Index of 1924 Wise County Texas Newspaper
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 a Negro (no name) Death enroute to asylum 1924-06-13-pg01
Abbott, W. A. Death in Dallas 1924-05-23-pg03
Abel, Harold M. Wedding Boone, Cleo 1924-10-31-pg07
Abel, Harold M. Wedding Boone, Cleo 1924-10-31-pg02
Abrams, J. C. Wedding Jessie, Ida Mae 1924-06-27-pg06
Acker, W. H. Death cancer 1924-06-13-pg03
Aggies Band Picture   1924-02-29-pg07
Alexander, Earl, new father Birth a son 1924-04-18-pg10
Alexander, Eldon Death 18 years old, died while playing basketball 1924-10-17-pg01
Allison, M. C. Picture poultry farmer 1924-11-14-pg11
Andrews, Earnest Story convicted of manslaughter in Archer County 1924-05-09-pg02
Applang, Lizzie Wedding Roberts, A. W. 1924-06-27-pg06
Arnett, W. C. Death mortuary news 1924-04-04-pg07
Arnett, W. C. Story homecoming party held 1924-03-21-pg01
Arnold, Nora Wedding Read, Clarence 1924-07-04-pg06
Arnold, Robert (Bob) L. Story Paradise, will run for Commissioner 1924-01-04-pg06
Arthur, James Wedding Harris, Margaret 1924-03-28-pg03
Ash, Paul Wedding Workman, Annie 1924-09-19-pg02
Ash, Paul Wedding Workman, Annie 1924-09-19-pg02
Askey, Ada Wedding New, Curren 1924-05-23-pg06
Askey, Ada Wedding New, John Curren 1924-05-23-pg06
Askey, Lee Wedding Brady, J. W. 1924-12-05-pg04
Askey, Lee Wedding Brady, J. Wallace 1924-12-05-pg10
Atcheson, Millie Wedding Thurmond, Forrest 1924-09-12-pg06
Babb, H. C. "Court" Death 74 years old, frontiersman whose mother was slain by Indians 1924-08-01-pg03
Baggett, Ida Wedding Hughes, Oma 1924-03-28-pg03
Baits, Jack, father Death death of infant 1924-03-21-pg07
Baker, Anabel Death killed by Decatur woman 1924-09-12-pg05
Baker, John Story convicted of sodomy, 5 years 1924-12-05-pg08
Bardner, Mary Wedding Price, Comar R. 1924-07-18-pg01
Barkley, W. G. Wedding Laird, Rubye 1924-05-23-pg06
Barksdale, E. Wedding Bartholemew, Opal 1924-12-19-pg07
Barksdale, L. Wedding Bartholemew, Opal 1924-12-12-pg06
Barnett, Clarence Story will run for commissioner 1924-03-28-pg07
Bartholemew, Opal Wedding Barksdale, E. 1924-12-19-pg07
Bartholemew, Opal Wedding Barksdale, L. 1924-12-12-pg06
Barton, C. Q. Death 46 years old, educator 1924-05-23-pg01
Barton, Lizbie Wedding Wright John 1924-02-29-pg06
Bass, Martha Wedding Steel, Buford 1924-12-19-pg07
Batdorff, Mrs. Lois Wedding Jones, Bruce 1924-11-14-pg02
Bazzley, Gracie Wedding Pinkerton, A. J. 1924-11-21-pg05
Bean, Johnnie Wedding Smith, Lela Mae 1924-06-27-pg06
Beard, Georgie Wedding Potter, Joseph 1924-06-20-pg08
Beavers, J. A. Wedding Kirkbride, Gertrude 1924-11-21-pg06
Beer, Eugene Story charged with burglary 1924-04-25-pg01
Beer, Eugene Story sentenced for robbery 1924-06-20-pg01
Belcher, W. W. Story Texas Ranger investigating burglaries 1924-04-25-pg01
Belew, Jim Death County Clerk 1924-03-28-pg06
Belew, Jim Story announces reelection for County Clerk 1924-02-29-pg07
Belew, Jim, Mrs. Story appointed to county clerk after death of husband who held position 1924-04-04-pg01
Belew, W. D. Story Will run for Tax Assessor 1924-02-22-pg05
Blankenship, Vallie Wedding Man, B. A. 1924-06-13-pg03
Blankenship, Vallie Wedding Shower   1924-05-30-pg06
Bledsoe, Fannie Wedding Melton, Lawrence 1924-11-14-pg02
Bock, T. F. Story shot by 38-caliber pistol 1924-03-21-pg01
Bock, T. F., Mrs. Story detained and questioned for shooting husband 1924-03-21-pg01
Boll Weevil Story fighting the destroyer of cotton 1924-11-21-pg02
Boone, Cleo Wedding Abel, Harold M. 1924-10-31-pg07
Boone, Cleo Wedding Abel, Harold M. 1924-10-31-pg02
Booth, Howard Death old time resident 1924-12-12-pg01
Booth, Jim Story Decatur, will run for Commissioner 1924-01-04-pg06
Borwn, E. B. Wedding Christian, Alma 1924-08-01-pg06
Boulware, George Death 16 years old, fell dead of heart attack on back porch 1924-03-21-pg01
Bourland, T. B. Wedding McKinney, Gladys 1924-05-23-pg06
Bowman, J. W. Wedding Bradford, Sarah E. 1924-03-28-pg03
Bradford, Sarah E. Wedding Bowman, J. W. 1924-03-28-pg03
Brady, J. W. Wedding Askey, Lee 1924-12-05-pg04
Brady, J. Wallace Wedding Askey, Lee 1924-12-05-pg10
Bramlet, Harley (new father) Birth a son 1924-08-22-pg08
