Index of 1925 Wise County Texas Newspaper
(Wise County Messenger 'WCM')

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April 27, 2018

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Last Name, First Name Type of Article Notes (Optional) Image (Page)
Abel, Walter Death of typhoid fever in Boyd 1925-07-31-pg08
Adams, Jessie Wedding Taylor, Hugh 1925-01-23-pg02
Ainsworth, Pauline Wedding Gettys, P. L. 1925-08-21-pg06
Akers, J. R. Wedding Pyeatt, Edna 1925-02-13-pg05
Albritton, Lottie Wedding Thompson, Claude 1925-06-12-pg01
Albritton, T. G. Wedding Clay, Lucy, Mrs. 1925-11-27-pg01
Alderson, W. S. Death 76 years of age, of stomach cancer 1925-07-17-pg07
Alexander, Bill Wedding Boyd, Dolly 1925-05-15-pg03
Alexander, Blance Wedding Starr, Clint 1925-08-21-pg03
Alexander, W. S. Death on June 7 1925-06-12-pg05
Alford, J. R. Wedding Thompson, Leslie 1925-05-15-pg04
Allen, Ben F. Death 65 years of age 1925-04-10-pg01
Allen, Tom Wedding Jinks, Amie 1925-01-09-pg05
Alley, Emma Wedding Jenkins, Hollis 1925-12-04-pg03
Allgood, Marion Story arrested for forged checks 1925-11-27-pg01
Allison, J. L. Death of Clarendon 1925-02-27-pg08
Allison, S. L. Wedding Forty Years Ago article - Atkins, S. L. 1925-11-27-pg04
Anderson, Abe Wedding McWilliams, Jessie 1925-11-20-pg07
Anderson, James A. Wedding Goen, Ella May 1925-04-10-pg05
Anderson, M. R. Wedding Nix, Sibyl 1925-03-20-pg03
Andrews, Irene Death Auto accident on Meridian Highway 1925-03-13-pg01
Armistance Day Program Story by the American Legion 1925-10-30-pg01
Armstrong, H. C. Wedding Hergert, Louise 1925-01-23-pg02
Arnold, Lucy Wedding Gurley, P. A. 1925-11-06-pg01
Arnold, Lucy Wedding Curley, C. W. 1925-11-20-pg07
Arrington, G. A. Story Wild quail (Hungarian partridges) received from Texas Game and Fish Commission 1925-03-13-pg01
Arrington, W. C. Death Boyd 1925-01-09-pg02
Atkerson, Grandpa Death Buried in Cottonwood 1925-02-13-pg08
Atkerson, N. B. Death 75 years of age 1925-02-20-pg07
Atkins, S. L. Wedding Forty Years Ago article - Allison, S. L. 1925-11-27-pg04
Badger, Al Story Hotel manager, San Angelo 1925-05-15-pg01
Bailey, Clifford Story Newak Bank Robbery 1925-09-18-pg01
Bailey, Electra Waggoner Story Divorce 1925-01-23-pg01
Bailey, Irma Wedding Funk, O. T. 1925-05-08-pg04
Bailey, Irma Wedding Funk, Owen 1925-05-08-pg08
Bain, Eugene Mount Death 11 years of age in San Antonio 1925-02-06-pg06
Baits, Hollis Death 17 years of age, drilling rig accident 1925-05-01-pg06
Baker, "Cowboy" Story tame bucking horses 1925-07-31-pg01
Baker, Charles James Story Stole a horse 1925-01-16-pg03
Baldwin, C. Wedding Bishop, Louise 1925-03-13-pg07
Baltes, Arevin Wedding Forty Years Ago article - Jesse Woody 1925-08-07-pg01
Balthrop, Elma Wedding Milligan, O. A. 1925-07-24-pg06
Balthrop, Elna Wedding Milligan, Olen 1925-07-17-pg02
Barker, Burch Wedding Mayers, Dale 1925-07-17-pg01
Barker, Burch Wedding Marpress, Dale 1925-07-24-pg06
Barnett, O. K. Wedding Phillips, Edney Mae 1925-02-13-pg05
Bartlett, C. E. B. Wedding Hodge, Vick 1925-01-16-pg04
Barton, Felix R. Death Decatur mail service 1925-11-13-pg02
Bass, E. W. Story Optometrist, Lord Optical 1925-01-23-pg08
Bass, Sam Story told by jockey, J. A. Hudson 1925-10-16-pg06
Beard. James Burns Wedding Lair, Frankie -20 Years ago article 1925-02-20-pg04
Bearden, Homer Story Arrested for Chico burglary 1925-05-01-pg01
Bearden, Homer Story guilty of burglary 1925-06-19-pg01
Bearden, Ruth Wedding Miller, Ray 1925-04-10-pg05
Benton, Joe Wedding Wisdom, Genever 1925-07-03-pg08
Bermy, A. L. Wedding Whatley, Carrie 1925-01-09-pg05
Berry, M. K. Wedding Bo? Illegible, Louise A. 1925-04-24-pg08
Beville, Ruth Wedding Montford, Gordan 1925-12-04-pg03
Bingham, Bernice Wedding Hines, Embry 1925-12-04-pg03
Bishop, Lizzie Wedding Thompson, C. E. 1925-01-16-pg04
Bishop, Louise Wedding Baldwin, C. 1925-03-13-pg07
Bittick, S. G., Jr. Death 13 years of age, of rabies 1925-05-29-pg03
Blackburn, Lester Story Blackburn Bros. Garage injured 1925-02-13-pg03
Blackerby, M. G. Story purchased with D. I. Jones the R. R. Lacey garage 1925-02-20-pg03
Blackerby, Matt Story bought the D. I. Jones garage 1925-08-14-pg06
Blackwood, B. M. Story Arrested with stolen goods 1925-08-14-pg01
Blackwood, George Story Arrested with sloten goods 1925-08-14-pg01
Blevins, Elmo Wedding Davidson, Ena 1925-07-24-pg06
Blythe Bathing Beach Story postponed opening 1925-06-05-pg02
Blythe Bathing Beach Story Flume destroyed by rains 1925-07-10-pg01
Bo?, Louise A. Wedding Berry, M. K. 1925-04-24-pg08
Bobo, Ann Wedding High, Clifton, E., Dr. 1925-05-22-pg03
Bobo, Ann Wedding High, Clifton, E., Dr. 1925-05-22-pg05
Bobo, Z. B. Wedding Forty Years Ago article - married Bettie Morris 1925-07-03-pg04
Bond, R. L. Story Letter to editor about changes in Wise County 1925-10-23-pg06
Bonnet-Brown Sterotype Story New equipment at Wise County Messenger 1925-08-28-pg02
Bowman, Maud Wedding Grier, Allen 1925-07-03-pg08
Boyd, Cora Wedding Sellars, J. L. 1925-05-01-pg07
Boyd, Cora Wedding Sellars, J. L. 1925-05-08-pg04
Boyd, Dolly Wedding Alexander, Bill 1925-05-15-pg03
Boyd, Gertrude Wedding Roberts, C. E. 1925-01-16-pg04
Boyd, Hattie D. Wedding Mann, Charles E. 1925-01-16-pg04
Boyd, Hattie D. Wedding Mann, C. F. 1925-01-23-pg04
Boyd, John Wedding McConnell, Lillie 1925-03-20-pg03
Boyd, Pink Death Died in Boyd, buried at Deep Creek 1925-07-03-pg08
Boyd, Richard Store Story Boyd, robbery 1925-07-24-pg01
Brady, Albert Story injured in hit and run auto accident 1925-04-17-pg01
Brady, Frank Story found guilty of manufacturing whiskey 1925-06-26-pg01
Braesick, C. E. (new father) Birth a son on June 30 1925-07-03-pg03
Brazelton, Jesse M. Wedding Wright, Ola Ione 1925-08-21-pg06
Brewer, I. M. (new father) Birth a daughter, Sarah Louise, on June 21 1925-06-26-pg03
Bridgeport Dam Story new dam project 1925-11-06-pg01
Bridges, C. R., Mrs. Story appendicitis operation 1925-05-22-pg03
