Index of 1925 Wise County Texas Newspaper
(Decatur News 'DN')

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Dec 1, 2015

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Last Name, First Name Type of Article Notes (Optional) Image (Page) Source
Abel, Walter Death typhoid fever 1925-07-24-pg05 DN
Adams, Urine Wedding Cook, Marvin 1925-12-11-pg08 DN
Adams, W. L. Wedding Smith, Mattie 1925-03-27-pg01 DN
Adcock, J. R. (new father) Birth a daughter 1925-04-17-pg08 DN
Admire, Dixie Wedding George, A. C. 1925-10-02-pg01 DN
Ainsworth, Pauline Wedding Gettys, P. L. 1925-08-14-pg01 DN
Akers, J. R. Wedding Pyeatt, Edna 1925-02-13-pg01 DN
Alderson, W. S. Death   1925-07-17-pg01 DN
Aldrich, A. N. Wedding Davis, Jaunita 1925-04-17-pg01 DN
Alexander, Bill Wedding Boyd, Dollie 1925-05-08-pg08 DN
Alexander, W. R. Wedding Boyd, Dollie 1925-05-08-pg01 DN
Alford, J. R. Wedding Thompson, Leslie 1925-05-15-pg01 DN
Allbritton, Lottie Wedding Thompson, Claude 1925-06-12-pg01 DN
Allen, Allie Wedding Hodgson, D. W. 1925-10-09-pg01 DN
Allen, Ben F. Death 65 years old, first white child born in Decatur in 1859 1925-04-10-pg01 DN
Alley, Emma Wedding Jenkins, Hollis 1925-12-11-pg08 DN
Alley, Emma Wedding Jenkins, Hollis 1925-12-11-pg08 DN
Anderson, Abe, Jr. Wedding McWilliams, Jessie 1925-11-20-pg05 DN
Anderson, James A. Wedding Goen, Ella Maye 1925-04-10-pg01 DN
Anderson, Lillie May Wedding Dickey, Merlin 1925-01-30-pg01 DN
Anderson, Sweede Wedding Nix, Sybil 1925-03-27-pg08 DN
Andrews, Irene Death 23 years old, car accident 1925-03-13-pg01 DN
Armstrong, H. C. Wedding Largent, Louis 1925-01-23-pg05 DN
Armtrong, H. C. Wedding Hergert, Louis 1925-01-16-pg05 DN
Arnold, Mrs. Lucy Wedding Curley, C. A. 1925-11-06-pg08 DN
Arrington, D. A. Wedding Walker, Elna 1925-09-18-pg01 DN
Arrlington, W. C. Death 87 years old, pioneer 1925-01-09-pg01 DN
Asten, J. T. Death 77 years old 1925-03-27-pg08 DN
Atchley, John Death 52 years old 1925-03-27-pg05 DN
Atkerson, N. B Death 74 years old, pioneer of Cottonwood 1925-02-13-pg01 DN
Bailey, Bertie Wedding Dickens, G. E. 1925-11-20-pg05 DN
Bailey, Bud Wedding Early, Myrtle 1925-10-09-pg01 DN
Bailey, Irma Wedding Funk, Owen 1925-05-08-pg08 DN
Baker, John McGuire Birth new son of Rev. and Mrs. HarrisonBaker 1925-04-03-pg05 DN
Banks, Alvin Wedding Martin, Gladys 1925-10-02-pg01 DN
Barker, Lorene Walcot Story musician, to broadcase from WBAP radio 1925-12-18-pg01 DN
Barnett, Bert Wedding Smith, L. T. 1925-01-23-pg04 DN
Barnett, Mrs. M. A. Death   1925-09-25-pg04 DN
Barnett, O. K. Wedding Phillips, Edan May 1925-02-13-pg01 DN
Basham, Mrs. J. M. Death 74 years old, Wichita Falls 1925-01-09-pg01 DN
Bastrop, Elna Wedding Milligan, O. A. 1925-07-17-pg01 DN
Bates, Hollis Death killed by oil derrick fall 1925-05-08-pg08 DN
Bearden, Chic Story arrested for robbery and burglery 1925-05-01-pg01 DN
Bearden, Horace Story arrested for robbery and burglery 1925-05-01-pg01 DN
Bearden, Ruth Wedding Miller, Ray 1925-04-17-pg01 DN
Bearden, Ruth Wedding Miller, Ray 1925-04-24-pg5 DN
Beasley, Ben (new father) Birth a son 1925-01-16-pg05 DN
Bedford, Ray Wedding Garland, Mattie Lou 1925-11-20-pg05 DN
Belew, Hale Wedding Gregg, Esther 1925-03-13-pg01 DN
Bell, Uriah Death oldenst inmate of the Home for Confederate Veterans 1925-04-17-pg06 DN
Berry, M. R. Wedding Bomer, Louise A. 1925-04-24-pg01 DN
Best, Christine Wedding Dodge, D. P. 1925-10-09-pg01 DN
Bingham, Bernice Wedding Hines, Embry 1925-12-11-pg08 DN
Blackwood, D. M. Story arrested for burglary 1925-08-14-pg01 DN
Blackwood, Ted Story arrested for burglary 1925-08-14-pg01 DN
Blevins, Elme Wedding Davidson, Eva 1925-07-17-pg01 DN
Boll Weevil Story sekking a chemical to kill the bug 1925-01-09-pg06 DN
Bomer, Louise A. Wedding Berry, M. R. 1925-04-24-pg01 DN
Bond, Leray Wedding Vess, Lillie 1925-04-10-pg01 DN
Boner, Jewel Wedding Clower, Brown 1925-05-08-pg08 DN
Bowman, Brit (father) Death infant daughter 1925-01-30-pg01 DN
Bowman, Maude Wedding Greer, Allie 1925-07-03-pg04 DN
Boyd, Cora Wedding Sellers, J. Lev 1925-05-01-pg01 DN
Boyd, Dollie Wedding Alexander, W. R. 1925-05-08-pg01 DN
Boyd, Dollie Wedding Alexander, Bill 1925-05-08-pg08 DN
Boyd, John Wedding McConnell, Lillie 1925-03-20-pg01 DN
Boyd, Mrs. George F. Death   1925-06-26-pg01 DN
Boyd, R. P. "Pink" Death Deep Creek 1925-07-03-pg08 DN
Brady, A. D. Wedding Howell, Sylvia 1925-10-09-pg01 DN
Brasher, R. L. (father) Death 4 year old child 1925-12-11-pg05 DN
Brawne, Ralph Waldo Wedding Johnson, Monnie 1925-05-22-pg05 DN
Bridges, Francis Ruth Wedding Scarbrough, Lawrence 1925-07-10-pg01 DN
Brooks, W. A. Death traveling salesman 1925-09-25-pg05 DN
Brunson, Mrs. N. P. Death 83 years old 1925-04-10-pg04 DN
Burk, Emma Wedding Dodge, Eddie 1925-03-06-pg05 DN
Burnett, James O. Wedding Hoffman, Lottie 1925-05-15-pg01 DN
Burnett, Otis Wedding Hoffman, Lottie 1925-05-15-pg01 DN
Burris, J. O. Wedding McCurley, Mabel 1925-12-18-pg01 DN
Burton, A. N. Wedding Reid, Vivian 1925-10-23-pg05 DN
Burton, Ira T. Story Stage driver struck by cop for speeding and arrested 1925-11-20-pg01 DN
Butcher, Raymond Parker Wedding Walker, Sue 1925-02-27-pg01 DN
Byran, William Jennings Death Dayton Tennesee 1925-07-31-pg01 DN