Bray, Wiley Story arrested for forgery 1924-07-18-pg03
Bray, Wiley Story convicted for forgery 1924-12-05-pg01
Breckenridge, Edith Death Chico 1924-06-27-pg07
Bridges, C. R. Story prehistoric bones and tracks found in creek 1924-05-16-pg07
Bridges, Theresa Wedding Gentry, Isaac 1924-11-21-pg05
Brown, Bernice Wedding Penick, Lee 1924-03-28-pg03
Brown, Lola Wedding Morris, Gordon 1924-11-21-pg05
Brown, Mrs. Buster Wedding Haux, Bart 1924-07-25-pg07
Brown, T. G. Story announces reelection of weigher 1924-03-28-pg07
Brown, W. P. Story 88th birthday, pioneer 1924-11-21-pg07
Bryant, Jay Birth a daughter 1924-05-30-pg08
Bulgarel, Venita Ruth Story birthday party, 7 years old 1924-09-26-pg07
Bullard, Bessie Wedding Randolph, F. B. 1924-07-18-pg01
Burch, May Wedding Dunaway, W. E. 1924-07-18-pg01
Burnett, Hazel Wedding Martineua, E. J. 1924-08-22-pg06
Burnett, Hazel Wedding shower   1924-08-08-pg06
Burns, John Wedding Edgenard, Marzell 1924-09-12-pg08
Butler, Albert Death Rhome 1924-08-08-pg01
Caldwell, Charles, C. Death brother-in-law of L. D. Kirkpatrick 1924-12-19-pg11
Caldwell, Gertrude Wedding Neighbors, J. E. 1924-10-31-pg07
Carlton, John Story captured by attorney 1924-05-30-pg01
Carlton, R., new father Birth a daughter 1924-02-29-pg02
Carlton, W. E. Wedding Shirley, Loretta 1924-11-21-pg05
Carlton, W. E. Wedding Shirley, Loretta 1924-11-21-pg06
Carmicheal, J. H. Wedding Harris, Thelma 1924-06-27-pg06
Carpenter, Bertha Wedding Griffin, Owen 1924-02-29-pg06
Carswell, Ruth Death   1924-08-22-pg03
Cartwright, Oma, new father Birth a son 1924-05-16-pg03
Caswell, Raymond Wedding St. Clair, Christine 1924-10-24-pg02
Cates, J. C. (father) Birth a son, Twenty Years Ago, Dec. 15 1924-12-19-pg04
Chambers, Marie Story 5th birthday party 1924-08-01-pg08
Chesser, Bob Wedding Jameson, Ottie 1924-03-28-pg03
Chesser, Mr., father Death infant daughter 1924-03-07-pg08
Christian, Alma Wedding Brown, E. B. 1924-08-01-pg06
Christian, Alma Wedding shower   1924-07-25-pg06
Christian, Carl (new father) Birth a daughter 1924-10-31-pg02
Chum, Maggie Wedding Sutton, J. W. 1924-06-13-pg03
Cirtle, Vera Wedding Dunn, O. S. 1924-06-13-pg03
Clark, C. L. Wedding Grace, Vistal 1924-12-19-pg07
Clement, Lee Story Brumlow, will run for Tax Assessor 1924-01-04-pg06
Clevinger, J. L. Wedding Goats, Jesse 1924-09-12-pg08
Cline, E. C. Wedding Jennings, Emma 1924-06-27-pg06
Cole, A. B. Story Arrested for robbery, alias A. B. Shook 1924-10-10-pg01
Cole, J. W. Story first marriage license of 1924 1924-01-04-pg06
Cole, J. W. Wedding Kelley, M. E., Mrs. 1924-01-04-pg06
Collins, Charlie Wedding Ferguson, Nora Lee 1924-08-29-pg08
Collins, Preston Death 28 years old, fall from truck breaks neck while trying to catch a watermelon 1924-09-12-pg01
Collins, Thelma Wedding Hukil, A. J. 1924-06-27-pg06
Cooper, Will (father of infant) Death infant 1924-07-25-pg07
Cottondale, Texas Story gets new phone lines 1924-05-30-pg03
Counts, Ozella Wedding Mooney, Edward 1924-09-19-pg02
Crawford, Dula Edna Wedding Kennedy, Tom 1924-05-23-pg06
Crites, John Wedding Randolph, Florence 1924-12-05-pg04
Cunningham, Joseph R. Death missionary killed in China 1924-06-13-pg06
Curry, P. M. Picture Professor 1924-06-13-pg03
Dalton, M. J., Mrs. Story surprise 90th birthday party 1924-03-07-pg08
Davidson, T. White Story candidate for governor 1924-04-11-pg01
Davis, Florence Wedding Jordan, Frank E. 1924-10-31-pg07
Davis, Florence Leona Wedding Jordan, Frank E. 1924-10-31-pg07
Davis, Mrs. Pearl Wedding Owen, Walter 1924-05-30-pg06
Davis, Winnie Wedding Stevens, Earl 1924-04-18-pg09
Day, Billie Wedding Snow, Maris 1924-05-16-pg08
Day, John, Mrs. Death Aurora 1924-02-22-pg07
Dean, Anver Story convicted of arson 1924-02-01-pg01
Dean, Anver Story Returned to Fort Sill as a deserter 1924-06-27-pg01
Deaton, W. B. "Bill" Death   1924-10-17-pg01
Denison, V. C. Wedding Seagraves, Nixie 1924-05-30-pg06
Devine, Will Story charged with swindling 1924-03-14-pg01
Dickenson, Edna Wedding Watson, C. H. 1924-07-04-pg06
Dill, Lon Death frontier settler and Indian fighter 1924-02-29-pg07
Dow, Nelson Paxton Wedding engagement Rontin, Florence 1924-07-11-pg02