Brockney, Jerome Wedding Kincaid, Hazel 1925-07-24-pg06
Brooks, W. A. Death 70 years of age; salesman for Waples-Platter 1925-09-25-pg06
Brown, A.A. Death 82 years of age 1925-01-23-pg05
Brown, Olive Wedding Forty Years Ago Article - Cox, T. F. 1925-10-23-pg04
Brunson, G. S. Wedding Mount, Gwendolyn 1925-02-27-pg04
Bryan, William Jennings Death died in Tennessee 1925-07-31-pg01
Bryan, William Jennings Death obituary 1925-07-31-pg04
Burke, Emma Wedding Dodge, Eddie 1925-03-06-pg05
Burnett, James O. Wedding Hoffman, Lottie 1925-05-15-pg04
Butcher, Raymond Parker Wedding Walker, Sue 1925-02-27-pg04
Butler, Lizzie Mae Wedding Sanders, Thomas 1925-08-21-pg03
Buttrill, A. P. Story Novelty Store advertisement 1925-02-20-pg01
Call, Jackson Death Decatur 1925-08-28-pg05
Canady, Frank Story Arrested for wife disertion 1925-05-22-pg05
Cannon, Modena Wedding McClung, C. C. 1925-05-08-pg04
Caraway, Bud Wedding Sherman, Mattie Belle 1925-11-20-pg07
Carmack, Jack Story discharged from Navy 1925-11-06-pg03
Carpenter, Jesse (new father Birth Twenty Years Ago article; a son 1925-06-19-pg04
Cartwright, Mittie Wedding Twenty Years Ago article - Sensibaugh, Bob 1925-08-14-pg04
Caruthers, Stanley Wedding Jeter, Viola 1925-04-24-pg08
Cates, C. D. home Story making into a hotel E. Main St. 1925-05-08-pg05
Cates, J. H. (new father) Birth Twenty Years Ago article - a son 1925-11-27-pg04
Cearly, John L. Death former Wise County Sheriff 1925-06-26-pg07
Chaney, Velma Death 18 years of age of Cottondale 1925-07-17-pg08
Chaplin, J. W. Wedding Probat, Mary 1925-06-12-pg01
Chico stores robbed Story 3 stores robbed in Chico 1925-04-17-pg03
Childress, Lallah Wedding Hedrick, Robert G. 1925-01-23-pg02
Childress, Lallah Wedding Hedrick, Robert G. 1925-01-23-pg05
Christal, Bonnie Wedding Twenty Years Ago article; Shaw, Marion M. 1925-09-25-pg04
Christian and Renshaw purchase breeding ram Story Breeding stock for sheep 1925-03-20-pg01
Christopher, Mable Wedding Frank, W. G. 1925-10-30-pg02
Chumley, Bertha Wedding Oliver, G. R. 1925-01-16-pg04
Chumley, Jim Wedding Oliver, Kinney 1925-01-16-pg04
Clark, Erwin J. Death Suicide in Houston 1925-09-04-pg07
Clark, Phil J. Death died of the results of war 1925-12-04-pg05
Clary, Arra Lee Wedding Standfield, Foster 1925-11-20-pg07
Clay, Iva Wedding Johnson, Clyde 1925-11-06-pg08
Clay, Lucy, Mrs. Wedding Albritton, T. G. 1925-11-27-pg01
Collier, Billzoe Wedding Watson, Houston 1925-11-06-pg01
Collier, Frank, Mrs. Story indicted for murder 1925-04-10-pg06
Collins, Iris Wedding Largent, J. J. 1925-01-16-pg06
Cook, Caroline Death died in Oklahoma; formerly of Decatur 1925-12-04-pg02
Cooper, Myrtle Wedding Word, S. M. 1925-02-20-pg03
Copeland, W. L. Death Alvord 1925-10-16-pg08
Coplin Store Story Store robbed of $750 1925-11-06-pg01
Cox, Etta Wedding Howard, J. S. 1925-01-16-pg04
Cox, T. F. Wedding Forty Years Ago Article - Brown, Olive 1925-10-23-pg04
Crasser, Sam P. Wedding Hudson, Georgia 1925-12-04-pg03
Crawford, Eva Wedding Washburn, W. E. 1925-02-13-pg05
Crowder, J. H. Wedding Pounds, Leona 1925-12-11-pg03
Crump, Evelyn Lois Wedding Parkham, J. P. 1925-01-23-pg02
Culpepper, Lornie Wedding Morrow, Ruth 1925-02-27-pg04
Cunningham, A. W. Story 67 wedding anniversary in Bowie 1925-05-08-pg07
Cup, Conrad G. Wedding McFall, Velma 1925-03-20-pg03
Curley, C. W. Wedding Arnold, Lucy 1925-11-20-pg07
Curtis, Marshall Story defendant in divorce suit by wife, Ella Marshall 1925-11-06-pg04
Dallas, Alma Mae Wedding Jennings, John Bradford 1925-12-04-pg05
Dallas, Deun Wedding Eldson, Augusta 1925-08-21-pg03
Daunte, Merud Wedding Reas, Gertrude 1925-02-27-pg04
Davenport, J. W. Wedding Hamitre, Amelia 1925-03-13-pg07
Davenport. P. H. Death killed on Dallas road 1925-12-04-pg01
Davidson, Ena Wedding Blevins, Elmo 1925-07-24-pg06
Davis, J. R. Death near Boyd 1925-12-04-pg03
Davis, James Arthur Birth new son of James Arthur of Springtown 1925-08-21-pg08
Davis, Olive Death Flat Rock cemetery 1925-05-15-pg06
Davis, William H., Jr. Wedding Franklin, Mamie 1925-06-12-pg01
Decatur Fire Story threatens new city hall 1925-06-12-pg01
Decatur Marble Yard Story To move to north end of Walnut Street 1925-07-17-pg02
Decatur Motor Company installs steam cleaner Story Bannon steam cleaner installed 1925-03-20-pg01
Decatur Square Fire Story SW Corner of Square damaged by fire 1925-03-06-pg01
Decatur Water Works has new owner Story Victor Nobles, new owner 1925-03-27-pg01
Dement, J. B Story honored with birthday party 1925-09-04-pg01
Denham, Ida L. Wedding Noel, Perry G. 1925-05-15-pg04
Denny, John R. Wedding Suddeth, Maud 1925-08-21-pg03
Dewberry, Willie McGee, Mrs. Death of Decatur 1925-12-11-pg01
Dickenson, Charles Wedding Morris, Callie 1925-01-23-pg04
Dickson, Harve Wedding Stimson, E.W. 1925-01-23-pg02
Dickson, Marvin Story Surffered burns in house fire 1925-06-05-pg01
Dickson, Marvin Death obituary 1925-06-12-pg05
Dingly, Eria Wedding Ford, J. B. 1925-10-30-pg02
Ditton, Tera Wedding Tage, Charles 1925-11-06-pg01
Dobbs, C. L. Wedding Mitchum, Eura 1925-07-03-pg08
Dodge, C. R., new father Birth a daughter born Jan. 12, 1925 1925-01-16-pg06
Dodge, E. W. Story Family reunion in Greenwood 1925-04-17-pg06
Dodge, Eddie Wedding Burke, Emma 1925-03-06-pg05
Dodson, D. H., Dr. Death of Sanger 1925-07-24-pg07
Donald, M. A. Story Twenty Years Ago column - wed to Laura Redwine 1925-04-24-pg04
Douglas, Lloyd, (new father) Birth a daughter, on May 19 1925-05-22-pg03
Douglass, Cora, Mrs. Wedding Gentry, Tom J. 1925-08-21-pg02
Drake, A. R. Death in Slidell 1925-10-30-pg01
Drake, A. R. Death   1925-10-30-pg08
Drake, A. R. Death of Greenville; died on Oct 23 1925-11-06-pg02
Drake, A. R. Death   1925-11-27-pg07
Drug House purchases new cool Story Eagle Drug House installed a new automatic electric cooler 1925-03-13-pg07
Dunn, Gladys Wedding Pratt, James G. 1925-06-12-pg01
Dunsby, W. M. Wedding Smith, Ollie Mae, Mrs. 1925-11-20-pg07