Call, A. J. Death 81 years old 1925-08-28-pg01 DN
Callen, Chloe Wedding Graffe, O. J. 1925-05-29-pg01 DN
Caplin, J. W. Wedding Problst, Mrs. Mary 1925-06-12-pg01 DN
Caraway, Bud Wedding Sherman, Katie Belle 1925-11-20-pg05 DN
Carney, Mrs. Death sister of Mrs. Sam Gentry 1925-08-28-pg05 DN
Cartwright, J. W. Death VanAlystine 1925-11-20-pg10 DN
Cartwright, Lee (new father) Birth a daughter 1925-02-13-pg05 DN
Caruthers, Stanley Wedding Jeter, Viola 1925-04-24-pg01 DN
Castleberry, J. O. Death 55 years old 1925-02-06-pg08 DN
Cates, Bill (new father) Birth a daughter 1925-01-30-pg05 DN
Cearley, John L. Death ex-sheriff 1925-06-26-pg01 DN
Childress, L. B. Wedding Levves, Willie Lee 1925-12-18-pg01 DN
Childress, Lallah Wedding shower hosted by Mrs. W. S. Barnes 1925-01-23-pg04 DN
Childress, Lallah M. Wedding Hedwick, Robert G. 1925-01-16-pg05 DN
Childress, Lonnie B. Wedding Lewis, Willie 1925-12-18-pg01 DN
Clark, Leo (new father) Birth a son 1925-09-18-pg05 DN
Clark, Phl J. Death WWI veteran 1925-12-04-pg01 DN
Clary, Mrs. Ana Lee Wedding Stanfield, Foster 1925-11-20-pg05 DN
Clay, Iva Wedding Johnson, Clyde 1925-11-06-pg01 DN
Clayton, Lydia Wedding Crawford, J. W. 1925-01-16-pg05 DN
Cleveland, O. B. Wedding Crawford, Julia Mae 1925-10-02-pg04 DN
Clower, Brown Wedding Boner, Jewel 1925-05-08-pg08 DN
Coconougher, Glenn Wedding McCaskey, Gertrude 1925-04-10-pg01 DN
Collier, Frank Story mayor charged with murder after shooting his son-in-law 1925-02-20-pg01 DN
Collier, Frank Story Mayor free on bond 1925-03-06-pg01 DN
Collier, Frank Story former mayor of Wichita Falls, sentenced to 3 years for murder 1925-12-18-pg05 DN
Collier, Mrs. Frank Story Indicted for murder in connection with murder of Elzie Robertson 1925-04-10-pg01 DN
Collins, Chloe Wedding Grabble, O. J. 1925-06-12-pg01 DN
Collins, Floyd Death died in cave-in, Kentucky 1925-02-20-pg01 DN
Collins, Iris Wedding Largent, J. J. 1925-01-16-pg01 DN
Conley, Clayton (new father) Birth a daughter 1925-07-03-pg05 DN
Cook, Caroline Death 74 years old 1925-12-04-pg07 DN
Cook, Garland Death 29 years old, typhoid fever 1925-04-03-pg01 DN
Cook, Marvin Wedding Adams, Urine 1925-12-11-pg08 DN
Cormack, Estelle Wedding Prestridge, Louis 1925-08-28-pg01 DN
Counts, C. C. Death 90 years old, Chico 1925-02-20-pg08 DN
Covington Family Orchestra Story Perform on a radio program 1925-09-04-pg01 DN
Cox, W. S. Wedding  Denny, Jewel 1925-01-30-pg01 DN
Crawford, Eva Wedding Mashburn, W. E. 1925-02-13-pg01 DN
Crawford, J. W. Wedding Clayton, Lydia 1925-01-16-pg05 DN
Crawford, Julia Mae Wedding Cleveland, O. M. 1925-10-02-pg04 DN
Creel, Joe (father) Death 6 year old son and mother drowned in Little River, OK 1925-06-26-pg01 DN
Creel, Mrs. Joe Death by drowning in Little River, OK 1925-06-26-pg01 DN
Crosby, Martin L. Wedding Knight ,Helen Elizabeth 1925-10-23-pg05 DN
Crosser, Sam R. Wedding Hudson, Georgia 1925-12-11-pg08 DN
Crowder, Hayse Wedding Pound, Leona 1925-12-11-pg05 DN
Crowder, J. H. wedding Pound, Leona 1925-12-11-pg08 DN
Crump, Eulyn Lois Wedding Parhane, J. P. 1925-01-23-pg05 DN
Culp, Conrad Wedding McFall, Velma 1925-04-03-pg05 DN
Culpepper, Lonnie Wedding Morrow, Ruth 1925-02-27-pg01 DN
Curley, C. A. Wedding Arnold, Mrs. Lucy 1925-11-06-pg08 DN
Dallas, Alma Wedding Jennings, John Bradford 1925-12-04-pg01 DN
Daniels, C. L. (new father) Birth a son 1925-09-04-pg05 DN
Dansby, W. M. Wedding Smith, Mrs. Lillie May 1925-11-20-pg05 DN
Davidson, Eva Wedding Blevins, Elme 1925-07-17-pg01 DN
Davis, Jaunita Wedding Aldrich, A. N. 1925-04-17-pg01 DN
Davis, Jr., William H. Wedding Franklin, Mamie 1925-06-12-pg01 DN
Davis, Tom Wedding Fox, Lura 1925-04-24-pg01 DN
Day, Billy (new father) Birth a daughter 1925-09-18-pg05 DN
Dean, Eulas Wedding Harris, Mable 1925-05-08-pg08 DN
Denny, Jewel Wedding Cox, W. S. 1925-01-30-pg01 DN
Derryberry, Mrs. Willie McGee Death   1925-12-11-pg04 DN
Dethloff, R. P. Wedding Richardson, Eva 1925-12-11-pg08 DN
Dickens, G. E. Wedding Bailey, Bertie 1925-11-20-pg05 DN
Dickenson, Harve Wedding Stimson, E. W. 1925-01-23-pg05 DN
Dickey, Merlin Wedding Anderson, Lillie May 1925-01-30-pg01 DN
Dickson, Marvin Death badly burned while rescuing daughter from burning home 1925-06-05-pg01 DN
Dillehay, Virginia Ann Birth daughter to C. H. Dillehay 1925-09-11-pg05 DN
Dimmitt, J. J. (father) Death infant, in Bolivar 1925-11-13-pg08 DN
Ditto, Iona Wedding Fage, Charlie 1925-11-06-pg08 DN
Dodge, Charlie (new father) Birth a daughter 1925-01-16-pg05 DN
Dodge, D. P. Wedding Best, Christine 1925-10-09-pg01 DN
Dodge, Eddie Wedding Burk, Emma 1925-03-06-pg05 DN
Dodson, Dr. D. H. Death father of C. P. Dodson 1925-07-24-pg01 DN
Doggs, C. L. Wedding Mitchum, Eura 1925-07-03-pg04 DN
Douglas, Cora Wedding Gentry, T. J. 1925-08-28-pg05 DN
Douglas, Lloyd Birth a daughter 1925-05-22-pg05 DN
Dow, Louise Wedding Hillyer, W. W. Llewelyln Parkter 1925-11-06-pg01 DN
Drake, A. R. Death Slidell 1925-11-06-pg08 DN
Dreskill, John Wedding McGregor, Catherine 1925-10-02-pg01 DN
Duarte, Manual Wedding Rias, Gertrude 1925-02-27-pg01 DN
Duncan, W. W. Story first bale of cotton fo ryear, Rhome 1925-08-14-pg01 DN
Dunham, Ida L. Wedding Noel, Perry G. 1925-05-15-pg01 DN
Dye, Dee (father) Death infant son 1925-04-10-pg04 DN