Dunaway, Glenn (new father) Birth a daughter 1924-11-14-pg02
Dunaway, J. W. Wedding Holland, Elizabeth 1924-11-21-pg05
Dunaway, Mrs. Hayes Death accidental shooting, daguther of Jim Booth 1924-12-19-pg01
Dunaway, W. E. Wedding Burch, May 1924-07-18-pg01
Dunn, Audry Wedding Penington, Merle 1924-01-04-pg06
Dunn, Austin Story arrested for statutory offence 1924-03-28-pg03
Dunn, O. S. Wedding Cirtle, Vera 1924-06-13-pg03
Dupree, Eunice Wedding Greer, Austin R. 1924-07-18-pg01
Durham, Fred (new father) Birth a son 1924-09-12-pg08
Earle, Fred Wedding Vaughn, Grace 1924-11-21-pg05
Earle, Fred Wedding Vaughn, Grace 1924-11-21-pg06
Early, Vandie Wedding Terrell, Lindsey 1924-12-05-pg04
Easley, Emma Death 16 years old, suicide with family pistol 1924-04-04-pg01
Edgenard, Marzell Wedding Burns, John 1924-09-12-pg08
Edwards, W. C. Picture Candidate for Lieutenant governror 1924-07-18-pg04
Egbert, F. M., Major Picture law enforcement speaker 1924-04-25-pg02
Elder, Elmore Story barn destroyed by fire 1924-12-05-pg06
Elder, George T. Wedding McCracken, Blanche 1924-08-22-pg06
Elkins, Harvey Story convicted of theft 1924-02-01-pg01
Ennis, Harvey Story charged with burglary 1924-01-24-pg08
Essdin, E. M. Wedding Garnder, Lottie 1924-09-19-pg02
Evans, Clara Wedding Watts, M. A. 1924-12-05-pg04
Evans, E. E. (new father) Birth a son 1924-08-22-pg08
Evins, J. W. Wedding Looper, Beatrice 1924-12-05-pg04
Fansher, Mrs. Wilbur Story poisoned by overdose of cold pills 1924-10-03-pg01
Farrington, Virgil Wedding Smith, Mary 1924-09-12-pg08
Faulkner, C. W. Wedding Matheson, Velma 1924-06-13-pg03
Faulkner, Mr. Death son of late J. H. Burns, Alvord 1924-02-01-pg06
Fenwick, H. S. Death age 70, Greenwood 1924-06-13-pg03
Ferguson, Nora Lee Wedding Collins, Charlie 1924-08-29-pg08
Flutcher, Oleta Wedding Terrell, Alton 1924-12-19-pg07
Ford, M. M. Story home wrecked by cyclone 1924-04-18-pg09
Ford, M. M. (new father) Birth a son 1924-10-17-pg08
Foster, Ida Belle Wedding Snow, L. H. 1924-06-27-pg06
Fowler, Lola Bell Wedding McGlasson, Horace 1924-08-01-pg06
Fox, B. F. Story head injury, drug by horse 1924-06-20-pg03
Foxall, Vivienne Wedding Viard, Sloan 1924-08-22-pg06
Franks, Roy Wedding Neal, Ruby 1924-11-21-pg05
Freeman, William A. Story convicted of theft 1924-02-01-pg01
Furgeson, Miller Story 7th birthday party 1924-04-04-pg06
Gardner, Lottie Wedding Essdin, E. M. 1924-09-19-pg02
Gargis, Mollie Wedding Hawkins, W. C. 1924-02-29-pg06
Gentry, Isaac Wedding Bridges, Theresa 1924-11-21-pg05
Gentry, Otice C. Death pioneer citizen 1924-04-18-pg10
George, W. A., Mrs. And Mrs. Story 50th wedding anniversary 1924-08-29-pg08
Gettys, P. L. Story announced re-lection for County Attorney 1924-02-29-pg01
Gilbert, Virgie Wedding Hall, A. G. 1924-12-05-pg04
Giles, Homer A. Wedding Martin, Pearl 1924-12-05-pg04
Gill, Curtis Story Chico News, serving on Battleship Texas 1924-02-22-pg08
Gillard, George Story convicted of burglary 1924-02-01-pg01
Gilmore, Mary Kate Wedding Washburn, L. A. 1924-12-19-pg07
Glass, H. T. Wedding Hanner, Beulah 1924-12-05-pg04
Glover, Dolan Wedding Hendricks, Floyd 1924-02-29-pg07
Glover, Dolen Wedding Hendrix, Floyd 1924-02-29-pg06
Goats, Jesse Wedding Clevinger, J. L. 1924-09-12-pg08
Goodger, Herman (new father) Birth a son 1924-01-04-pg03
Gose, J. G., Judge Story injured by truck 1924-08-08-pg07
Grace, Vistal Wedding Clark, C. L. 1924-12-19-pg07
Gray, George, Jr. Wedding Payne, Ruth 1924-01-04-pg06
Green, Robert, father Death 2 year old daughter, from burns 1924-04-04-pg03
Greer, Austin R. Wedding Dupree, Eunice 1924-07-18-pg01
Greer, T. H. Story 66 birthday party 1924-10-10-pg02
Griffeth, C. C. Wedding Moore, Mertle Mae 1924-09-26-pg07
Griffeth, T. E. (new father) Birth a son 1924-08-08-pg08
Griffin, Owen Wedding Carpenter, Bertha 1924-02-29-pg06
Griffith, C. C. Wedding Moore, Mertle Mae 1924-09-19-pg02
Griner, "Dad" Death father of Carl Griner 1924-11-14-pg07
Hall, A. G. Wedding Gilbert, Virgie 1924-12-05-pg04
Hall, Maggie Wedding Robinson, Roy Z. 1924-07-04-pg06
Hall, Millie Irene Death young daughter of Wafford Hall 1924-06-13-pg08
Hall, W. H. Wedding Read, Lorena 1924-10-31-pg07
