pg01
Legg, Clara Estelle and Meador, Carl Wedding Marriage license 1932-08-11-pg01
Lewis, Novia/Goodger, Raymond Wedding marriage 1932-11-10-pg01
Lewis, Robert/Brown, Melvinia Wedding Marriage license 1932-12-08-pg01
Livengood, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Livengood Birth   1932-07-21-pg05
Lockheart, Maggie/Riggs, W. H. Wedding Marriage license 1932-12-08-pg01
Lowance, Dottie/Howell, J. R. Wedding 6/4/1932 1932-06-09-pg01
Lucas, William/Woodfin, Loouise Wedding 16-Jul-32 1932-07-28-pg01
M. B. Williams/Huggins, Ola Wedding Marriage 1932-03-10-pg08
Madney, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Madney Birth 19-Oct-32 1932-10-27-pg04
Malden, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Malden Birth   1932-09-01-pg05
Maley, Jerry Lee Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Maley Birth 3/15/1932 1932-04-07-pg05
Malone, Mrs. Graver Death Funeral 1932-10-27-pg04
Malone, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Malone Birth of Slidell 1932-03-10-pg05
Mann, Son of Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Mann Birth 1-Aug-32 1932-08-04-pg05
Manning, Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Little Manning Birth   1932-03-10-pg08
Manning, Mrs. Lula/Huff, Bine Wedding Marriage license 1932-06-09-pg01
Martin, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Martin Birth   1932-06-30-pg08
Martin, Leota/Richey, Curtis Wedding Marriage license 1932-11-17-pg01
Massey, John Death Died in Old Confederate  home in Austin 1932-02-18-pg01
McCampbell, Tom/Lambert, Jessie Wedding Marriage 1932-04-28-pg01
McCormack, Mrs. J. D. Death   1932-09-22-pg01
McElroy, T. J. Death 22-Sep-32 1932-09-29-pg01
McGee, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marion McGee Birth   1932-03-24-pg08
McGlothin, Alice/Greer, Clarence Wedding Marriage 1932-01-21-pg01
McNabb, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Birth 3/11/1932 1932-04-14-pg05
McNeeley, Mrs. Cleve Death 4/8/1932 1932-04-14-pg01
McQuinn, James C. (Peck) Death   1932-06-02-pg01
McWilliams, Garland E./Earp, Lena Joeann Wedding Marriage license 1932-12-08-pg01
Meador, Carl and Legg, Clara Estelle Wedding Marriage license 1932-08-11-pg01
Melton, E. B. Jr./Evans, Margeurite Wedding Marriage 1932-02-18-pg05
Michael, Richard Gregory Birth to R. W. and Latrice Choice Michael 1932-03-03pg08
Miller, Bart Death 30-Jul-32 1932-08-04-pg01
Miller, Mrs. Pearl Harding Death 3/24/1932 1932-03-31-pg01
Miller, Mrs. Tom Death   1932-07-07-pg01
Mitchell, T. J. Death 4/8/1932 1932-04-14-pg01
Mooney, Booth/Young, Esther Wedding in Marietta, OK 1932-01-28-pg01
Mooney, Orus/Hill, Helen Wedding marriage 1932-09-08-pg01
Moser, Uncle Jimmy Death found dead in his horse lot 1932-02-11-pg08
Moss, Jackson/Blanchette, Louise Wedding marriage 1932-11-10-pg01
Motley, "Grandmother" Death   1932-06-30-pg08
Motley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Vestal Motley Birth Crafton 1932-01-14-pg08
Mowery, J. D. Death 18 years old 1932-09-08-pg01
Nobles, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Nobles Birth 22-Oct-32 1932-10-27-pg04
O'Neal Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Pete Death   1932-02-18-pg05
Parrish, Mrs. Clyde Death   1932-07-14-pg01
Patton, Mrs. N. J. Death of Brumlow; August 19, 1932 1932-08-25-pg04
Pearson, Mre. D. A. Death   1932-02-11-pg08
Pennington, Son of Mr. and Mrs E. E. Pennington Birth 3/30/1932 1932-04-07-pg05