Earls, Alice Irene Wedding Fox, Bee 1925-05-29-pg01 DN
Early, Myrtle Wedding Bailey, Bud 1925-10-09-pg01 DN
eddleman, William Wedding Griffith, Minnie 1925-09-18-pg01 DN
Edwards, Ray V. Wedding Gray, Lena 1925-01-23-pg05 DN
Elder, George (father) Death infant 1925-05-22-pg05 DN
Elliot, Elsie Wedding Williams, Nix 1925-02-27-pg01 DN
Elliott, Lola Ayleen Wedding Jinkins, J.W. 1925-03-20-pg01 DN
Ellison, Jaunita Wedding Hudson, Fred 1925-01-23-pg05 DN
Elrod, (new father) Birth a son 1925-02-13-pg05 DN
Embry, Glen (father of infant) Death infant son 1925-03-13-pg05 DN
Embry, W. G. Death 72 years old 1925-02-27-pg01 DN
Epperson, M. B. (new father) Birth a daughter 1925-11-13-pg08 DN
Evans, James Death 25 years old, killed by mule 1925-07-10-pg01 DN
Evetts, G. G. Wedding Steward, Frances 1925-03-27-pg01 DN
Ezell, Mrs. Edna Birth a son 1925-10-23-pg04 DN
Fage, Charlie Wedding Ditto, Iona 1925-11-06-pg08 DN
Farmers Gin Story Chico, gin burns to ground 1925-01-16-pg01 DN
Fate, W. L. Wedding Shoat, Hazel 1925-10-23-pg05 DN
Ferguson, C. W. (new father) Birth a son 1925-05-29-pg05 DN
Ferguson, DeWitt (new father) Birth a daughter 1925-10-02-pg04 DN
Ferguson, Jewel Wedding Hutto, L. W. 1925-01-23-pg05 DN
Finn, Paul (father) Death infant son 1925-09-11-pg05 DN
First State Bank of Newark Story bank robbed by tearing out back wall 1925-01-23-pg01 DN
Flanery, J. L. Death 62 years old, Cottonwood 1925-04-17-pg08 DN
Flannery, John Death 62 years old, Cottonwood 1925-04-03-pg05 DN
Flowers, Beatrice Wedding Splawn, Graner 1925-10-09-pg01 DN
Flowers, Lula Bell Wedding Padgett, Archie L. 1925-05-29-pg01 DN
Floyd, Artie Mae Wedding announcement party Gibbon, J. Marion 1925-05-29-pg01 DN
Floyd, Artie Mae Wedding Gibbon, J. Marion 1925-06-26-pg01 DN
Fox, Bee Wedding Earls, Alice Irene 1925-05-29-pg01 DN
Fox, Douglass (new father) Birth a daughter 1925-02-13-pg05 DN
Fox, Leonard H. Death 50 years old, appendicitis 1925-06-26-pg01 DN
Fox, Lura Wedding Davis, Tom 1925-04-24-pg01 DN
Fox, Overa Wedding Jones, Paul Willard 1925-08-07-pg01 DN
Fraiser, Eva Wedding Pittman, J. E. 1925-05-22-pg01 DN
Franklin, Mamie Wedding Davis, Jr., William H. 1925-06-12-pg01 DN
Freeman, Ella Wedding Woodall, J. F. 1925-01-30-pg01 DN
Freeman, J. C. Death Haskell 1925-02-27-pg05 DN
Fryer, William Frank Wedding Hill, Vera Kathleen 1925-07-10-pg01 DN
Funk, Owen Wedding Bailey, Irma 1925-05-08-pg08 DN
Gable, Lillian Story wedding thwarted by parents due to underage of bride 1925-04-17-pg04 DN
Gage, Mrs. John Death Greenwood 1925-01-09-pg01 DN
Gardner, Tom Death   1925-01-30-pg01 DN
Garland, Mattie Lou Wedding Bedford, Ray 1925-11-20-pg05 DN
Gentry, Gohlston Death Pleasant Grove 1925-05-08-pg08 DN
Gentry, Mrs. Robert Death daughter of Mrs. Corrie Lyle 1925-12-04-pg07 DN
Gentry, T. J. Wedding Douglas, Cora 1925-08-28-pg05 DN
Gentry, W. L. Death 77 years old, flu 1925-05-08-pg01 DN
George, A. C. Wedding Admire, Dixie 1925-10-02-pg01 DN
George, John Death 85 years old 1925-07-17-pg01 DN
Geter, Bud Wedding Hudson, Annie 1925-10-09-pg01 DN
Gettys, C. T. (new father) Birth a daughter 1925-08-28-pg05 DN
Gettys, P. L. Wedding Ainsworth, Pauline 1925-08-14-pg01 DN
Gibbon, J. Marion Wedding Floyd, Artie Mae 1925-06-26-pg01 DN
Gibbs, Mrs. Bell Death   1925-07-10-pg01 DN
Gibson, Edmond Death 16 years old, pneumonia 1925-02-13-pg01 DN
Gilbert, Tom Wedding Jones, Mrs. Georgia Oakes 1925-10-02-pg01 DN
Giles, Ray Wedding Wilson, Claudie 1925-05-08-pg08 DN
Goen, Ella Maye Wedding Anderson, James A. 1925-04-10-pg01 DN
Goldsmith, A. M. Wedding Halloway, Glissner 1925-03-20-pg01 DN
Gooch, R. E. Wedding Price, Myrtle 1925-08-28-pg05 DN
Gose Family Story Reunion 1925-06-05-pg01 DN
Gose Family Picture   1925-06-12-pg05 DN
Gose, S. M, Jr. (new father) Birth a son 1925-11-13-pg05 DN
Grabble, O. J. Wedding Collins, Chloe 1925-06-12-pg01 DN
Graffe, O. J. Wedding Callen, Chloe 1925-05-29-pg01 DN
Gray, Lena Wedding Edwards, Ray V. 1925-01-23-pg05 DN
Green, Frank Story new electric oven in bakery 1925-01-16-pg01 DN
Greenwood, Guy Wedding New, Bessie 1925-11-06-pg08 DN
Greenwood, Guy Wedding New, Bessie 1925-11-13-pg08 DN
Greer, Allie Wedding Bowman, Maude 1925-07-03-pg04 DN
Gregg, Esther Wedding Belew, Hale 1925-03-13-pg01 DN
Gregg, Marshall Death 68 years old, heart trouble 1925-05-08-pg01 DN
Griffith, Minnie Wedding Eddleman, William 1925-09-18-pg01 DN
Grimson, Miss Wedding -Public Wedding Jones, B. L. 1925-12-18-pg01 DN
Grissom, Mrs. Addie Wedding Jones, B. L. 1925-12-18-pg01 DN
Grubbs, Ben (new father) Birth a son 1925-03-13-pg05 DN
Guerra, Santiago Wedding Gunales, Tratica 1925-10-09-pg01 DN
Guinn, Sidney B. Wedding Watson, Birdie 1925-01-30-pg01 DN
Gunales, Tratica Wedding Guerra, Santiago 1925-10-09-pg01 DN
Haker, E. S. Wedding Jeter, Willie 1925-01-16-pg05 DN
Hall, Mrs. G. W. Death long inllness 1925-04-10-pg01 DN
Halloway, Glissner Wedding Goldsmith, A. M. 1925-03-20-pg01 DN
Hamilton, Ina Wedding McCord, E. J. 1925-08-14-pg01 DN
Hamilton, Robert Wedding Hines, Cynthia 1925-02-06-pg08 DN
Harding, Mrs. Pearl Wedding Miller, R. S. 1925-09-04-pg01 DN
Harmon, Chris Death blood poison 1925-10-16-pg05 DN
Harper, L. C. Wedding Mann, Naomi 1925-06-26-pg01 DN