Hamilton, D. E., father Death of infant 1924-03-21-pg08
Hampton, Annie Wedding Pledger, J. E. 1924-06-27-pg06
Hampton, Annie Wedding Pledger, J. E. 1924-07-04-pg06
Handly Parmacy Story fire destroyed half the north side block of main street in Bridgeport 1924-11-14-pg01
Hanner, Beulah Wedding Glass, H. T. 1924-12-05-pg04
Harbin, J. F. Death 72 years old 1924-10-03-pg08
Harbour, Dave O. Jr. Wedding Moore, Rena 1924-06-27-pg06
Harding, Paul, father Death died shortly after birth in Wichita Falls 1924-02-29-pg01
Hardwick, Si  (new father) Birth a son 1924-03-28-pg03
Hardy Grocery Story fire destroyed half the north side block of main street in Bridgeport 1924-11-14-pg01
Harlan, John M. Story announces re-election for County Treasurer 1924-02-22-pg07
Harms, Mary E., Mrs. Story birthday surprise, 60 years 1924-06-13-pg06
Harnsberger, J.A. Death age 70, Chico 1924-02-22-pg08
Harris, Margaret Wedding Arthur, James 1924-03-28-pg03
Harris, Sam Death "Texas Kid", 692 pound man 1924-11-14-pg12
Harris, Thelma Wedding Carmicheal, J.H. 1924-06-27-pg06
Hartsell, I. J. Death pioneer citizen 1924-03-14-pg01
Harwick, Charlie Wedding Kennedy, Minnie Viola 1924-12-19-pg07
Haux, Bart Wedding Brown, Mrs. Buster 1924-07-25-pg07
Hawkins, W. C. Wedding Gargis, Mollie 1924-02-29-pg06
Hedick, Herbert Wedding Hutchins, Ludy 1924-06-13-pg03
Hendricks, Floyd Wedding Glover, Dolan 1924-02-29-pg07
Hendrix, Floyd Wedding Glover, Dolen 1924-02-29-pg06
Herndon, J. A. Wedding Long, Willie Jewel 1924-05-23-pg06
Highsmith, I. C. (new father) Birth a daughter 1924-05-30-pg03
Hilburn, S. H. Wedding Roberson, Grace 1924-11-21-pg05
Hillen, W. D. Wedding Walker, Ferald 1924-12-19-pg07
Hillis, Mr. & Mrs. Story winner of Merchants chest, public wedding 1924-12-19-pg01
Hillis, W. D. Wedding Walker, Ferrold 1924-12-19-pg01
Hodge, Lenora Wedding Schnelle, Walter G. 1924-12-05-pg04
Hodkins, W. A. Wedding Stinson, Elsie May 1924-09-19-pg02
Hoffman, S. C. Death Bethel 1924-02-08-pg05
Holland, Elizabeth Wedding Dunaway, J. W. 1924-11-21-pg05
Holloman, Joe, Mr & Mrs Birth a son born Jan 4, 1924 (page was on the 1899 microfilm) 1899-03-31-pg09
Hopkins, J. S. Death Slidell 1924-07-04-pg01
Hoyle, Archie Anniversary party 1924-07-11-pg06
Hoyle, Archie (new father) Birth a daughter 1924-04-18-pg10
Hoyle, Jane Elizabeth Birth daughter of Archi Hoyle 1924-04-18-pg10
Hudson, Ray Wedding Puckett, Alice 1924-11-07-pg08
Hughes, Guy (new fathe) Birth a son 1924-03-07-pg02
Hughes, Oma Wedding Baggett, Ida 1924-03-28-pg03
Hukill, A. J. Wedding Collins, Thelma 1924-06-27-pg06
Hulett, S. J., Mrs. Death Aunt Net Baites 1924-03-07-pg03
Hutchins, Ludy Wedding Hedick, Herbert 1924-06-13-pg03
Ireson, Lillina, Wedding James, J. E. 1924-02-29-pg06
James, Charles Story house fire investigation 1924-03-14-pg02
James, J. E. Wedding Ireson, Lillian 1924-02-29-pg06
Jameson, B. H. Wedding Myers, Alice 1924-11-21-pg05
Jameson, Ben Wedding Myers, Alice 1924-11-21-pg06
Jameson, Ottie Wedding Chesser, Bob 1924-03-28-pg03
Jamison, Ben Story birthday dinner 1924-12-19-pg07
Jennings, Emma Wedding Cline, E. C. 1924-06-27-pg06
Jessie, Ida Mae Wedding Abrams, J. C. 1924-06-27-pg06
Jeter, Mary Ann Elizabeth (Mrs.) Death age 66 1924-06-20-pg08
Jobe, J. D. Death 64 years old 1924-03-28-pg03
Johnston, Pearl Wedding Turner, G. C. 1924-06-27-pg06
Jones, A. R. Story deeds park land to City of Decatur 1924-07-04-pg01
Jones, Bruce Wedding Batdorff, Mrs. Lois 1924-11-14-pg02
Jones, D. I. Wedding Miller, Rowena 1924-08-29-pg06
Jordan, Frank E. Wedding Davis, Florence 1924-10-31-pg07
Jordan, Frank E. Wedding Davis, Florence Leona 1924-10-31-pg07
Judge, Mark Wedding Smith, Evie 1924-05-23-pg06
Keenum, Clifford Wedding Nixon, Emma 1924-12-05-pg04
Kelley, M. E., Mrs. Story first marriage license of 1924 1924-01-04-pg06
Kelley, M. E., Mrs. Wedding Cole, J. W. 1924-01-04-pg06
Kemp, T. R. Wedding Standley, Ora Lillian 1924-07-04-pg06
Kendall, George Death 77 years old, Blasora 1924-09-12-pg08
Kennedy, Minnie Viola Wedding Harwick, Charlie 1924-12-19-pg07
Kennedy, Tom Wedding Crawford, Dula Edna 1924-05-23-pg06
Kickapoo Indians Story 1863 1924-11-14-pg10