Dyer, Dee (father) Death infant son; of pneumonia and whooping cough 1925-04-10-pg08
Eads, Will Story charged with rape 1925-07-10-pg01
Eason, Charley (new father) Birth a daughter on June 17 1925-07-03-pg08
Edwards, Frank Wedding Loafman, Audrey 1925-11-27-pg08
Edweards, Ray V. Wedding Gray, Lena 1925-01-23-pg02
Eldson, Augusta Wedding Dallas, Deun 1925-08-21-pg03
Elliott, Elsie Wedding Williams, Nix 1925-02-27-pg04
Elliott, Lola Ayleen Wedding Jenkins, T. H. 1925-03-20-pg03
Ellison, Juanita Wedding Hudson, Fred 1925-01-23-pg02
England, Chris (new father) Birth Twenty Years Ago article; a daughter 1925-09-25-pg04
Evans, Elizabeth Wedding Mullauix, Floyd 1925-08-21-pg03
Evans, Jim Death 26 years of age; injuries from being kicked by a mule 1925-07-10-pg01
Evans, Mildred Wedding Ritchy, J. N. 1925-08-21-pg03
Evans, Nold Wedding Lacey, L. S/ 1925-02-06-pg08
Everts, S. G. Wedding Stewart, Fannie 1925-03-27-pg06
Fairbetter, John H. Wedding Spradley, Beatrice 1925-01-09-pg05
Fansher, Mrs. Story took dangerously ill after taking cold tablets 1925-03-20-pg01
Farris, Maude Williams Wedding Schulkey, Carl H., Dr. 1925-10-02-pg02
Ferguson, Jewel Wedding Hutts, L.H. 1925-01-23-pg02
First National Bank opens new buidling Story New structure just completed 1925-03-27-pg01
Fitzgerald, John Death 71 years of age; of Cottondale 1925-09-18-pg08
Fitzgerald, W. H., Mrs. Death of Paradise 1925-05-15-pg05
Fitzgerald, W. H., Mrs. Death obituary 1925-05-15-pg07
Fletcher, Ann Wedding Forty Years Ago Article - Merritt, J. J. 1925-10-23-pg04
Floyd, Arti Mae Wedding Gibbon, Marion 1925-05-29-pg06
Floyd, Arti Mae Story Wedding shower 1925-06-05-pg03
Floyd, Arti Mae Wedding Gibbon, Marion 1925-06-26-pg02
Ford installs new accessories Story wiper, dashlight, and rear vision mirror 1925-03-20-pg03
Ford, J. B. Wedding Dingly, Eria 1925-10-30-pg02
Foreman, Ray, (new father) Birth a son, on May 16 1925-05-22-pg03
Foster, Eva Wedding Pittman, J. E. 1925-05-22-pg05
Fox, Leonard H. Death following an operation 1925-06-26-pg07
Fox, Lula Wedding ? Illegible 1925-04-24-pg08
Fox, Overa Photograph Mrs. P. Willard Jones 1925-08-14-pg07
Fox, Overs Wedding Jones, P. Willard (Bill) 1925-08-14-pg07
Frank, W. G. Wedding Christopher, Mable 1925-10-30-pg02
Franklin, Mamie Wedding Davis, William H., Jr. 1925-06-12-pg01
Freeman, Fred Story Stage Line advertisement 1925-02-06-pg06
Fullingham, P. J., Dr. Story Moved offices from Masonic building to First National Bank building 1925-02-27-pg03
Funk, O. T. Wedding Bailey, Irma 1925-05-08-pg04
Funk, Owen Wedding Bailey, Irma 1925-05-08-pg08
Gage, J. G. Story raising prized jersey heifer 1925-10-23-pg06
Gage, J. L., Mrs. Death Greenwood, age 69 years of age 1925-01-09-pg01
Gamble, Rosie Wedding Mason, Calvin 1925-05-01-pg08
Gamble, Rosie Wedding Mason, C. D. 1925-05-08-pg04
Garland, Mattie Lou Wedding Vickers, C. E. 1925-11-20-pg07
Gentry, Tom J. Wedding Douglass, Cora, Mrs. 1925-08-21-pg02
Gentry, W. T. Death of Decatur 1925-05-08-pg01
George, Mary E. Death 84 years of age 1925-11-27-pg05
Gettys, P. L. Wedding Ainsworth, Pauline 1925-08-21-pg06
Gibbon, Marion Wedding Floyd, Arti Mae 1925-05-29-pg06
Gibbon, Marion Wedding Floyd, Arti Mae 1925-06-26-pg02
Gibbs, Belle Death 70 years of age; after a heart attack 1925-07-10-pg01
Gibson, Cecil W. Wedding Huskey, Pearl 1925-05-08-pg04
Gibson, Edmond Death 16 years of age of pneumonia 1925-02-13-pg01
Gilmore, James A. Wedding Waggoner, Electra 1925-02-27-pg07
Glass, H. Bentley Story Honored as graduate and entering Baylor Un. 1925-03-27-pg07
Goen, Ella May Wedding Anderson, James A. 1925-04-10-pg05
Goerge, John, Mrs. Death pioneer citizen 1925-07-17-pg01
Gooch, Marvin Story burglars stole tires 1925-10-02-pg03
Gray, Lena Wedding Edwards, Ray V. 1925-01-23-pg02
Greathouse Hotel Story Expanded to inlcude 30 rooms 1925-04-10-pg06
Greendwood News Story M. B. Williamson puts in garage; Claence Moore a café 1925-03-20-pg05
Greenwood School Story opened late due to cotton picking 1925-10-23-pg01
Greer, W. C. Story morse code 1925-09-18-pg03
Gregg, M. Death 68 years of age 1925-05-08-pg05
Grier, Allen Wedding Bowman, Maud 1925-07-03-pg08
Grubbs, B. F., new father Birth a son, born March 9, named W. T. Grubbs 1925-03-13-pg03
Grunwoeld, Guy Wedding New, Bessie 1925-11-06-pg01
Guffy, John A. Wedding Ropke, Florence 1925-10-30-pg02
Gurley, P.A. Wedding Arnold, Lucy 1925-11-06-pg01
Hale, J. W., Capt. Death Forty Years Ago article 1925-07-03-pg04
Hamilton, Redmon Wedding Hines, Cynthia 1925-02-06-pg05
Hamitre, Amelia Wedding Davenport, J. W. 1925-03-13-pg07
Hamm, Jeannette Wedding Wakeman, W. S. 1925-10-30-pg02
Hannan & Wood, Proprietors Story Manhattan Café advertisement 1925-03-20-pg06
Hanner, Bessie Wedding Littlefiled, C. 1925-01-16-pg04
Harding, Pearl, Mrs. Wedding Miller, R. S. 1925-09-04-pg01
Hardwich & Dickson Story New haberdashers in Decatur 1925-08-21-pg03
Hardwick, Syl L. Story Tailor in Decatur advertisement 1925-04-17-pg08
Harmon, C. Story secreted over $1000 in a jar in cellar 1925-10-23-pg01
Harmon, Chris Death   1925-10-16-pg07
Harper, LeRoy C. Wedding Mann, Naomi 1925-06-26-pg04
Harper, Mose Death Lake Valley citizen 1925-03-13-pg06
Harris, Effie Wedding Hollis, George D. 1925-05-15-pg04
Hawkins, Carrol Death baby burined in Boyd 1925-02-27-pg08
Hay, Ralph B. Hay, new father Birth a son, born Dec. 23, 1924 1925-03-13-pg03
Headlight Law Story New Texas headlight law 1925-05-15-pg02
Hedrick, Robert G. Wedding Childress, Lallah 1925-01-23-pg02
Hedrick, Robert G. Wedding Childress, Lallah 1925-01-23-pg05
Heflin, S. A., Dr. Story Druggist from Oklahoma will open in Decatur 1925-03-06-pg06
Heflin, S. A., Dr. Story Owl Drug Store to open 1925-04-17-pg03
Heim, Roe Death 75 years of age; formerly of Decatur 1925-11-06-pg03
Hergert, Louise Wedding Armstrong, H. C. 1925-01-23-pg02
Herndon, Lavona Story car theft 1925-09-25-pg05
Hicks, Early Death 25 years of age, of Flatwoods,shot in hunting accident 1925-03-27-pg01