Harris, Effie Wedding Hollis, George D. 1925-05-22-pg01 DN
Harris, J. W. (new father) Birth a son 1925-03-06-pg05 DN
Harris, Mable Wedding Dean, Eulas 1925-05-08-pg08 DN
Harris, Nora Wedding Hartsle, Lovard 1925-12-18-pg01 DN
Hartsel, Lovard Wedding Harris, Nora 1925-12-18-pg01 DN
Haynes, Mrs. Death 84 years old 1925-11-13-pg01 DN
Hays, Mrs. J. R. Death   1925-09-11-pg05 DN
Heathington, Roy (new father) Birth a son 1925-02-13-pg05 DN
Hedwick, Robet G. Wedding Childress, Lallah M. 1925-01-16-pg05 DN
Heines, Dorothy Death 70 years old 1925-03-13-pg08 DN
Helm, Roe Death 74 years old 1925-11-06-pg01 DN
Hergert, Louis Wedding Armstrong, H. C. 1925-01-16-pg05 DN
Hicks, Earl Death 26 years old, accidentally shot 1925-03-27-pg01 DN
Hill, Bill Wedding Reeves, Ina 1925-03-27-pg01 DN
Hill, Bonnie Faye Wedding Steward, C. R. 1925-05-22-pg01 DN
Hill, Mrs. W. P. Death Bridgeport 1925-11-13-pg08 DN
Hill, Vera Kathleen Wedding Fryer, William Frank 1925-07-10-pg01 DN
Hill, Wallace Wedding Hillin, Daphene 1925-10-09-pg01 DN
Hillin, Daphene Wedding Hill, Wallace 1925-10-09-pg01 DN
Hillion, George P. Death Brakeman killed at freight yard 1925-04-03-pg01 DN
Hillyer, W. W. Llewelyln Parker Wedding Dow, Louise 1925-11-06-pg01 DN
Hines, Cynthia Wedding Hamilton, Robert 1925-02-06-pg08 DN
Hines, Embry Wedding Bingham, Bernice 1925-12-11-pg08 DN
Hines, Ruth Wedding Stagg, Eugene 1925-09-18-pg01 DN
Hobbs, Mrs. J. H. Death 76 years old 1925-07-17-pg01 DN
Hobbs, Mrs. J.H. Death 76 years old 1925-07-17-pg05 DN
Hobson, John Death son of Mrs. S. A. Littrell 1925-04-10-pg08 DN
Hodgson, D. W. Wedding Allen, Allie 1925-10-09-pg01 DN
Hoffman, Lottie Wedding Burnett, Otis 1925-05-15-pg01 DN
Hoffman, Lottie Wedding Burnett, James O. 1925-05-15-pg01 DN
Hoffman, Mrs. Lillie Wedding Spencer, Walter 1925-01-16-pg01 DN
Hogg, John H. Death 66 years old 1925-01-09-pg01 DN
Holder, Allen Bryant Wedding Morris, Henen Pearl 1925-07-03-pg04 DN
Hollis, George D. Wedding Harris, Effie 1925-05-22-pg01 DN
Hooker, Mollie Death old settler 1925-01-16-pg04 DN
Howell, Sylvia Wedding Brady, A. D. 1925-10-09-pg01 DN
Howell, W. E. (new fathe) Birth a son 1925-09-11-pg08 DN
Hubbard, Arthur J. Death 43 years old, from injuries of an auto accident 1925-04-10-pg04 DN
Hudson, Annie Wedding Geter, Bud 1925-10-09-pg01 DN
Hudson, Annie Wedding Jeter, Bud 1925-10-16-pg08 DN
Hudson, Eugene A. Wedding Myers, Mrs. Lillian 1925-11-20-pg05 DN
Hudson, Fred Wedding Ellison, Jaunita 1925-01-23-pg05 DN
Hudson, Georgia Wedding Crosser, Sam R. 1925-12-11-pg08 DN
Hudson, J. B. (new father) Birth a daughter 1925-08-21-pg08 DN
Hudson, Oscar Wedding Largent, Emma 1925-09-18-pg01 DN
Hughes, Mary Jane Bruton Death 83 years old 1925-12-18-pg01 DN
Huston, Grace Wedding Richardson, Luther 1925-05-08-pg08 DN
Hutchison, Billie Death Graham 1925-12-11-pg12 DN
Hutto, L. W. Wedding Ferguson, Jewel 1925-01-23-pg05 DN
Ikard, Mrs. E. H. Story Sherriff of Archer county 1925-10-02-pg01 DN
Ince, L. H. Death 62 years old, fractured skull 1925-09-18-pg01 DN
Itson, S. N. Wedding Welch, Dasha 1925-05-08-pg08 DN
Itson, S. N. Wedding Welch, Dasha, married on the golf course 1925-05-15-pg08 DN
Jacobs, Roland Wedding Knox, Elizabeth 1925-04-03-pg05 DN
Jenkins, Hollis Wedding Alley, Emma 1925-12-11-pg08 DN
Jenkins, Hollis Wedding Alley, Emma 1925-12-11-pg08 DN
Jennings, John Bradford Wedding Dallas, Alma 1925-12-04-pg01 DN
Jeter, Bud Wedding Hudson, Annie 1925-10-16-pg08 DN
Jeter, Viola Wedding Caruthers, Stanley 1925-04-24-pg01 DN
Jeter, Willie Wedding Haker, E. S. 1925-01-16-pg05 DN
Jinkins, J. W. Wedding Elliott, Lola Ayleen 1925-03-20-pg01 DN
Johnson, Bonnie Wedding Overstreet, M. W. 1925-04-24-pg01 DN
Johnson, Clyde Wedding Clay, Iva 1925-11-06-pg01 DN
Johnson, Elva Wedding Radway, F. C. 1925-01-16-pg05 DN
Johnson, John T. Death Sweetwater 1925-11-13-pg05 DN
Johnson, Lenola Wedding Lekis, William Anthony 1925-07-03-pg05 DN
Johnson, Lonnie Wedding Johnson, Walter 1925-07-03-pg04 DN
Johnson, Minnie Wedding Paris, Charles M. 1925-06-12-pg01 DN
Johnson, Monnie Wedding Brawne, Ralph Waldo 1925-05-22-pg05 DN
Johnson, Mrs. Beryle Death Slidell 1925-02-27-pg05 DN
Johnson, Mrs. Beryle Death Slidell 1925-03-06-pg05 DN
Johnson, Walter Wedding Johnson, Lonnie 1925-07-03-pg04 DN
Jones, B. L. Wedding -Public Wedding Grissom, Miss 1925-12-18-pg01 DN
Jones, B. L. Wedding Grissom, Mrs. Addie 1925-12-18-pg01 DN
Jones, Corine Wedding Roberts, Rush 1925-03-27-pg08 DN
Jones, J. D. Wedding Walker, Bulah 1925-03-27-pg01 DN
Jones, Julia Mae Wedding Wilson, S. J. 1925-10-02-pg01 DN
Jones, Mrs. Georgia Oakes Wedding Gilbert, Tom 1925-10-02-pg01 DN
Jones, Paul Willard Wedding Fox, Overa 1925-08-07-pg01 DN
Jones, Ray Wedding Rose, Velma 1925-04-24-pg01 DN
Jordan, Mr. Death father of W. C. Jordan 1925-08-14-pg05 DN
Kagle, Dewey Story age 17, arrested for forgery 1925-02-13-pg01 DN
Kelley, J. B. Death Cottondale cemetery 1925-06-12-pg08 DN
Kemp, Mrs. Death 65 years old, mother of Shelby Kemp 1925-07-24-pg05 DN
Kerr, Levi Death pioneer settler 1925-01-30-pg01 DN
Kerr, Pauline Wedding Sedgwick, Jr., W. D. 1925-08-28-pg01 DN
Kiehl, George Death 79 years old 1925-03-20-pg08 DN
Kilcrease, G. D. Wedding Surber, Helen 1925-07-17-pg01 DN