King, W. J. (father of deceased) Death 6 year old struck by car 1924-07-04-pg01
King, W. J. (new father) Birth a daughter 1924-08-29-pg08
Kirby, Oliver Story 5 day trial for murder of Bill Covington 1924-02-01-pg01
Kirby, Oliver Story acquitted of murder 1924-02-01-pg01
Kirkbride, Gertrude Wedding Beavers, J. A. 1924-11-21-pg06
Kirkwood, son of James Death 15 months old 1924-11-21-pg05
Kluck, Carl Story bitten by water moccasin, but was treated 1924-08-08-pg01
Knox, Gladys Wedding Perkins, A. M. 1924-06-13-pg03
Lackey, H. G., new father Birth a daughter 1924-03-14-pg02
Laird, Rubye Wedding Barkley, W. G. 1924-05-23-pg06
Laird, Tom, new father Birth a son 1924-04-11-pg02
Lampkin, Marcus Story fire destroyed house 1924-01-04-pg06
Lbodell, Harry Story 7th birthday party 1924-08-29-pg06
Leach, A. J., Rev. Death Rhome 1924-02-01-pg07
Leonard, C. C. "Squire" Death old settler in Aurora 1924-11-21-pg01
Lewallen, E. L. Wedding Miller, Lucy 1924-06-13-pg03
Lewis, Vallene Wedding Sanders, Dudley 1924-10-03-pg07
Light, C. Y. Death killed by street car in Fort Worth 1924-10-03-pg02
Lilla, A. Story convicted of simple assault 1924-02-01-pg01
Lillard, Jack H. Wedding announcement McAfee, Florene 1924-11-14-pg02
Lillard, Jack Huntoon Wedding McAfee, Florene 1924-12-05-pg04
Lillard, Jack Huntoon Wedding McAfee, Florene 1924-12-05-pg12
Lisenby, Horace Wedding Watly, Mary 1924-12-19-pg07
Long, Hayes Story convicted of burglary 1924-02-01-pg01
Long, Marvin Story convicted of burglary 1924-02-01-pg01
Long, Willie Jewel Wedding Herndon, J.A. 1924-05-23-pg06
Looper, Beatrice Wedding Evins, J. W. 1924-12-05-pg04
Lovejoy, W. L. Death crushed by a mining cave-in 1924-12-12-pg01
Lowder, Lee Wedding Murphy, Lena 1924-12-05-pg04
Lowrance, Margie Wedding Young, Ed 1924-05-16-pg08
Lucheck, Mary Wedding Woodruff, Joe 1924-10-31-pg02
Lucheck, Mary Wedding Woodruff, Joe 1924-10-31-pg07
Lundon, Jack (new father) Birth a daughter 1924-05-16-pg08
Lutes, Elmer Story convicted of liquor law 1924-02-01-pg01
Lyda, Letha Wedding Watson, N. S. 1924-09-19-pg02
Lynch, Jerd Death   1924-06-13-pg03
Mack Mask Dry Goods Story fire destroyed half the north side block of main street in Bridgeport 1924-11-14-pg01
Maddux, Mrs. H. B. Story shot and killed Anable Baker for  taking her husband 1924-09-12-pg05
Magers, Roy T. (new father) Birth a daughter 1924-05-30-pg08
Maiden, Charles Wedding Milhollen, Grace 1924-04-11-pg01
Man, B. A. Wedding Blankenship, Vallie 1924-06-13-pg03
Mann, Judie Wedding Pewitt, Bill 1924-10-31-pg07
Mann, Mrs. Harry Death Paradise 1924-08-08-pg03
Mann, W. J. Story early settlement experiences 1924-07-18-pg03
Mann, W. L. Death 73 years old 1924-03-21-pg07
March, Frank Wedding Thomas, Nell 1924-11-21-pg05
Markham Death Sunday School Teacher, Allison community 1924-08-08-pg08
Marsh, C. G. Story arrested for forgery and illegal possession of dope 1924-05-23-pg01
Martin, Ina Death Garvin cemetery 1924-04-18-pg09
Martin, Pearl Wedding Giles, Homer A. 1924-12-05-pg04
Martin, W. D. Wedding Parrish, Gladys 1924-07-18-pg01
Martineau, E. J. Wedding Burnett, Hazel 1924-08-22-pg06
Mary, Philips, Wedding Pruett, C. O. 1924-02-29-pg06
Massey, C. M. Wedding McDaniel, Rachel 1924-06-13-pg03
Matheson, Velma Wedding Faulkner, C. W. 1924-06-13-pg03
McAfee, Florene Wedding Lillard, Jack Huntoon 1924-12-05-pg04
McAfee, Florene Wedding Lillard, Jack Huntoon 1924-12-05-pg12
McAfee, Florene Wedding announcement Lillard, Jack H. 1924-11-14-pg02
McAfee, Florene Wedding shower almuninum and linen 1924-12-05-pg10
McCandles, Sam Story convicted of theft 1924-02-01-pg01
McCarter, E. T. (new father) Birth a dauther 1924-06-20-pg07
McClure, E. B. Story Charged with murder for killing a negro 1924-12-12-pg02
McClusky, Lewis (new father) Birth a daughter 1924-03-07-pg08
McCormick, J. W. Story Texas Ranger investigating burglaries 1924-04-25-pg01
McCracken, Blanche Wedding Elder, George T. 1924-08-22-pg06
McCracken, Jessie Wedding Walker, L. C. 1924-05-30-pg06
McCracken, Jessie Wedding Walker, L. C. 1924-06-13-pg03
McDaniel, Rachel Wedding Massey, C. M. 1924-06-13-pg03
McDonnell, H. C. Wedding Nichols, Blanche 1924-06-13-pg03