High, Clifton E., Dr. Wedding Bobo, Ann 1925-05-22-pg03
High, Clifton E., Dr. Wedding Bobo, Ann 1925-05-22-pg05
Hill, Bonnie Faye Wedding Stewart, C. H. 1925-05-22-pg05
Hill, W. T. Wedding Reeves, Ina 1925-03-27-pg07
Hilton, Flossie J. Wedding Webb, D. E. 1925-11-20-pg07
Hilton, John Death Oak Grove 1925-09-04-pg01
Hines, Cynthia Wedding Hamilton, Redmon 1925-02-06-pg05
Hines, Dorothy Death 76 years of age 1925-03-13-pg02
Hines, Embry Wedding Bingham, Bernice 1925-12-04-pg03
Hinton, J. M. (new father) Birth a daughter, on April 20 1925-04-24-pg06
Hobbs, J. H., Mrs. Death 76 years of age 1925-07-17-pg01
Hodge, Vick Wedding Bartlett, C. E. B. 1925-01-16-pg04
Hodges, Charles Story St. George Hotel advertisement 1925-01-23-pg02
Hodnett, R. W. Story New owner of Independent Telphone Co. exchange of Decatur 1925-03-13-pg05
Hoffman, Lottie Wedding Burnett, James O. 1925-05-15-pg04
Hogg, John W. Death   1925-01-09-pg08
Holden, Allen B. Wedding Horris, Helen 1925-07-03-pg08
Hollis, George D. Wedding Harris, Effie 1925-05-15-pg04
Horris, Helen Wedding Holden, Allen B. 1925-07-03-pg08
Howard, J. S. Wedding Cox, Etta 1925-01-16-pg04
Hubbard, Charles, H., Judge Death Died in Decatur of pneumonia 1925-03-13-pg01
Hubbard, Jack Death of injuries from auto accident 1925-04-10-pg01
Hudson, Eugene A. Wedding Myers, Lillian, Mrs. 1925-11-20-pg07
Hudson, Fred Wedding Ellison, Juanita 1925-01-23-pg02
Hudson, Georgia Wedding Crasser, Sam P. 1925-12-04-pg03
Hudson, Grace Wedding Richardson, Luther A. 1925-05-08-pg04
Hudson, J. A. Story about Sam Bass 1925-10-16-pg06
Hudson, Jack Wedding McLain, Alma 1925-03-27-pg03
Hudson, Turner Story Jailed for rape charges 1925-08-28-pg01
Huffman, Lillie Wedding Spencer, Walter 1925-01-09-pg07
Huskey, Pearl Wedding Gibson, Cecil W. 1925-05-08-pg04
Hutts, L.H. Wedding Ferguson, Jewel 1925-01-23-pg02
Ikard, Harrison Death killed in a shoo-out with burglars 1925-09-25-pg01
Jack, G. F. Death Forty Years Ago Article - of Decatur 1925-12-11-pg04
Jenkins, Hollis Wedding Alley, Emma 1925-12-04-pg03
Jenkins, T. H. Wedding Elliott, Lola Ayleen 1925-03-20-pg03
Jennings, G. A. Wedding Forty Years Ago Article - Rogers, J. A. 1925-10-23-pg04
Jennings, John Bradford Wedding Dallas, Alma Mae 1925-12-04-pg05
Jeter, Viola Wedding Caruthers, Stanley 1925-04-24-pg08
Jeter, Willie Wedding Kaker, Mrs. Eugene 1925-01-23-pg05
Jinks, Amie Wedding Allen, Tom 1925-01-09-pg05
Jiter, Willie Wedding Kaker, E. S. 1925-01-23-pg02
Jobe, Lela Wedding O'Neal, Walter 1925-10-30-pg02
Johns, W. M. Death Park Springs 1925-07-31-pg08
Johnson, Beryl, Mrs. Death of Slidell 1925-03-06-pg08
Johnson, Clyde Wedding Clay, Iva 1925-11-06-pg08
Johnson, G. A. Wedding Whitman, Maude 1925-10-30-pg02
Johnson, Louise Wedding Pastin, Walter 1925-07-03-pg08
Johnson, Minnie Wedding Paris, Charles, M. 1925-06-12-pg01
Johnson, S. B. Story new watch maker in Decatur 1925-05-22-pg03
Johnson, Tom Story Forty Years Ago Article; granted a license to practice law 1925-10-23-pg04
Johnston, Willie Wedding Twenty Years Ago article - married Stanton, Roby 1925-09-11-pg04
Jones, D. I. Story purchased with M. G. Blakcerby the R. R. Lacey garage 1925-02-20-pg03
Jones, D. I. (new father) Birth a dauther on July 17 1925-07-24-pg03
Jones, H. L. Story entered state tuberculosis sanitarium 1925-10-30-pg03
Jones, Mrs. A. C. Wedding Pillin, A. J. 1925-02-06-pg08
Jones, P. Willard (Bill) Wedding Fox, Overa 1925-08-14-pg07
Jones, Ray Wedding Rose, Velma 1925-04-24-pg08
Jordan, J. C. Death 78 years of age 1925-08-14-pg07
Kaker, E. S. Wedding Jiter, Willie 1925-01-23-pg02
Kaker, Mrs. Eugene Wedding Jeter, Willie 1925-01-23-pg05
Keith, Julian T. Wedding Layne, Zora 1925-10-30-pg02
Kelley, J. B. Death 77 years of age 1925-06-05-pg02
Kent, R. V. Story forgery charges 1925-11-27-pg07
Kerr, Levi Death 113 years of age 1925-02-06-pg03
Key, Jewel Wedding Walker, A. S. 1925-01-09-pg05
Kiehl, Goerge Death 79 years of age-from France 1925-03-20-pg07
Kierce, M. Death Pleasant Hill burial 1925-04-24-pg07
Kilcrease, G. D. Wedding Surber, Helen 1925-07-24-pg06
Killinforth, Louise Wedding Rodeman, W. L. 1925-12-04-pg03
Kincaid, Hazel Wedding Brockney, Jerome 1925-07-24-pg06
Kincannon, C. F. Death of Paradise 1925-04-24-pg05
King, W. R. Wedding Taylor, Lillie Belle 1925-10-30-pg02
Kliendorfer, R., Mrs. Death  in car wreck 1925-10-09-pg01
Krum Bank Story Robbed 1925-06-12-pg01
Lacey, L. S. Wedding Evans, Nold 1925-02-06-pg08
Lair, Frankie Wedding Beard, James Burns - 20 Years ago article 1925-02-20-pg04
Lambert, Chester Death baby son of Andrew Lambert 1925-11-27-pg01
Lambert, Paschall H., new father Birth a son on March 20 1925-03-27-pg03
Landers, Opal Wedding Vaughn, C. M. 1925-12-04-pg08
Landreth, W. B. Wedding Owens, Mariah 1925-01-23-pg02
Lang, C. C. (new father) Birth a son 1925-09-25-pg03
Largent, J. J. Wedding Collins, Iris 1925-01-16-pg06
Lawrence, B. F Death   1925-01-09-pg07
Lawson, Ray (new father) Birth a son, on Nov. 22 1925-11-27-pg02
Layne, Zora Wedding Keith, Julian T. 1925-10-30-pg02
Leftwich, Mame Jane Story Opened a millenery 1925-02-06-pg01
Leftwich, Mame Jane Story Mary Jane Hat Shop advertisement 1925-02-06-pg03
Leonard Jewelry Store Story Robbed 1925-09-25-pg01
Leonard, H. B. Story wanted man reported to be in Havana, Cuba 1925-05-29-pg01
Leonard, J. B. Story Jeweler hunted for stealing jewelry 1925-05-15-pg01
Leonard, Jack Story Disappearance 1925-01-09-pg02
Leslie, H. Death 65 years of age in Allison community 1925-03-27-pg06
Levy, Sam Death formerly of Decatur; died in Chicago 1925-10-30-pg01
Lewis, Ben, Mrs. Death 58 years of age 1925-06-26-pg01
Lewis, Elmer Wedding Rhoades, Pearl 1925-11-20-pg07
Lewis, Elton Wedding Rhoades, Pearl 1925-11-13-pg01
Lewis, J. C. Death Dallas 1925-08-21-pg03
Lewis, J. C. Death killed by a motorist 1925-08-21-pg05
Lillard, Emily Catherine Story Twenty Years Ago article-6th birthday party 1925-09-04-pg04