Killingsworth, Lousie Wedding Rodeman, W. L. 1925-12-11-pg08 DN
Kincannon, C. F. Death pioneer settler, near Paradise 1925-04-24-pg01 DN
King, Cecil Wedding Kirkpatrick, Hazel 1925-05-08-pg08 DN
King, Edith Wedding Terrell, W. T. 1925-09-18-pg01 DN
King, J. W. Death of Forney 1925-04-24-pg08 DN
King, William R. Wedding Taylor, Lillie Bell 1925-10-30-pg01 DN
Kinsey, Sue Wedding Lively, J. S. 1925-10-02-pg01 DN
Kirkpatrick, Hazel Wedding King, Cecil 1925-05-08-pg08 DN
Kleindarfer, Mrs. R. Death auto accident 1925-10-09-pg01 DN
Knight, Helen Elizabeth Wedding Crosby, Martin L. 1925-10-23-pg05 DN
Knox, Elizabeth Wedding Jacobs, Roland 1925-04-03-pg05 DN
Lambert, Paschal H. (new father) Birth a son 1925-03-27-pg05 DN
Landres, Opal Wedding Vaughn, C. M. 1925-12-04-pg10 DN
Landrum, Marvin Story age 20, arrested for forgery 1925-02-13-pg01 DN
Largen, Louis Wedding Armstrong, H. C. 1925-01-23-pg05 DN
Largent, Emma Wedding Hudson, Oscar 1925-09-18-pg01 DN
Largent, J. J. Wedding Collins, Iris 1925-01-16-pg01 DN
Lasiter, Ross (new father) Birth a son 1925-08-07-pg01 DN
Lattimore, Richard Story turned himself in for stealing jewelry 1925-04-10-pg01 DN
Lawrence, B. F. Death Flat Rock Cemetery 1925-01-09-pg01 DN
Lawson, Ray (new father) Birth a son 1925-11-27-pg05 DN
Lekis, William Anthony Wedding Johnson, Lenola 1925-07-03-pg05 DN
Leslie, Gladys Story birthday hosed by her parents 1925-04-03-pg08 DN
Levy, Sam Death 69 years old 1925-10-30-pg01 DN
Lewes, Willie Lee Wedding Childress, L. B. 1925-12-18-pg01 DN
Lewis, Elmer Wedding Rhodes, Pearl 1925-11-13-pg01 DN
Lewis, Elmer Wedding Rhodes, Pearl 1925-11-20-pg05 DN
Lewis, John C. Death struck by automobile 1925-08-21-pg01 DN
Lewis, Willie Wedding Childress, Lonnie B. 1925-12-18-pg01 DN
Lillard, Margaret Ann Birth daughter of Jack Lillard 1925-09-04-pg04 DN
Lillard, Zack (father) Death infant son 1925-12-11-pg05 DN
Lisby, Johnnie Wedding McKinnon, Ruth 1925-08-07-pg01 DN
Lively, J. S. Wedding Kinsey, Sue 1925-10-02-pg01 DN
Looney, Eugene Wedding Powers, Girty 1925-11-06-pg08 DN
Loony, H. C. Wedding Smith, Ollie 1925-12-11-pg08 DN
Love, Walter Meigs Wedding Williams, Fay 1925-05-01-pg01 DN
Lowell, F. T. Wedding Preston, Anna 1925-08-28-pg05 DN
Loyd, Mrs. Will Death   1925-01-16-pg05 DN
Maddux, Mrs. Henry Story found not guilty of shooting Anna Bell Barker 1925-01-23-pg01 DN
Malcom, Annie Lee Wedding Reeves, Obie 1925-09-18-pg01 DN
Maloy, W. M. Death 76 years old 1925-05-22-pg08 DN
Malyers, Dale Wedding Parker, Burch 1925-07-17-pg01 DN
Mann, Naomi Wedding Harper, L. C. 1925-06-26-pg01 DN
Manning, J. D. Story 50th wedding anniversary 1925-09-04-pg01 DN
Marr, Marion Wedding Tunnictiff, Zema 1925-11-06-pg08 DN
Martin, Gladys Wedding Banks, Alvin 1925-10-02-pg01 DN
Martin, W. A. Story assualt with intent to murder 1925-02-06-pg01 DN
Martin, Winburn A. Story convicted of killing Deputy Sheriff R. B. Parsons 1925-10-16-pg01 DN
Martin. A. S. (new father) Birth a son 1925-03-06-pg12 DN
Mashburn, W. E. Wedding Crawford, Eva 1925-02-13-pg01 DN
Mayton, Gladys Wedding Melton, E. Frank 1925-10-09-pg01 DN
McCaskey, Barney (new father) Birth a son 1925-10-16-pg05 DN
McCaskey, Dollie Wedding shower Stone, M. B. 1925-12-18-pg01 DN
McCaskey, Dollie Wedding Stone, Marshal B. 1925-12-25-pg05 DN
McCaskey, Gertrude Wedding Coconougher, Glenn 1925-04-10-pg01 DN
McCaskey, Madge Wedding Vanmeter, John 1925-11-13-pg01 DN
McClung, Elmo Story 6 year old burned 1925-02-13-pg08 DN
McConnell, Lillie Wedding Boyd, John 1925-03-20-pg01 DN
McCool, Elton (new father) Birth a son 1925-12-25-pg04 DN
McCord, E. J. Wedding Hamilton, Ina 1925-08-14-pg01 DN
McCurley, Mabel Wedding Burris, J. O. 1925-12-18-pg01 DN
McDaniel, C. C. (new father) Birth a daughter 1925-10-23-pg04 DN
McFall, Velma Wedding Culp, Conrad 1925-04-03-pg05 DN
McGlason, Horace (new father) Birth a son 1925-10-23-pg05 DN
McGregor, Catherine Wedding Dreskill, John 1925-10-02-pg01 DN
McKinnon, Ruth Wedding Lisby, Johnnie 1925-08-07-pg01 DN
McLane, Hal Wedding Waters, Myrtle 1925-04-17-pg01 DN
McReynolds, Nell Wedding Scoforne, Joe Elizabeth 1925-03-27-pg01 DN
McWilliams, Jessie Wedding Anderson, Abe, Jr. 1925-11-20-pg05 DN
Medley, Juna Wedding Muldonodo, Santiago 1925-12-11-pg08 DN
Medlin, Raymond Story attacked by man armed with club 1925-01-23-pg04 DN
Melton, E. Frank Wedding Mayton, Gladys 1925-10-09-pg01 DN
Merchants State Bank-Krum Story robbed by armed masked bandits 1925-06-12-pg01 DN
Meyers, Walter (new father) Birth a daughter 1925-03-27-pg08 DN
Miles, E. A. Death heart trouble 1925-06-12-pg08 DN
Miller, Mrs. L. O. Miller Death   1925-09-11-pg04 DN
Miller, Mrs. Will A. Death 80 years old 1925-04-17-pg01 DN
Miller, R. S. Wedding Harding, Mrs. Pearl 1925-09-04-pg01 DN
Miller, Ray Wedding Bearden, Ruth 1925-04-17-pg01 DN
Miller, Ray Wedding Bearden, Ruth 1925-04-24-pg05 DN
Miller, Rev. F. O. Death   1925-05-22-pg01 DN
Milligan, O. A. Wedding Bastrop, Elna 1925-07-17-pg01 DN
Milligan, T. F. Death 68 years old, complications of surgery 1925-06-26-pg01 DN
Minyard, Chester Wedding Smith, Merle 1925-07-17-pg01 DN
Minyard, Chester Wedding Smith, Hariette Merle 1925-07-17-pg01 DN
Mitchell, Mrs. Joe Death 73 years old 1925-11-13-pg01 DN