McFarlin, Zenobia Story birthday party 1924-12-05-pg10
McGee, Elbert  (new father) Birth a daughter 1924-03-07-pg08
McGlasson, Horace Wedding Fowler, Lola Bell 1924-08-01-pg06
McKibben, Pat Story bitten by water moccasin, but was treated 1924-09-05-pg08
Mckinney, Gladys Wedding Bourland, T. B. 1924-05-23-pg06
McMillan, T. J. Story convicted of liquor law 1924-02-01-pg01
Melton, Charlie Wedding St. Clair, Velma 1924-03-07-pg07
Melton, Lawrence Wedding Bledsoe, Fannie 1924-11-14-pg02
Melugin, S. H. Story murder victim of Earnest Andrews 1924-05-09-pg02
Milhollen, Grace Wedding Maiden, Charles 1924-04-11-pg01
Miller, Charles M. (new father) Birth a son 1924-10-10-pg02
Miller, Lucy Wedding Lewallen, E. L. 1924-06-13-pg03
Miller, Rowena Wedding Jones, d. I. 1924-08-29-pg06
Milligan, Ellis Story birthday supper, 61 years old 1924-05-16-pg08
Milton, Pearl Death 15 years old 1924-04-04-pg02
Minor, Will Story guilty of manufacture of liquor 1924-06-20-pg01
Mize, C. M. Wedding Stark, Evelyn 1924-09-12-pg08
Montgomery, Flossie Picture graduation honors 1924-07-04-pg01
Mooney, E. O. Wedding Counts, Ozella 1924-09-19-pg02
Mooney, Edward Wedding Counts, Ozella 1924-09-19-pg02
Moore, Elvin Wedding Urquhart, Bessie 1924-02-29-pg07
Moore, J. A. Story announcement for reelection as District Clerk 1924-03-14-pg07
Moore, Mary, Mrs. Death sister of W. P. Roberts 1924-04-25-pg02
Moore, Mertle Mae Wedding Griffith, C. C. 1924-09-19-pg02
Moore, Mertle Mae Wedding Griffith, C. C. 1924-09-26-pg07
Moore, R. E. Wedding Urquhart, Bessie 1924-02-29-pg06
Moore, Rena Wedding Harbour, Dave O. Jr. 1924-06-27-pg06
Moore, Reuben Death drowned in Kidd Springs 1924-07-18-pg01
Moore, Reuben Death Memoriam 1924-07-25-pg06
Moore, Reuben Death   1924-07-25-pg06
Morris, Gordan Wedding Brown, Lola 1924-11-21-pg05
Motes, Carrol (new father) Birth a son 1924-09-26-pg06
Moyer, Mr. Story Injured by transportation car 1924-12-05-pg12
Mulkey, William (new father) Birth new daughter 1924-08-08-pg08
Munn, Alta Mae Wedding Ward, Bhyan 1924-12-19-pg07
Murphy, Lena Wedding Lowder, Lee 1924-12-05-pg04
Murrell, Robert Edwards Story apppointment to West Poin 1924-02-22-pg07
Myers, Alice Wedding Jameson, B. H. 1924-11-21-pg05
Myers, Alice Wedding Jameson, Ben 1924-11-21-pg06
Nash, Charles P. Death snake bite 1924-07-25-pg01
Nash, Dewey Wedding Splawn, Gladys 1924-06-13-pg03
Nash, Dewey Wedding Splawn, Gladys 1924-06-13-pg06
Neal, Ruby Wedding Franks, Roy 1924-11-21-pg05
Nees, A. B. Wedding Stockard, Quilla Fay 1924-03-28-pg03
Neighbors, J. E. Wedding Caldwell, Gertrude 1924-10-31-pg07
New, Curren Wedding Askey, Ada 1924-05-23-pg06
New, John Curren Wedding Askey, Ada 1924-05-23-pg06
New, T. G. Story 69 years birthday celebration 1924-09-12-pg06
Newton, Alfred  (new father) Birth a daughter, Lone Star 1924-02-01-pg06
Nichols, Arthur Picture blind vendor at State Capitol 1924-03-07-pg11
Nichols, Blanche Wedding McDonnell, H. C. 1924-06-13-pg03
Nichols, Roy Story arrested for forgery 1924-12-05-pg01
Nixon, Emma Wedding Keenum, Clifford 1924-12-05-pg04
Nobles, Mattie Death wife of Josh Nobles 1924-04-18-pg09
Nobles, Sage Story pair of pants stolen, then returned 1924-10-03-pg01
Noel, Sam Story arrested for assulting his wife with a knife in the cotton fiels 1924-10-24-pg01
Norris, J. Frank, Rev. Picture to speak at Reunion 1924-08-01-pg06
Norris, J. Frank, Rev. Wedding Officiated wedding 1924-01-04-pg06
Norsworthy, Faye Wedding Rogers, J. C. 1924-05-23-pg06
Norsworthy, Johnie Fay Wedding Rogers, J. C. 1924-05-23-pg06
Norsworthy, Volus Wedding Taylor, Thelma 1924-07-25-pg06
Oates, Mrs. Lillie (Scott) Wedding Shomemaker, B. M. 1924-11-14-pg02
Owen, Walter Wedding Davis, Mrs. Pearl 1924-05-30-pg06
Ozier, L. W. (new father) Birth a son 1924-05-23-pg03
Parrish, E. L. Wedding Stephens, Alma 1924-07-04-pg06
Parrish, Gladys Wedding Martin, W. D. 1924-07-18-pg01
Payne, Ruth Wedding Gray, George, Jr. 1924-01-04-pg06
Pearce, Hanna M. Death Aunt of Miss Delight Shafer 1924-03-07-pg07
Penick, Lee Wedding Brown,Bernice 1924-03-28-pg03
Penington, Merle Wedding Dunn, Audry 1924-01-04-pg06
Perkins, A. M. Wedding Knox, Gladys 1924-06-13-pg03