Lillard, Jack (new father) Birth a daughter on August 29, named Margaret Ann 1925-09-04-pg03
Lillard, S. A. Story Trustee for Burk Burnet estate 1925-01-09-pg01
Lillard, S. A. Story Lillard Milling Co. advertisement 1925-01-23-pg08
Lillard, S. A. Story Local businessman retires 1925-08-28-pg01
Lillard, Z. F. Story Chevrolet car dealer advertisement 1925-01-23-pg04
Littlefield, C. Wedding Hanner, Bessie 1925-01-16-pg04
Littrell, Ethel Wedding Simmons, R. L. 1925-10-30-pg02
Loafman, Audrey Wedding Edwards, Frank 1925-11-27-pg08
Looney, Walter (new father) Birth a daughter on July 1 1925-07-10-pg08
Love, W. M. Wedding Williams, Fay 1925-05-01-pg01
Love, Walter M. Wedding Williams, Fay 1925-05-08-pg04
Lovern, Lillie Wedding Spencer, A. W. 1925-01-16-pg04
Lowance, C. T. Story Aug 28, 1866 birthday - same as fellow grand juror, Sam McCluney 1925-07-03-pg01
Lowe, R. S., Mrs. Death 70 years of age 1925-07-24-pg02
Lowery, Attie Wedding Scott, Riley 1925-10-30-pg02
Lynn, Alvin Story Jailed for rape charges 1925-08-28-pg01
Maddux, Mrs. C. Story Murder Trial 1925-01-23-pg01
Maldonodo, Santiago Wedding Medeyn, Juana 1925-12-04-pg03
Mammoth Still Raided Story Big liquor raid by Sheriff Workman 1925-03-13-pg01
Mann, Ayleen Story 10th birthday party 1925-02-13-pg02
Mann, Burley Story appendicitis 1925-05-15-pg08
Mann, C. F. Wedding Boyd, Hattie D. 1925-01-23-pg04
Mann, Charles E. Wedding Boyd, Hattie D. 1925-01-16-pg04
Mann, Naomi Story wedding shower 1925-06-26-pg02
Mann, Naomi Wedding Harper, LeRoy C. 1925-06-26-pg04
Marpress, Dale Wedding Barker, Burch 1925-07-24-pg06
Marr, Marion Wedding Turnercliff, Zelma 1925-11-06-pg01
Marshall, Ella Story divorce suit of hustband, Curtis Marshall 1925-11-06-pg04
Martin, W. A. Story Assault charge to be tried in Decautr 1925-04-17-pg01
Mason, C. D. Wedding Gamble, Rosie 1925-05-08-pg04
Mason, Calvin Wedding Gamble, Rosie 1925-05-01-pg08
Mattix, J. S. Wedding Reedy, Luda 1925-02-20-pg03
Maxey, Radford Death died on May 2 1925-05-15-pg01
Maxey, Radford Death Boyd 1925-05-15-pg08
Mayers, Dale Wedding Barker, Burch 1925-07-17-pg01
Mayton, Gladys Wedding Melton, Frank 1925-10-09-pg02
McBroom, J. E. Story Creamery in Decatur advertisement 1925-02-13-pg05
McCarty, Mary Evelyn Birth Bron Jan. 4, 1925 1925-01-16-pg05
McCarty, R. L. (Bob) Death Frederick, Texas 1925-05-22-pg08
McCaskey, Madge Wedding VanMeter, John 1925-11-20-pg07
McCluney, Sam Story Aug 28, 1866 birthday - same as fellow grand juror, C. T. Lowance 1925-07-03-pg01
McClung, C. C. Wedding Cannon, Modena 1925-05-08-pg04
McConnell, Lillie Wedding Boyd, John 1925-03-20-pg03
McCurtner, George Wedding Onstadt, Fay 1925-07-03-pg08
McDaniel & Sons Story Purchased registered Poland China boar hog 1925-03-06-pg01
McDaniel, Edgar Story Poland China hog breeder 1925-02-06-pg07
McDaniel, John Death Sycamore 1925-09-18-pg08
McEllvaine, Artie Wedding Raines, Hardy 1925-10-30-pg02
McElroy, Tressie Wedding Perkins, Harley 1925-02-06-pg08
McFall, Velma Wedding Cup, Conrad G. 1925-03-20-pg03
McGhee, Mrs. S. C. Death 79 years of age 1925-01-23-pg07
McGoodwin, Sid Story charged with rape 1925-07-10-pg01
McKinney, Etta Wedding Walker, O. J. 1925-06-12-pg01
McLain, Alma Wedding Hudson, Jack 1925-03-27-pg03
McMaffen, Laura Wedding Ward, Ed 1925-06-19-pg08
McMillan, J .K. Death in Van Alstyne 1925-05-08-pg03
McWilliams, Jessie Wedding Anderson, Abe 1925-11-20-pg07
Meador, Mrs. Death mother of Will Meador-Oliver Creek 1925-02-06-pg03
Medeyn, Juana Wedding Maldonodo, Santiago 1925-12-04-pg03
Medlin, Raymond Story victim of robbery 1925-01-09-pg01
Meek, Coleman Wedding Womack, Naomi 1925-10-30-pg02
Meek, Coleman Wedding Womack, Naomi 1925-10-30-pg05
Melton, Charles (new father) Birth a daughter on Oct. 23 1925-11-06-pg03
Melton, Frank Wedding Mayton,Gladys 1925-10-09-pg02
Melton, Mrs. E. B. Story Lets Swap Dress Shop advertisement 1925-01-23-pg03
Mendrick, Joe Story Kidnapped 1925-01-09-pg01
Merritt, J. J. Wedding Forty Years Ago Article - Fletcher, Ann 1925-10-23-pg04
Milhollen, Fred Wedding Palazzola, Jennie 1925-07-10-pg01
Miller, Coleman, new father Birth a son, born Dec. 23, 1924 1925-01-09-pg05
Miller, J. C. (new father) Birth a son on July 6 1925-07-10-pg03
Miller, L. O., Mrs. Death   1925-09-11-pg01
Miller, O. H. Death former citezen of Lake Valley 1925-07-03-pg08
Miller, R. S. Wedding Harding, Pearl, Mrs. 1925-09-04-pg01
Miller, Ray Wedding Bearden, Ruth 1925-04-10-pg05
Miller, W. A., Mrs. Death 80 years of age 1925-04-17-pg01
Milligan, O. A. Wedding Balthrop, Elma 1925-07-24-pg06
Milligan, Olen Wedding Balthrop, Elna 1925-07-17-pg02
Milligan, T. F. Death of Greenwood 1925-06-26-pg01
Milligan, T. F. Death   1925-06-26-pg08
Milligan, W. P. Story New Ice plant in Decatur 1925-04-10-pg05
Minyard, Chester Wedding Smith, Merle 1925-07-17-pg01
Minyard, Chester Wedding Smith, Merle 1925-07-17-pg11
Minyard, Chester Wedding Smith, Merle 1925-07-24-pg06
Mitchum, Eura Wedding Dobbs, C. L. 1925-07-03-pg08
Montford, Gordan Wedding Beville, Ruth 1925-12-04-pg03
Mooney, Eugene Wedding Powers, Girty 1925-11-06-pg01
Mooney, Ruth E. Wedding Weam, M. R. 1925-11-06-pg01
Moore, Frances T. Wedding Forty Years Ago article - Stewart, Clara 1925-12-04-pg04
Moore, Jewel Wedding Schuler, George Peeler 1925-03-20-pg02
Moore, N. A., Mrs. Story built new green house 1925-10-23-pg06
Moore, R. E. (new father) Birth 20 Years Ago article - a daughter 1925-08-21-pg04
Morris Mercantile of Chico Story burglary 1925-02-20-pg01
Morris, Bettie Wedding Forty Years Ago article - married Z. B. Bobo 1925-07-03-pg04
Morris, Callie Wedding Dickenson, Charles 1925-01-23-pg04
Morris, Mamie Wedding Spiner, Charles 1925-11-06-pg08
Morris, Mayme Wedding Spencer, C. H. 1925-11-06-pg01
Morrison, Velma Wedding Sullivan, Ira 1925-02-13-pg05
Morrow, Ruth Wedding Culpepper, Lornie 1925-02-27-pg04
Mosier, Jeffrey Story Arrested for Chico and Park Springs burglaries 1925-05-01-pg06