Mitchum, Eura Wedding Doggs, C. L. 1925-07-03-pg04 DN
Mondrick, Joe Story kidnapped by armed bandits 1925-01-09-pg01 DN
Moon, Mason Wedding Robinson, Myrtis 1925-04-03-pg08 DN
Moore, Bob (new father) Birth a daughter 1925-01-02-pg05 DN
Moore, Jewel Wedding announcment Nash, Dewey 1925-02-27-pg01 DN
Moore, Jewel Wedding shower Shuler, George P. 1925-03-20-pg01 DN
Moore, Jewel Wedding Shuler, George Peevler 1925-04-03-pg05 DN
Moore, Utonia Wedding Wilson, Burl 1925-08-07-pg05 DN
Moore, W. M. Story meets long lost sister, Mrs. Phil Tumulty 1925-06-12-pg01 DN
Morris, Henen Pearl Wedding Holder, Allen Bryant 1925-07-03-pg04 DN
Morris, Mamye Wedding Spencer, C. H. 1925-11-06-pg08 DN
Morrison, Velma Wedding Sullivan, Ira 1925-02-13-pg01 DN
Morrow, Anthony (new father) Birth a daughter 1925-06-26-pg05 DN
Morrow, Ruth Wedding Culpepper, Lonnie 1925-02-27-pg01 DN
Mortineau, E. J. (new father) Birth a daughter 1925-05-29-pg05 DN
Mosier, Jeffery Story arrested for robbery and burglery 1925-05-01-pg01 DN
Muldonodo, Santiago Wedding Medley, Juna 1925-12-11-pg08 DN
Munday, Ruth Frances Wedding Weaver, M. R. 1925-11-06-pg08 DN
Munroe, J. N. Death   1925-07-03-pg05 DN
Murphy, Mrs. Ann Death   1925-04-17-pg01 DN
Myers, H. H. Wedding Smith, Ella 1925-01-16-pg05 DN
Myers, Mrs. Lillian Wedding Hudson, Eugene A. 1925-11-20-pg05 DN
Myers, R. C. (new father) Birth a son, Corinth community 1925-03-06-pg09 DN
Nash, D. L. (new father) Birth a daughter 1925-07-03-pg05 DN
Nash, Dewey Wedding announcment Moore, Jewel 1925-02-27-pg01 DN
Neel, Earl (new father) Birth a son 1925-10-23-pg05 DN
Neel, James wedding Vess, Linnie Bell 1925-10-23-pg05 DN
New, Bessie Wedding Greenwood, Guy 1925-11-06-pg08 DN
New, Bessie Wedding Greenwood, Guy 1925-11-13-pg08 DN
Newton, Mattie Story arrested for robbery and burglery 1925-05-01-pg01 DN
Nix, Sybil Wedding Anderson, Sweede 1925-03-27-pg08 DN
Nobles, Ray Wedding Rhine, Annie 1925-04-10-pg01 DN
Nobles, Ray Wedding Rhine, Annie 1925-04-10-pg01 DN
Noel, Perry G. Wedding Dunham, Ida L. 1925-05-15-pg01 DN
Nutting, R. C. (new father) Birth a son 1925-10-16-pg05 DN
Olman, Harvey Story Cop suspended for striking Burton, stage driver 1925-11-20-pg01 DN
O'Neal, Charles Wedding Phillips, Mrs. Josephine May 1925-01-23-pg05 DN
Orasco, Consacion Wedding Rebias, Natebia 1925-04-17-pg01 DN
Outler, Mrs. Eddie Death appendicitis 1925-04-17-pg05 DN
Overstreet, M. W. Wedding Johnson, Bonnie 1925-04-24-pg01 DN
Owens, Si Death auto accident 1925-08-21-pg01 DN
Padgett, Archie L. Wedding Flowers, Lula Bell 1925-05-29-pg01 DN
Padgett, Marguerette Wynne Wedding Ratliff, M. D. 1925-10-23-pg05 DN
Palm, Gene (new father) Birth a son 1925-06-05-pg04 DN
Parhane, J. P. Wedding Crump, Eulyn Lois 1925-01-23-pg05 DN
Paris, Charles M. Wedding Johnson, Minnie 1925-06-12-pg01 DN
Parish, Marie Wedding Rhine, Gene A. 1925-05-08-pg08 DN
Parker, Baldwin Story son of Quanah 1925-06-19-pg01 DN
Parker, Burch Wedding Malyers, Dale 1925-07-17-pg01 DN
Parks, A. J. (new father) Birth a son 1925-01-23-pg05 DN
Patton, Earl Jennings Wedding Walker, Vida Bluners 1925-05-29-pg01 DN
Paxton, Earl Jennings Wedding Walker, Vida 1925-06-12-pg01 DN
Perry, Eva Wedding Taylor, J.A. 1925-10-02-pg01 DN
Perry, Eva Mae Wedding Perry, J. L. 1925-11-20-pg05 DN
Perry, J. L. Wedding Perry, Eva Mae 1925-11-20-pg05 DN
Petytoo, Grandma Death Hopewell Cemetery 1925-04-24-pg08 DN
Phillips, Edan May Wedding Barnett, O. K. 1925-02-13-pg01 DN
Phillips, Mrs. Josephine May Wedding O'Neal, Charles 1925-01-23-pg05 DN
Pittman, J. E. Wedding Fraiser, Eva 1925-05-22-pg01 DN
Pleasant, Bennie Wedding Watson, W. H. 1925-12-11-pg08 DN
Porterfield, Ruth Wedding Sellers, L. L. 1925-08-21-pg01 DN
Pound, Leona Wedding Crowder, Hayse 1925-12-11-pg05 DN
Pound, Leona Wedding Crowder, J. H. 1925-12-11-pg08 DN
Powers, Girty Wedding Looney, Eugene 1925-11-06-pg08 DN
Prather, Ned Death   1925-04-24-pg01 DN
Prather, S. E. Death 78 years old 1925-04-17-pg01 DN
Preston, Anna Wedding Lowell, F. T. 1925-08-28-pg05 DN
Prestridge, Louis Wedding Cormack, Estelle 1925-08-28-pg01 DN
Price, John Death burned to death in car wreck, Era, Texas 1925-12-11-pg04 DN
Price, Myrtle Wedding Gooch, R. E. 1925-08-28-pg05 DN
Probst, Mrs. Mary Wedding Caplin, J. W. 1925-06-12-pg01 DN
Pyeatt, Edna Wedding Akers, J. R. 1925-02-13-pg01 DN
Quest, Mrs. Annie Cook Death 87 years old 1925-12-04-pg01 DN
Quisenberry, Fay Wedding Truitt, Beulah 1925-11-20-pg05 DN
Radway, F. C. Wedding Johnson, Elva 1925-01-16-pg05 DN
Ramsey, R. Wedding Slate, Lula Lee 1925-04-10-pg01 DN
Ratliff, M. D. Wedding Padgett, Marguerette Wynne 1925-10-23-pg05 DN
Raven, Vada Velma Wedding Taylor, Robert L. 1925-12-11-pg08 DN
Rebias, Natebia Wedding Orasco, Consacion 1925-04-17-pg01 DN
Redwine, W. L. Death dropped dead while milking 1925-09-18-pg01 DN
Reeves, Ina Wedding Hill, Bill 1925-03-27-pg01 DN
Reeves, Madge Wedding Vaughan, W. Louis 1925-12-25-pg13 DN
Reeves, Obie Wedding Malcom, Annie Lee 1925-09-18-pg01 DN
Reeves, Ruth Wedding Workman, Roy 1925-01-02-pg03 DN
Reid, Vivian Wedding Burton, A. N. 1925-10-23-pg05 DN
Renshaw, Edgar (father) Death infant 1925-05-29-pg08 DN
Renshaw, Lute (Mr. & Mrs.) Story 50th wedding anniversary 1925-02-13-pg05 DN