Perkins, C. T. Wedding Stepp, Sadie 1924-12-05-pg04
Perry, Charley Story charged with burglary 1924-04-25-pg01
Perry, Charley Story sentenced for robbery 1924-06-20-pg01
Petty, Judson Picture graduation honors 1924-07-04-pg01
Petty, Tull F. Story Candidate for commissioner, Boyd 1924-02-08-pg05
Pewitt, Bill Wedding Mann, Judie 1924-10-31-pg07
Phillips, G. W. Story Announces for public weigher, prec. 1 1924-02-22-pg03
Phillips, Mary Wedding Turner, L. T. 1924-05-23-pg06
Phillips, Roland, new father Birth a daughter 1924-01-04-pg03
Pinkerton, A. J. Wedding Bazzley, Gracie 1924-11-21-pg05
Pledger, J. E. Wedding Hampton, Annie 1924-06-27-pg06
Pledger, J. E. Wedding Hampton, Annie 1924-07-04-pg06
Potter, Joseph Wedding Beard, Georgie 1924-06-20-pg08
Powers, D. L. Death appendicitis 1924-06-20-pg08
Price, Cormar R. Wedding Bardner, Mary 1924-07-18-pg01
Price, Effie A., Mrs. Picture   1924-02-08-pg05
Price, Effie A., Mrs. Story Announced will run for re-election of county superindendent 1924-02-08-pg05
Proctor, Ayleen Maude Wedding Wilcox, Harry Earle 1924-06-27-pg07
Pruett, C.O. Wedding Philips, Mary 1924-02-29-pg06
Puckett, Alice Wedding Hudson, Ray 1924-11-07-pg08
Randolph, F. B. Wedding Bullard, Bessie 1924-07-18-pg01
Randolph, Florence Wedding Crites, John 1924-12-05-pg04
Raney, Ione Wedding Whitaker, J. N. 1924-12-05-pg04
Read, Clarence Wedding Arnold, Nora 1924-07-04-pg06
Read, Lorena Wedding Hall, W. H. 1924-10-31-pg07
Red Willow School Story 3 school districts combined, n/w area of county 1924-05-09-pg01
Reeves, Ina Story birthday party 1924-12-12-pg02
Renshaw, John (new father) Birth a daguther, Martha Belle 1924-04-04-pg02
Rich, "Cowboy" Story Run over by a car 1924-12-05-pg01
Richardson, Bennie Joe Death 3 years old, car wreck, son of D. L. Richardson 1924-11-21-pg05
Roberson, Grace Wedding Hilburn, S. H. 1924-11-21-pg05
Roberts, A. W. Wedding Applang, Lizzie 1924-06-27-pg06
Roberts, N. R. (new father) Birth a daughter, Nimmie Esterlie 1924-04-04-pg03
Roberts, Tom (new father) Birth a daughter 1924-06-27-pg08
Robinson, Roy Z. Wedding Hall, Maggie 1924-07-04-pg06
Rogers, A. D. Picture candidate for state senator 1924-08-01-pg04
Rogers, J. C. Wedding Norsworthy, Faye 1924-05-23-pg06
Rogers, J. C. Wedding Norsworthy, Johnie Fay 1924-05-23-pg06
Rogers, T. G., Dr. Story moves office to Rice building on the square 1924-01-04-pg04
Rontin, Florence Wedding engagement Dow, Nelson Paxton 1924-07-11-pg02
Rucker, E. R. Wedding Stine, Margaret Constance 1924-09-19-pg02
Russell, Glen Death Breckenridge 1924-05-30-pg01
Sailing, Ernest Wedding Watts, Myrtle Annie 1924-02-29-pg06
Sanders, Dudley Wedding Lewis, Vallene 1924-10-03-pg07
Sanders, Esther Wedding Workman, C. N., Dr. 1924-08-01-pg06
Sanders, Will (new father) Birth a daughter 1924-06-27-pg08
Schnelle, Walter G. Wedding Hodge, Lenora 1924-12-05-pg04
Schoultz, Tom Story convicted of disposing of mortgaged property 1924-12-12-pg01
Seagraves, Nixie Wedding Denison, V. C. 1924-05-30-pg06
Sensibaugh Meat Market Story fire destroyed half the north side block of main street in Bridgeport 1924-11-14-pg01
Shelton, R. H. Wedding Wray, Ethel 1924-12-05-pg04
Shinn, D. A. Story blind broom maker 1924-11-07-pg05
Shirley, Loretta Wedding Carlton, W. E. 1924-11-21-pg05
Shirley, Loretta Wedding Carlton, W. E. 1924-11-21-pg06
Shoemaker, B. M. Wedding Oates, Mrs. Lillie (Scott) 1924-11-14-pg02
Shook, A. B. Story Arrested for robbery, alias A. B. Cole 1924-10-10-pg01
Short, Mrs. George W. Death Wise County resident since 1889 1924-10-24-pg05
Simpson, Marvin Story captured a bail jumper 1924-05-30-pg01
Slaton, A. M. Story convicted of liquor law 1924-02-01-pg01
Slimp, John Death brother of L.C. Slimp, died in California 1924-04-18-pg09
Slipp, William F. Wedding Teaugue, Lena Mae 1924-06-13-pg03
Small, Bessie Mae Wedding announcement Thomas, Arthur E. 1924-07-11-pg02
Smires farm Story 17 arrested for dice and cards 1924-09-12-pg01
Smith, Aaron Story convicted of liquor law 1924-02-01-pg01
Smith, Ernest Wedding Terrell, Virginia 1924-12-05-pg04
Smith, Estill Story charged with burglary 1924-04-25-pg01
Smith, Estill Story sentenced for robbery 1924-06-20-pg01