Mount, Gwendolyn Wedding Brunson, G. W. 1925-02-27-pg04
Mullauix, Floyd Wedding Evans, Elizabeth 1925-08-21-pg03
Murphy, Ann Death in Greenwood 1925-04-24-pg01
Murtishaw, Andrew Story convicted of forgery 1925-01-16-pg03
Murtlshaw, Andrew Story Prisoner 1925-01-23-pg01
Myers, H. H. Wedding Smith, Ella 1925-01-16-pg06
Myers, H. H. Wedding Smith, Ella 1925-01-23-pg02
Myers, Lillian, Mrs. Wedding Hudson, Eugene A. 1925-11-20-pg07
Nesmith, Paul Wedding Petros, Julia 1925-01-09-pg05
New coal beds Story New coal bed opened in Bridgeport 1925-03-13-pg07
New First National Bank building Story SE corner of Decatur square 1925-03-20-pg01
New foundation for Public Building Story Concrete foundation poured for City Hall and American Legion 1925-03-20-pg02
New, Bessie Wedding Grunwoeld, Guy 1925-11-06-pg01
Newark Bank Looted Story Bank robbed overnight 1925-03-13-pg02
Newark Bank Robbed Story bank robbery 1925-09-18-pg01
Newark man in holdup Story Knox Hutchinson heldup at gunpoint, for $1.03 1925-03-20-pg03
Newark State Bank Story burglary 1925-01-16-pg03
Newby, Melvin Wedding Wyatt, Navy 1925-08-21-pg03
Nix, Sibyl Wedding Anderson, M. R. 1925-03-20-pg03
Nixon, J. J. Story purchased drayage business from A. H. Pinkerton 1925-09-04-pg03
Nobles, Ray Wedding Rhine, Annie 1925-04-10-pg02
Nobles, Ray Wedding Rhine, Annie 1925-04-10-pg05
Noel, Frank Story arrested for murder of wife 1925-05-22-pg01
Noel, Perry G. Wedding Denham, Ida L. 1925-05-15-pg04
Norris, J. Frank, Dr. Story Baptist clash 1925-09-18-pg01
Nylle, Val Wedding Robinson, Grace 1925-02-27-pg04
Oliver, G. R. Wedding Chumley, Bertha 1925-01-16-pg04
Oliver, Kinney Wedding Chumley, Jim 1925-01-16-pg04
O'Neal, Walter Wedding Jobe, Lela 1925-10-30-pg02
Onstadt, Fay Wedding McCurtner, George 1925-07-03-pg08
Owens, Mariah Wedding Landreth, W. B. 1925-01-23-pg02
Owens, Sid Death auto accident 1925-08-21-pg01
Owl Café Opens Story Dyer buuilding on East Main 1925-03-20-pg03
Pace, Ab, father Death of 7-yr-old child, Oklahoma 1925-01-09-pg05
Page, H. H. Wedding Taylor, Zumm 1925-11-06-pg01
Palns for Drilling in County Story Worked by by land owners 1925-03-20-pg01
Paris, Charles M. Wedding Johnson, Minnie 1925-06-12-pg01
Parkham, J. P. Wedding Crump, Evelyn Lois 1925-01-23-pg02
Parsons, R. B. Death a shoot out in Denton 1925-08-14-pg01
Paschall, B. F. Story 40 Years Ago - Shot and killed R. Owens 1925-02-13-pg04
Pastin, Walter Wedding Johnson, Louise 1925-07-03-pg08
Patton, E. J. Wedding Walker, Veda 1925-06-12-pg01
Patyon, Amanda Death Hopewell Cemetery 1925-04-17-pg04
Peel, Charles W. Wedding Stout, Sallie 1925-01-16-pg04
Perkins, Harley Wedding McElroy, Tressie 1925-02-06-pg08
Perry, Ena May Wedding Perry, J. L. 1925-11-20-pg07
Perry, J. L. Wedding Perry, Ena May 1925-11-20-pg07
Petros, Julia Wedding Nesmith, Paul 1925-01-09-pg05
Petty, R. E. Birth a daughter 1925-02-27-pg08
Phillips and Carawy Story Barbers - Decatur advertisement 1925-02-20-pg06
Phillips, Edney Mae Wedding Barnett, O. L. 1925-02-13-pg05
Pillin, A. J. Wedding Jones, Mrs. A. C. 1925-02-06-pg08
Pittman, J. E. Wedding Foster, Eva 1925-05-22-pg05
Plazzola, Jennie Wedding Milhollen, Fred 1925-07-10-pg01
Pounds, Leona Wedding Crowder, J. H. 1925-12-11-pg03
Powers, Girty Wedding Mooney, Eugene 1925-11-06-pg01
Praether, S. E. Death of Greenwood 1925-04-24-pg07
Prather, S. E. Death 78 years of age 1925-04-17-pg07
Pratt, James G. Wedding Dunn, Gladys 1925-06-12-pg01
Prindle, Vernon Wedding Twenty Years Ago article - Willis, Miss 1925-08-14-pg04
Probat, Mary Wedding Chaplin, J. W. 1925-06-12-pg01
Provett, John Death Damascus 1925-01-09-pg07
Pyeatt, Edna Wedding Akers, J. R. 1925-02-13-pg05
Quest, Annie, Mrs. Death in Carthage 1925-12-04-pg06
Quisenberry, Fay Wedding Truett, Bentak 1925-11-20-pg07
Radcliffe Chautauqua Story 3 days of entertainment in Decatur - advertisement 1925-05-08-pg05
Ragle, S. M. Death 76 years of age, Flatwood 1925-05-15-pg05
Raines, Hardy Wedding McEllvaine, Artie 1925-10-30-pg02
Ramsey, R. Wedding Slate, Lula Lee 1925-04-10-pg05
Ran, Paul Story Championship fat mutton class at Fat Stock Show 1925-03-13-pg02
Raven, Vada Velma Wedding Taylor, Robert L. 1925-12-04-pg03
Reas, Gertrude Wedding Daunte, Merud 1925-02-27-pg04
Redwine, Laura Story Twenty Years Ago column - wed to M. A. Donald 1925-04-24-pg04
Redwine, W. L. Death 57 years of age; Alvord merchant 1925-09-18-pg06
Reedy, Luda Wedding Mattix, J. S. 1925-02-20-pg03
Reeves, Ina Wedding Hill, W. T. 1925-03-27-pg07
Reeves, J. F. Wedding Wilkins, Nora Lee 1925-08-21-pg03
Reeves, Lee Death of Lockney, Texas 1925-03-20-pg08
Renshaw, Dorothy Mae Death Died May 19th in Fort Worth hospital 1925-05-29-pg01
Renshaw, Lute Story 50th Anniversary 1925-02-20-pg06
Reynolds, George Story Springtown family reunion 1925-08-21-pg08
Reynolds, Irene Wedding Thompson, Orwell 1925-06-05-pg05
Rhine Twins Story Barney and Mildrend honored with 17th birthday party 1925-08-28-pg02
Rhine, Annie Wedding Nobles, Ray 1925-04-10-pg02
Rhine, Annie Wedding Nobles, Ray 1925-04-10-pg05
Rhine, Guinn (new father) Birth a son on April 11 1925-04-17-pg02
Rhoades, Pearl Wedding Lewis, Elton 1925-11-13-pg01
Rhoades, Pearl Wedding Lewis, Elmer 1925-11-20-pg07
Rhoads, Roy (new father) Birth 20 Years Ago article - daughter 1925-08-21-pg04
Rich, C. C. Death 73 years of age 1925-08-14-pg05
Rich, Robert Death Forty Years Ago Article - of Paradise 1925-12-11-pg04
Richardson, Luther A. Wedding Hudson, Grace 1925-05-08-pg04
Richardson, Minerva Wedding Stovall, Marion 1925-07-17-pg09
Richter, Bud Story new Decatur night watchman 1925-05-22-pg01
Riddle, S. C., Mrs. Death in Decatur 1925-08-28-pg01
Riggs, Billie Norman Death in Dallas, nephew of Mrs. M. C. Woods 1925-05-08-pg08
Riley, Claud Death April 27, son of W. R. Riley 1925-05-08-pg08
Ritchy, J. N. Wedding Evans, Mildred 1925-08-21-pg03
Roberts, C. E. Wedding Boyd, Gertrude 1925-01-16-pg04
Roberts, Perry, Mrs. Death of heart attack in Decatur 1925-11-20-pg07