Renshaw, Lute (Mr. & Mrs.) Story 50th wedding anniversary 1925-02-20-pg01 DN
Rhine, Annie Wedding Nobles, Ray 1925-04-10-pg01 DN
Rhine, Annie Wedding Nobles, Ray 1925-04-10-pg01 DN
Rhine, Gene A. Wedding Parish, Marie 1925-05-08-pg08 DN
Rhodes, Pearl Wedding Lewis, Elmer 1925-11-13-pg01 DN
Rhodes, Pearl Wedding Lewis, Elmer 1925-11-20-pg05 DN
Rias, Gertrude Wedding Duarte, Manual 1925-02-27-pg01 DN
Rich, Cash Death 83 years old, stroke 1925-08-07-pg05 DN
Rich, Charley Story kicked by mule 1925-02-20-pg08 DN
Richardson, Eva Wedding Dethloff, R. P. 1925-12-11-pg08 DN
Richardson, Luther Wedding Huston, Grace 1925-05-08-pg08 DN
Riddle, Mrs. Samuel C. Death 61 years old 1925-08-28-pg01 DN
Riley, Claude Death 23 years old, tuberculosis 1925-05-08-pg08 DN
Roberts, C. B. (father) Death 10 year old son, lock-jaw, 20 Years Ago 1925-01-02-pg04 DN
Roberts, Jrs. J. R. Death   1925-11-27-pg01 DN
Roberts, Mrs. Perry Death   1925-11-20-pg05 DN
Roberts, Rush Wedding Jones, Corine 1925-03-27-pg08 DN
Robertson, Elzie Death shot by mayor, Wichita Falls 1925-02-20-pg01 DN
Robinson, Grace Wedding Wylie, Val 1925-02-27-pg01 DN
Robinson, Myrtis Wedding Moon, Mason 1925-04-03-pg08 DN
Rodeman, W. L. Wedding Killingsworth, Louise 1925-12-11-pg08 DN
Rogers, Mark (father) Birth a daughter, 20 Years Ago 1925-01-02-pg04 DN
Roper, Elmore Death 21 years old 1925-12-18-pg09 DN
Rose, Velma Wedding Jones, Ray 1925-04-24-pg01 DN
Rucker, Julia Wedding Tiley, E. W. 20 Years Ago 1925-01-02-pg04 DN
Russell, Ada Wedding Strain, J. R. 1925-10-23-pg05 DN
Russell, Margaret Amanda Birth   1925-04-17-pg05 DN
Ryan, J. W. Story Bridgeport, home consumed by fire 1925-01-09-pg05 DN
Samples, Guy (new father) Birth a son 1925-01-16-pg05 DN
Samson, Dora Eva Birth born to Charley Samson, June 17 1925-07-03-pg08 DN
Sanderson, Mrs. Death Floydada 1925-07-17-pg05 DN
Sanford, Mrs. W. I. Death   1925-12-18-pg01 DN
Satterwhite, Walter Death Big Springs, killed by a Mexican 1925-04-03-pg08 DN
Scarbrough, Lawrence Wedding Bridges, Francis Ruth 1925-07-10-pg01 DN
Scorforne, Joe Elizabeth Wedding McReynolds, Nell 1925-03-27-pg01 DN
Scranton, R. A. Picture Missionary 1925-04-03-pg01 DN
Sedgwick, Jr. W. C. Wedding Kerr, Pauline 1925-08-28-pg01 DN
Sellers, J. Lev Wedding Boyd, Cora 1925-05-01-pg01 DN
Sellers, John Houston Story worked for A&M tuition 1925-01-09-pg01 DN
Sellers, L. L. Wedding Porterfield, Ruth 1925-08-21-pg01 DN
Sensibaugh, Mrs. Jim Death 80 years old 1925-06-12-pg01 DN
Sensibaugh, Mrs. Jim Death New Salem news 1925-06-12-pg08 DN
Sherman, Katie Belle Wedding Caraway, Bud 1925-11-20-pg05 DN
Shipp, W. F. (new father) Birth a son 1925-07-31-pg05 DN
Shoat, Hazel Wedding Fate, W. L. 1925-10-23-pg05 DN
Short, George W. Death 82 years old, Wise County pioneer 1925-09-04-pg01 DN
Shuler, George Peevler Wedding Moore, Jewel 1925-04-03-pg05 DN
Shulkey, Dr. Carl Wedding Williams, Maude 1925-10-16-pg01 DN
Simmons, Charles B. Death   1925-08-14-pg01 DN
Slagle, Glenn Wedding Snyder, A. C. 1925-10-23-pg01 DN
Slate, Lula Lee Wedding Ramsey, R. 1925-04-10-pg01 DN
Slay, Mary Lou Birth daughter of Carl Slay 1925-09-18-pg05 DN
Slidell fire Story destroyed buildings 1925-11-13-pg01 DN
Slimp, Kenip Birth a daughter 1925-01-02-pg06 DN
Smith, Ella Wedding Myers, H. H. 1925-01-16-pg05 DN
Smith, Frank M. Death 76 years old 1925-09-11-pg08 DN
Smith, L. T. Wedding Barnett, Bert 1925-01-23-pg04 DN
Smith, Mattie Wedding Adams, W. L. 1925-03-27-pg01 DN
Smith, Merle Wedding Minyard, Chester 1925-07-17-pg01 DN
Smith, Merle Wedding shower Minyard, Chester 1925-07-17-pg01 DN
Smith, Mrs. Lillie May Wedding Dansby, W. M. 1925-11-20-pg05 DN
Smith, Neal Death nephe of Mrs. Otis Burnett 1925-07-17-pg05 DN
Smith, Ollie Wedding Loony, H. C. 1925-12-11-pg08 DN
Smith, Sallie Zenobia Wedding Steel, Robert 1925-05-08-pg08 DN
Smith, W. B. Death 1 year old 1925-02-13-pg01 DN
Smithe, Mrs. W. M. Death accidental death by shotgun 1925-02-13-pg01 DN
Sneed, J. F. Death former Bridgeport druggist 1925-11-27-pg05 DN
Snipes, Thomas Gordan Birth 17-Jul 1925-07-31-pg05 DN
Snyder, A. C. Wedding Slagle, Glenn 1925-10-23-pg01 DN
Spain Family Reunion Story   1925-08-28-pg01 DN
Spain, Eddilea Death after appendectomy 1925-01-30-pg01 DN
Sparks, A. H. Death   1925-04-17-pg01 DN
Spear, Edna Death   1925-02-20-pg01 DN
Spencer, C. H. Wedding Morris, Mamye 1925-11-06-pg08 DN
Spencer, Walter Wedding Hommna, Mrs. Lillie 1925-01-16-pg01 DN
Splawn, Graner Wedding Flowers, Beatrice 1925-10-09-pg01 DN
St. Clair, Mrs. T. L. Death 64 years old 1925-08-21-pg01 DN
St. Clair, T. T. Death 69 years old 1925-05-29-pg01 DN
Stagg, Eugene Wedding Hines, Ruth 1925-09-18-pg01 DN
Stamps, R. C. Death of Tyler, killed by train 1925-01-30-pg01 DN
Stanfield, Foster Wedding Clary, Mrs. Ana Lee 1925-11-20-pg05 DN
Stanfield, Sam Death sone of Rev. J. T. Stanfield 1925-08-21-pg05 DN
Steel, Robert Wedding Smith, Sallie Zenobia 1925-05-08-pg08 DN
Stevens, Mrs. Bob Death in Gainesville 1925-02-20-pg01 DN
Stevens, Mrs. G. W. Death   1925-07-17-pg01 DN
Stevenson, Ruby Death 12 years old 1925-09-11-pg04 DN
Steward, C. R. Wedding Hill, Bonnie Faye 1925-05-22-pg01 DN
Steward, Frances Wedding Evetts, G.G. 1925-03-27-pg01 DN
Stewart, J. W. Death 79 years old 1925-01-09-pg01 DN