Perkins, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ace Perkins Birth 25-Jul-32 1932-07-28-pg08
Perkins, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ace Perkins Birth 17-Sep-32 1932-09-29-pg03
Perkins, Willie/Thomas, Arilla Wedding Marriage license 1932-12-08-pg01
Phillips, Willie Mae/Dickson, Douglas Wedding marriage 1932-06-16-pg01
Phol, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Phol Birth   1932-10-06-pg01
Pickett, Lucille/Worsham, Daniel Wedding Marriage 1932-06-30-pg01
Pickett, Miss Buggy Death 5/3/1932 1932-05-12-pg01
Pinion, Mrs. Delta Death 3/23/1932 1932-03-31-pg01
Pitts, C. L. Death Paradise, Pleasant Grove Cemetery 1932-03-10-pg01
Porter, Mrs. Mary Death   1932-03-24-pg01
Quisenberry, Mrs. C. M. Death 4/26/1932 1932-04-28-pg01
Quisenberry, Wallace/Lambert, Bessie Wedding Marriage 1932-04-28-pg01
Ransdale, Mrs. N. A. Death 5/17/1932 1932-05-26-pg05
Ransom, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tobe Ransom Birth Sept. 3, 1932 1932-09-15-pg04
Rasor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Birth   1932-02-11-pg05
Ray, Pat/Sites, Ellen Wedding marriage 1932-09-15-pg01
Reney, Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Reney Birth   1932-09-22-pg06
Renshaw, Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Birth   1932-02-18-pg05
Rhine, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Orville Rhine Birth   1932-08-04-pg08
Richey, Curtis/Martin, Leota Wedding Marriage license 1932-11-17-pg01
Riddle, James Death   1932-05-26-pg01
Rieger, Richard T./Donohoo, Elizabeth Wedding Marriage 1932-03-31-pg01
Riggs, W. H./Lockheart, Maggie Wedding Marriage license 1932-12-08-pg01
Roach, Marvin/Layfield, Ruth Wedding 1/16/1932 1932-06-09-pg01
Robinson, E. Lamar/Henton, Ila Mae Wedding Marriage license 1932-12-08-pg01
Roop, W. R. Death   1932-12-08-pg01
Rosenburg, Charles/Smith, Lena Wedding Marriage license 1932-09-29-pg01
Ross, Mrs. V. A. Death 5/22/1932 1932-05-26-pg01
Ross, Mrs., Minnie Edna (S. C.) Death   1932-12-01-pg01
Rush, Tom Y./Snead, Nell DeWitt Wedding marriage 1932-12-01-pg01
Scoff, Henry W Death   1932-06-02-pg01
Sellars, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Sellars Birth of Moody, TX:                  24-oct-32 1932-11-03-pg05
Sellers, Cecil/Griffith, Vida Mae Wedding License to wed 1932-03-17-pg08
Sherman, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Sherman Birth 1-Jul 1932-07-07-pg05
Shoemaler, Hardie Death 5/17/1932 1932-05-26-pg08
Shults, Mrs Will Death Rush Creek Cemetery 1932-02-11-pg01
Sites, Ellen/Ray, Pat Wedding marriage 1932-09-15-pg01
Skinner, Mrs. Carolina Death   1932-09-01-pg04
Smith, baby boy to Mr. amd Mrs Charlie Birth   1932-02-25-pg08
Smith, G. T. Death 3/25/1932 1932-03-31-pg01
Smith, Gladys/Hunter, Charles T Wedding Marriage 1932-01-14-pg08
Smith, James W. Death of Brier 1932-06-02-pg01
Smith, Lena/Rosenburg, Charles Wedding Marriage license 1932-09-29-pg01
Smith, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Smith Birth 18-Oct-32 1932-10-27-pg04
Smith, William Alton Death 11 years old 1932-08-18-pg05
Snead, Nell DeWitt/Rush, TomY Y. Wedding marriage 1932-12-01-pg01
Snow, Grandpa Death   1932-07-14-pg08
Snow, Harve Death   1932-07-14-pg01
SorRells, Edgar Death wife maiden name Miss Giula Sellars 1932-01-28-pg01
Spain, Mrs, Velma Death   1932-05-26-pg01