Roberts, Perry, Mrs. Death sister of Mrs. James Freeman 1925-11-27-pg08
Robertson, Elzie Death 17 years of age, killed by father-in-law, Frank Collier, mayor of Wichita Falls 1925-02-20-pg01
Robinson, Grace Wedding Nylle, Val 1925-02-27-pg04
Robison, J. J. Wedding Scott, Georgia 1925-05-08-pg04
Rodeman, W. L. Wedding Killinforth, Louise 1925-12-04-pg03
Rogers, Charles, H. Birth a daughter born Jan. 14, 1925 1925-01-16-pg06
Rogers, J. A. Wedding Forty Years Ago Article - Jennings, G. A. 1925-10-23-pg04
Ropke, Florence Wedding Guffy, John A. 1925-10-30-pg02
Rose, S. M. Story Meat market advertisement 1925-02-13-pg02
Rose, Velma Wedding Jones, Ray 1925-04-24-pg08
Royal, Dillard Story Jailed for rape charges 1925-08-28-pg01
Sanders, Thomas Wedding Butler, Lizzie Mae 1925-08-21-pg03
Sanders, W. M. Story Druggis, advertisement 1925-01-23-pg02
Sanger Bank Raided Story 4 men and 1 woman rob Sanger bank 1925-03-13-pg06
Saunders, Dr. Bacon Story to open office in Fort Worth 1925-01-23-pg03
Schuler, George Peeler Wedding Moore, Jewel 1925-03-20-pg02
Schulkey, Carl H., Dr. Wedding Farris, Maude Williams 1925-10-02-pg01
Scott, Georgia Wedding Robison, J. J. 1925-05-08-pg04
Scott, Riley Wedding Lowery, Attie 1925-10-30-pg02
Sellars, J L. Wedding Boyd, Cora 1925-05-01-pg07
Sellars, J. L. Wedding Boyd, Cora 1925-05-08-pg04
Sensibaugh, Bob Wedding Twenty Years Ago article - Cartwright, Mittie 1925-08-14-pg04
Sensibaugh, Mrs. Death New Salem community 1925-06-12-pg08
Shadle, James Story 50th Anniversary 1925-09-18-pg01
Shaw, Marion M. Wedding Twenty Years Ago article; Christal, Bonnie 1925-09-25-pg04
Shelton, Mrs. Lionel Death Cottonwood Cemetery 1925-02-06-pg05
Shelton, Perry Story kicked by mule 1925-04-17-pg04
Sherman, Mattie Belle Wedding Caraway, Bud 1925-11-20-pg07
Short, George W. Death 82 years of age 1925-09-04-pg01
Simmons, Charles B. Dr. Death died 5 August 1925-08-14-pg07
Simmons, Charles B., Dr. Story very ill 1925-07-03-pg02
Simmons, Martin Story 21st birthday celebration 1925-01-23-pg08
Simmons, R. L. Wedding Littrell, Ethel 1925-10-30-pg02
Simpson, Gertie Story Citation by Publication seeking divorce from husband, Walter Simpson 1925-05-15-pg07
Simpson, Will Story new meat market in Decatur 1925-10-02-pg01
Sims, Fannie Wedding Wilson, A. L. 1925-10-30-pg02
Slate, Lula Lee Wedding Ramsey, R. 1925-04-10-pg05
Slidell burglaries Story 3 stores burglarized 1925-09-25-pg02
Slidell Stores Story consumed by fire 1925-11-13-pg01
Slidell Tornado of 1909 Story told by Opal Cearley 1925-11-27-pg06
Smith, Ella Wedding Myers, H. H. 1925-01-16-pg06
Smith, Ella Wedding Myers, H. H. 1925-01-23-pg02
Smith, Estel Story pardoned by Governor 1925-05-08-pg01
Smith, Grandma Death accidentally shot and killed by granddaughter-Frank Smith's daughter 1925-02-13-pg08
Smith, J. C., Mrs. Death   1925-07-10-pg03
Smith, M., Mrs. Death Boyd 1925-01-09-pg05
Smith, Merle Wedding Minyard, Chester 1925-07-17-pg01
Smith, Merle Wedding Minyard, Chester 1925-07-17-pg11
Smith, Merle Wedding Minyard, Chester 1925-07-24-pg06
Smith, Mrs. M. R. Death of Terrell, Oklahoma 1925-02-06-pg05
Smith, Ollie Story Telephone operator in Rhome 1925-03-06-pg08
Smith, Ollie Mae, Mrs. Wedding Dunsby, W. M. 1925-11-20-pg07
Smith, S. Paul Death of influenza 1925-09-11-pg05
Snipes, A. B. (new father) Birth a son on July 21 1925-07-31-pg03
Southall, Frank, Mrs. (Jameson) Death   1925-01-02-pg07
Spain, Eddie Lee Death 19 years of age 1925-02-06-pg06
Speer, Edna Death of Temple, formerly of Decatur 1925-02-20-pg07
Spencer, A. W. Wedding Lovern, Lillie 1925-01-16-pg04
Spencer, C. H. Wedding Morris, Mayme 1925-11-06-pg01
Spencer, Walter Wedding Huffman, Lillie 1925-01-09-pg07
Spiller, Grandpa Death Lone Mound 1925-11-20-pg12
Spiner, Charles Wedding Morris, Mamie 1925-11-06-pg08
Spradley, Beatrice Wedding Fairbetter, John H. 1925-01-09-pg05
St. Clair, Emma Death of Decatur 1925-08-21-pg01
St. Clair, T. T. Death in Crafton, on May 24 1925-05-29-pg05
Standfield, Foster Wedding Clary, Arra Lee 1925-11-20-pg07
Stanton, Roby Wedding Twenty Years Ago article - married Willie Johnston 1925-09-11-pg04
Stark, J. A., Mrs. Death Drop Community 1925-04-24-pg05
Starr, Clint Wedding Alexander, Blanche 1925-08-21-pg03
Stegall, Monnie Death of appendicitis 1925-08-28-pg05
Stephens, Mrs. George Death Wife of Captain George Stephens 1925-02-20-pg02
Stevens, G. W., Mrs. Death of Brumlow 1925-07-24-pg08
Stevenson, Ruby Death 11 years of age 1925-09-11-pg07
Stewart, C. H. Wedding Hill, Bonnie Faye 1925-05-22-pg05
Stewart, Clara Wedding Forty Years Ago article - Moore Frances T. 1925-12-04-pg04
Stewart, Fannie Wedding Everts, S. G. 1925-03-27-pg06
Stimson, E. W. Wedding Dickson, Harve 1925-01-23-pg02
Stock, Roy Story will move pure-bred Jersey herd to Decatur 1925-02-27-pg01
Stock, Roy Picture Jersey cattle 1925-02-27-pg01
Stokes, Tom Death Lone Mound 1925-11-27-pg07
Stone, J. H. Death   1925-09-11-pg06
Stone, John A. Death 44 years of age, electrocuted, from Chico 1925-10-09-pg02
Story Ranch Story Loot from area bank robberies found 1925-08-28-pg01
Stout, Sallie Wedding Peel, Charles W. 1925-01-16-pg04
Stovall, Marion Wedding Richardson, Minverva 1925-07-17-pg09
Stroud, Lee Wedding Troxell, Mary Jo 1925-07-17-pg08
Stutt, Earl, new father Birth a son on March 23 1925-03-27-pg03
Suddeth, Maud Wedding Denny, John R. 1925-08-21-pg03
Sullivan, Ira Wedding Morrison, Velma 1925-02-13-pg05
Surber, Helen Wedding Kilcrease, G. D. 1925-07-24-pg06
Swafford, R. C. Wedding Talley, Orvelle 1925-07-24-pg06
Swarfford, Carl Wedding Talley, Ovell 1925-07-24-pg08
Tage, Charles Wedding Ditton, Tera 1925-11-06-pg01
Talley, Orvelle Wedding Swafford, R. C. 1925-07-24-pg06
Talley, Ovell Wedding Swafford, Carl 1925-07-24-pg08
Taylor, Aniie A. Death 68 years of age 1925-08-21-pg05
Taylor, Hugh Wedding Adams, Jessie 1925-01-23-pg02
Taylor, Lillie Belle Wedding King, W. R. 1925-10-30-pg02