Stiff, Sheb Story arrested for bank robbery 1925-08-28-pg04 DN
Stimson, E. W. Wedding Dickenson, Harve 1925-01-23-pg05 DN
Stone, M. B. Wedding shower McCaskey, Dollie 1925-12-18-pg01 DN
Stone, Marshall B. Wedding McCaskey, Dollie 1925-12-25-pg05 DN
Stork, Mrs. J. W. Death   1925-04-17-pg01 DN
Story, N. A. (father) Death small son, of typhoid 1925-11-06-pg08 DN
Story, Yancey Story assualt with intent to murder 1925-02-06-pg01 DN
Storye, Yancey Story arrested for bank robbery 1925-08-28-pg04 DN
Strain, J. R. Wedding Russell, Ada 1925-10-23-pg05 DN
Stutt, Earl (new father) Birth a son 1925-03-27-pg05 DN
Sullivan, Ira Wedding Morrison, Velma 1925-02-13-pg01 DN
Sunset Fire Story buildings destroyed 1925-03-06-pg01 DN
Surber, Helen Wedding Kilcrease, G. D. 1925-07-17-pg01 DN
T.H. Atkings Company Story burglarized of $400 worth of merchandise 1925-01-23-pg04 DN
Tackle, Billie Joy Birth Sept. 21, new daughter of Carl Tackle 1925-10-02-pg04 DN
Taylor, J. A. Wedding Perry, Eva 1925-10-02-pg01 DN
Taylor, Lillie Bell Wedding King, William R. 1925-10-30-pg01 DN
Taylor, Melva Jean Death 2 years old 1925-08-14-pg05 DN
Taylor, Mrs. Annie A. Death 68 years old 1925-08-21-pg08 DN
Taylor, Robert L. Wedding Raven, Vada Velma 1925-12-11-pg08 DN
Teague, O F. Death 90 years old, Corinth 1925-03-13-pg01 DN
Terrell, W. T. Wedding King, Edith 1925-09-18-pg01 DN
Thompson, Claude Wedding Allbritton, Lottie 1925-06-12-pg01 DN
Thompson, J. U. Death 50 years old, Bright's Disease 1925-02-13-pg01 DN
Thompson, Leslie Wedding Alford, J. R. 1925-05-15-pg01 DN
Thurmond, Mrs. W. P Death 50 years old 1925-02-20-pg01 DN
Thurston, W. C. (new father) Birth a daughter 1925-08-14-pg05 DN
Tiley, E. W. Wedding Rucker, Julia, 20 Years Ago 1925-01-02-pg04 DN
Tillman, A. C. Death 64 years old, killed by falling tree 1925-12-11-pg01 DN
Timkies, Charles D. Death 43 years old 1925-05-15-pg01 DN
Trewhitt, Wayne D. Story contractor in California for syup factory 1925-02-13-pg01 DN
Troxell, Mary Death 81 years old 1925-05-29-pg01 DN
Truitt, Beulah Wedding Quisenberry, Fay 1925-11-20-pg05 DN
Tucker, Jim (new father) Birth a daughter 1925-07-31-pg05 DN
Tumulty, Mrs. Phil Story meets long lost brother, W. M. Moore 1925-06-12-pg01 DN
Tunnictiff, Zema Wedding Marr, Marion 1925-11-06-pg08 DN
Vanmeter, John Wedding McCaskey, Madge 1925-11-13-pg01 DN
VanMeter, Mrs. M. E. Death 62 years old, Rhome 1925-06-05-pg01 DN
Vaughan, W. Louis Wedding Reeves, Madge 1925-12-25-pg12 DN
Vaughn, C. M. Wedding Landres, Opal 1925-12-04-pg10 DN
Vess, Lillie Wedding Bond, Leray 1925-04-10-pg01 DN
Vess, Linnie Bell Wedding Neel, James 1925-10-23-pg05 DN
Waggoner, Electra Story Record breaking train ride by brother to attend her bedside 1925-11-20-pg08 DN
Waggoner, Electra Death buried in Fort Worth 1925-12-04-pg01 DN
Waggoner, Guy Story Record breaking train ride to attend ill sister 1925-11-20-pg08 DN
Walcott, D. E Death 61 years old, double pneumonia 1925-02-06-pg01 DN
Walker, Bulah Wedding Jones, J. D. 1925-03-27-pg01 DN
Walker, Elna Wedding Arrington, D. A. 1925-09-18-pg01 DN
Walker, Sue Wedding Butcher, Raymond Parker 1925-02-27-pg01 DN
Walker, Vida Wedding Paxton, Earl Jennings 1925-06-12-pg01 DN
Walker, Vida Bluners Wedding Patton, Earl Jennings 1925-05-29-pg01 DN
Wallace, Mr. Death machinest, fell from tank 1925-08-21-pg04 DN
Wallace, W. D. Story 70th birthday dinner 1925-04-03-pg08 DN
Ward, Rev. J. L. Picture President of DBC 1925-01-23-pg01 DN
Waters, Myrtle Wedding McLane, Hal 1925-04-17-pg01 DN
Watson, Birdie Wedding Guinn, Sidney B. 1925-01-30-pg01 DN
Watson, Prudent Laudene Birth Sept. 21, new daughter of Coke Watson 1925-10-02-pg04 DN
Watson, W. H. Wedding Pleasan, Bennie 1925-12-11-pg08 DN
Weaver, M. R. Wedding Munday, Ruth Frances 1925-11-06-pg08 DN
Welch, Dasha Wedding Itson, S. N., married on the golf course 1925-05-15-pg08 DN
Wells, Henry Death in Crafton 1925-09-25-pg01 DN
West, W. L. R. Death Alvord groceryman 1925-09-18-pg01 DN
Wetch, Dasha Wedding Itson, S. N. 1925-05-08-pg08 DN
Wilder, Miss Wedding Wilson, J. M. (Tad) 1925-12-11-pg12 DN
Williams, Fay Wedding Love, Walter Meigs 1925-05-01-pg01 DN
Williams, Gertrude Wedding Young, Harley 1925-02-27-pg01 DN
Williams, Lois Death 19 years old, appendicitis 1925-02-20-pg01 DN
Williams, Mary A. Death 75 years old 1925-11-20-pg01 DN
Williams, Maude Wedding Shulkey, Dr. Carl 1925-10-16-pg01 DN
Williams, Nix Wedding Elliott, Elsie 1925-02-27-pg01 DN
Williamson, Bill Birth a daughter 1925-10-23-pg04 DN
Willis, Will (father) Death infanct 1925-07-17-pg05 DN
Wilson, Burl Wedding Moore, Utonia 1925-08-07-pg05 DN
Wilson, Claudie Wedding Giles, Ray 1925-05-08-pg08 DN
Wilson, J. M. (Tad) Wedding Wilder, Miss 1925-12-11-pg12 DN
Wilson, S. J. Wedding Jones, Julia Mae 1925-10-02-pg01 DN
Winston, R. M. Death 74 years old 1925-11-13-pg01 DN
Woodall, J. F. Wedding Freeman, Ella 1925-01-30-pg01 DN
Woods, Comadore (new father) Birth a daughter 1925-06-19-pg08 DN
Workman, Roy Wedding Reeves, Ruth 1925-01-02-pg03 DN
Wright, Bob Death Pella Cemetery 1925-09-04-pg04 DN
Wylie, Val Wedding Robinson, Grace 1925-02-27-pg01 DN
Young, Ed Birth a son 1925-09-18-pg05 DN
Young, Harley Wedding Williams, Gertrude 1925-02-27-pg01 DN