Spain, Wilbur Frederick/Carpenter, Maggie Wedding she was teacher in Rhome 1932-02-18-pg01
St. Clair, J. M. Mr. Death Wife maiden Florence Campbell, Oaklawn Cemetery 1932-02-04-pg01
Standley, Mrs. W. G. Death 5/12/1932 1932-05-19-pg04
Stephens, Mrs. C. P. Death Oaklawn Cemetery 1932-02-11-pg01
Stephenson, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Stephenson Birth 26-Sep-32 1932-09-29-pg03
Stewart, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Buck Stewart Birth   1932-02-11-pg08
Stone, Mrs, Mary Death 31-Oct-32 1932-11-03-pg01
Strange, Loiuse/Williams E. R. (Sam) Wedding Marriage 1932-04-28-pg01
Struble, Barbara Allen/Thomason, Wayne Elgene Wedding 6/4/1932 1932-06-09-pg01
Tankersley, S. G. Death former legislature for Wise Co. 1932-09-08-pg01
Tarrant, Newell/Burke, Albert Lee Wedding Marriage license 1932-06-23-pg01
Teeter, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Teeter Birth 14-Aug-32 1932-08-18-pg05
Thedford, Bennie Warren Death Funeral, of Bowie, 18 months 1932-10-27-pg08
Thomas, Albert Raymond/Flowers, Lizzie Vera Wedding Marriage license 1932-06-09-pg01
Thomas, Arilla/Perkins, Willie Wedding Marriage license 1932-12-08-pg01
Thomason, Wayne Elgene/Struble, Barbara Allen Wedding 6/4/1932 1932-06-09-pg01
Thompson, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guinn Thompson Birth 24-Jul-32 1932-07-28-pg01
Touchstone, Mrs. Curtis Death Burned, Bethel cemetery 1932-01-14-pg04
Tumelty, John William Death 18 years old,accidental gunshot 1932-09-29-pg01
Turner, Delia Death   1932-06-16-pg01
Turner, Ocie and Jackson,  H. A. Wedding Marriage license 1932-07-14-pg01
Turpen, Son of Mr. and Jess Turpen Birth 3/31/1932 1932-04-07-pg05
Twins, boy and girl to Mr. and Mrs. Lester Perry Birth   1932-05-19-pg08
Van Meter, Son of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Van Meter Birth 4-Jul 1932-07-07-pg05
Vandiver, Mrs, John Death early citizens of Wise Co. 1932-03-10-pg01
Vandiver, Ruth/Hudson, John Wedding Marriage 1932-06-02-pg05
Wade, Mr. P. L. Death 25-Jul-32 1932-07-28-pg01
Wardlow, Annie Cathrine and Ellison, Leon Wedding Marriage license 1932-07-14-pg01
Webster, Ooy/Bailey, Jonite Wedding Marriage license 1932-11-17-pg01
Whittengton, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Calude Whittengton Birth 4/22/1932 1932-04-28-pg08
Wilhite, J. H. Death   1932-08-18-pg01
Williams, E. R. (Sam)/Strange, Louise Wedding Marriage 1932-04-28-pg01
Williams, W. E. and Fry Anna M Wedding Marriage license 1932-07-14-pg01
Willis, R. T. Death   1932-03-10-pg01
Wison, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs Babe Wison Birth 5/17/1932 1932-05-19-pg05
Witt, Ruby/King, Leslie Wedding Marriage license 1932-09-29-pg01
Womack, J. F./Foreman, Maye Wedding Marriage license 1932-09-29-pg01
Womack, son of Mr. and Mrs Dewey Womack Birth Balsora News 1932-01-14-pg08
Woodfin, Louise/Lucas, William Wedding 16-Jul-32 1932-07-28-pg01
Woolaver, Francis Death   1932-03-24-pg01
Workman, Mrs. C. N. Death Boonsville Cemetery 1932-01-14-pg08
Workman, Mrs. C. N. Death Maiden name Ester Sanders 1932-01-21-pg08
Workman, Mrs. W. M. Death   1932-09-29-pg01
Worsham, Daniel/Pickett, Lucille Wedding Marriage 1932-06-30-pg01
Wright, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Wright Birth 3/15/1932 1932-03-24-pg05
Wyatt, Hubbard Death accidental shooting 1932-03-10-pg01
York, Garner and Mrs. H. F. Harris Wedding Marriage license 1932-08-11-pg01