Taylor, Pink (new father) Birth a son, on April 22 1925-04-24-pg06
Taylor, Robert L. Wedding Raven, Vada Velma 1925-12-04-pg03
Taylor, Zumm Wedding Page, H. H. 1925-11-06-pg01
Terry, Luther Story convicted of prohibition laws; sentenced to 2-1/2 years 1925-10-23-pg01
Thomas, Franky Wedding Wiff, C. E. 1925-03-13-pg07
Thompson, C. E. Wedding Biship, Lizzie 1925-01-16-pg04
Thompson, Claude Wedding Albritton, Lottie 1925-06-12-pg01
Thompson, Clyde Wedding Whatley, Dorothy Mae 1925-02-06-pg08
Thompson, Geraldine Death 4 years of age-killed on tricycle in Tague 1925-09-04-pg07
Thompson, J. U. Death 50 years of age - Decatur photographer 1925-02-13-pg03
Thompson, Leslie Wedding Alford, J. R. 1925-05-15-pg04
Thompson, M. T. Story Citiation by publication for divorce from wife, Belle Thompson 1925-05-08-pg03
Thompson, Orwell Wedding Reynolds, Irene 1925-06-05-pg05
Thurmond, W. P., Mrs. Death   1925-02-27-pg01
Tillman, A. C. Death 64 years of age; near Chico, while felling a tree 1925-12-11-pg01
Tomkies, Charles D. Death 43 years of age 1925-05-15-pg05
Troxell, Mary Jo Wedding Stroud, Lee 1925-07-17-pg08
Truett, Bentak Wedding Quisenberry, Fay 1925-11-20-pg07
Turnercliff, Zelma Wedding Marr, Marion 1925-11-06-pg01
VanMeter, A. A., Mrs. Death on May 29 1925-06-05-pg06
VanMeter, John Wedding McCaskey, Madge 1925-11-20-pg07
Vaughn, C. M. Wedding Landers, Opal 1925-12-04-pg08
Viard, Sloan (new father) Birth a son on July 12 1925-07-17-pg09
Vickers, C. E. Wedding Garland, Mattie Lou 1925-11-20-pg07
Waggoner W.T. Story Twenty Years Ago column - President Roosevelt camped 1925-04-24-pg04
Waggoner, Electra Story Divorce 1925-01-23-pg01
Waggoner, Electra Wedding Gilmore, James A 1925-02-27-pg07
Waggoner, Electra Story Seeks divorce for third time 1925-08-28-pg01
Waggoner, Electra Story Brother, Guy, races to her bedside from Texas to Pennsylvania 1925-11-20-pg01
Waggoner, Electra Death 48 years of age; died in New York, interred in Fort Worth 1925-12-04-pg01
Wakeman, W. S. Wedding Hamm, Jeannette 1925-10-30-pg02
Walcott, D. E. Death from Boyd 1925-02-06-pg01
Walker, A. S. Wedding Key, Jewel 1925-01-09-pg05
Walker, Blanche Story given a party 1925-03-20-pg02
Walker, O. J. Wedding McKinney, Etta 1925-06-12-pg01
Walker, Sue Wedding Butcher, Raymond Parker 1925-02-27-pg04
Walker, Veda Wedding Patton, E. J. 1925-06-12-pg01
Wallace, George Death fall from windmill tower 1925-08-21-pg01
Wallace, J. H. (new father) Birth 20 Years Ago article - a son 1925-08-21-pg04
Wallace, John Birth a daughter on August 22 1925-09-04-pg03
Ward, Ed Wedding McMaffen, Laura 1925-06-19-pg08
Wardlow, Earl Story whiskey raid 1925-09-25-pg02
Ware, Charles L. Death famous lawmen who killed Sam Bass 1925-09-04-pg08
Washburn, W. E. Wedding Crawford, Eva 1925-02-13-pg05
Watson, Coke (new father) Birth a daughter, Prudence Ludene, Sept 21 1925-10-02-pg08
Watson, Houston Wedding Collier, Billzoe 1925-11-06-pg01
Watson, John (father) Death Twenty Years Ago article - death of little daughter 1925-08-28-pg04
Weam, M. R. Wedding Mooney, Ruth E. 1925-11-06-pg01
Webb, D. E. Wedding Hilton, Flossie J. 1925-11-20-pg07
Western, L. A. (new father) Birth a daughter on June 27 1925-07-03-pg08
Whatley, Carrie Wedding Bermy, A. L. 1925-01-09-pg05
Whatley, Dorothy Mae Wedding Thomspon, Clyde 1925-02-06-pg08
Whitman, Maude Wedding Johnson, G. A. 1925-10-30-pg02
Wiff, C. E. Wedding Thomas, Franky 1925-03-13-pg07
Wilkins, Nora Lee Wedding Reeves, J. F. 1925-08-21-pg03
Williams, Baby Ruth Story 3rd birthday party 1925-09-25-pg07
Williams, Fay Wedding Love, W. M. 1925-05-01-pg01
Williams, Fay Wedding Love, Walter M. 1925-05-08-pg04
Williams, Gertrude Wedding Young, Harley 1925-02-27-pg04
Williams, Guinn Story new screenplay, Black Cyclone 1925-07-24-pg06
Williams, Lois Death 17 years of age, appendicitis 1925-02-20-pg05
Williams, Nix Wedding Elliott, Elsie 1925-02-27-pg04
Williams, Sam Story skull crushed during altercation 1925-07-17-pg01
Williamson, Mary Death 75 years of age of Decatur 1925-11-20-pg07
Willis, Miss Wedding Twenty Years Ago article - Prindle, Vernon 1925-08-14-pg04
Wilson, A. L. Wedding Sims, Fannie 1925-10-30-pg02
Winston, R. H. Death 74 years of age; apoplexy 1925-11-13-pg01
Wisdom, Genever Wedding Benton, Joe 1925-07-03-pg08
Wise County Courthouse Story Lawn lights installed 1925-04-17-pg01
Wise County Courthouse Story 4 bright lights placed atop the courthouse 1925-04-24-pg07
Wise County Fair Story Long list of awards 1925-10-23-pg05
Wise County roads Picture   1925-09-11-pg06
Womack, Naomi Wedding Meek, Coleman 1925-10-30-pg02
Womack, Naomi Wedding Meek, Coleman 1925-10-30-pg05
Wood, Dale Story new café, The Woodsdale in the McCarter building 1925-05-15-pg07
Woods, C. M. (new father) Birth a daughter on June 14 1925-06-19-pg08
Woods, Dale Story to open new café on square in Decatur 1925-05-01-pg08
Woody, Jesse Wedding Forty Years Ago article - Arevin Baltes 1925-08-07-pg01
Word, S. M. Wedding Cooper, Myrtle 1925-02-20-pg03
Workman, C. N. Story 77th birthday party 1925-07-03-pg03
Workman, George Story receives wild turkeys form State game dept. 1925-02-27-pg02
Workman, Rufe Death 77 years old, Ellis County 1925-01-23-pg03
Wright, Ola Ione Wedding Brazelton, Jesse M. 1925-08-21-pg06
Wright, T.H. and E. R. Story Purchased Helm-Dillehay Store 1925-02-06-pg01
Wright, W. H. Story suffering from screw worms in nasal passage 1925-10-02-pg02
Wyaitt, Navy Wedding Newby, Melvin 1925-08-21-pg03
Yale Cousins fight in Alvord Café Story Would-be drunken, desparadoes 1925-03-27-pg01
Young, Harlet Wedding Williams, Gertrude 1925-02-27-pg03
Young, Harley Wedding Williams, Gertrude 1925-02-27-pg04
Young, Jim Story Surprised with 68th birthday party 1925-07-03-pg01
Young, Mrs. Story Polychrome Classes at Grethouse Hotel advertisment 1925-02-13-pg02
Young, Newton F. Story Sailor writes home 1925-08-14-pg05
Young, W. A. Story birthday party 1925-05-22-pg02