Smith, Evie Wedding Judge, Mark 1924-05-23-pg06
Smith, J. M. Death Jacksboro 1924-11-21-pg05
Smith, Jake Picture graduation honors 1924-07-04-pg01
Smith, Lela Mae Wedding Bean, Johnnie 1924-06-27-pg06
Smith, Loyce Story charged with burglary 1924-04-25-pg01
Smith, Mary Wedding Farrington, Virgil 1924-09-12-pg08
Snow, L. H. Wedding Foster, Ida Belle 1924-06-27-pg06
Snow, Maris Wedding Day, Billie 1924-05-16-pg08
Sparks, George B. Wedding Williams, Jewell Jeanette 1924-06-13-pg03
Spencer, Horace Birth a son 1924-04-25-pg02
Splawn, Gladys Wedding Nash, Dewey 1924-06-13-pg03
Splawn, Gladys Wedding Nash, Dewey 1924-06-13-pg06
Splawn, Gladys Wedding Shower   1924-06-13-pg06
Splawn, Walter Picture New president of State University 1924-07-11-pg01
Splawn, Walter Picture Railroad Commissioner 1924-02-29-pg08
Splawn, Walter Picture Railroad Commissioner 1924-04-18-pg07
St. Clair, Christine Wedding Caswell, Raymond 1924-10-24-pg02
St. Clair, Velma Wedding Melton, Charlie 1924-03-07-pg07
Stark, Evelyn Wedding Mize, C. M. 1924-09-12-pg08
Steel, Buford Wedding Bass, Martha 1924-12-19-pg07
Steel, Raymond Wedding Wiley, Beulah 1924-12-19-pg07
Steele vs. Rock Island Story damages awarded 1924-12-05-pg07
Stephens, Alma Wedding Parrish, E. L. 1924-07-04-pg06
Stephens, John H. Death 77 years old, Congressman 1924-11-21-pg01
Stepp, Juanita Ruth Story birthday party, 7 years old 1924-06-13-pg06
Stepp, Sadie Wedding Perkins, C. T. 1924-12-05-pg04
Stevens, Earl Wedding Davis, Winnie 1924-04-18-pg09
Stine, Margaret Constance Wedding Rucker, E. R. 1924-09-19-pg02
Stinson, Elsie May Wedding Hodkins, W. A. 1924-09-19-pg02
Stockard, Quilla Fay Wedding Nees, A. B. 1924-03-28-pg03
Stokes, William J., Mrs. Death 76 years old, ne Elizabeth Condray, pioneer 1924-04-04-pg07
Sutton, J. W. Wedding Chum, Maggie 1924-06-13-pg03
Tate, Azzie Lee Story U.S. Marine in the Orient 1924-10-17-pg05
Taylor, A. J. Death burns from gas tank explosion 1924-08-29-pg01
Taylor, A. J. Death   1924-08-29-pg06
Taylor, Frank Wedding Walker, Pauline 1924-03-28-pg03
Taylor, Thelma Wedding Norsworthy, Volus 1924-07-25-pg06
Teaugue, Lena Mae Wedding Slipp, William F. 1924-06-13-pg03
Terbet, Robert Wedding Young, Corine 1924-09-19-pg02
Terrell, Alton Wedding Flutcher, Oleta 1924-12-19-pg07
Terrell, Lindsey Wedding Early, Vandie 1924-12-05-pg04
Terrell, Sam Houston Story accounced candidacy Comptroller of Public Accounts 1924-03-14-pg08
Terrell, Virginia Wedding Smith, Ernest 1924-12-05-pg04
Terry, John Story of Rhome, found guilty of 9 charges of selling liquor 1924-06-20-pg01
Terry, Luther Story motion for new trial denied for selling whiskey 1924-02-29-pg01
Terry, Luther Story property raided for illegal still 1924-12-12-pg01
Texas Capitol Picture new buidling 1924-05-09-pg10
Thomas, Arthur E. Wedding announcement Small, Bessie Mae 1924-07-11-pg02
Thomas, Grandpa Death Father of Mack Thomas 1924-12-05-pg04
Thomas, Nell Wedding March, Frank 1924-11-21-pg05
Thurmond, Forrest Wedding Atcheson, Millie 1924-09-12-pg06
Tugwell, W. G. Death 85 years old, Confederal soldier 1924-09-05-pg02
Turner, G. C. Wedding Johnston, Pearl 1924-06-27-pg06
Turner, L. T. Wedding Phillips. Mary 1924-05-23-pg06
Twins, from Decatur Picture no names, from Decatur 1924-02-01-pg01
Twins, from Decatur Story Texas Woman's College boases of of only pair of identical twins 1924-02-01-pg01
Tyson, Harlan Story burned from falling into a pot of boiling water 1924-08-01-pg07
Urquhart, Bessie Wedding Moore, Elvin 1924-02-29-pg07
Urquhart, Bessie Wedding Moore, R. E. 1924-02-29-pg06
Van, Arthur Death oil derrick collapse 1924-08-22-pg01
Vandiver, Mrs. Death 65 years old, pioneer in Boyd 1924-04-04-pg02
Vaughn, Grace Wedding Earle, Fred 1924-11-21-pg05
Vaughn, Grace Wedding Earle, Fred 1924-11-21-pg06
Viard, Sloan Wedding Foxall, Vivienne 1924-08-22-pg06
Wade, J. D. Story captured and will serve sentence for violation of liquor laws 1924-03-28-pg01
Walker, Ferald Wedding W. D. 1924-12-19-pg07
Walker, Ferrold Wedding Hillis, W. D. 1924-12-19-pg01
Walker, L. C. Wedding McCracken, Jessie 1924-05-30-pg06
Walker, L. C. Wedding McCracken, Jessie 1924-06-13-pg03
Walker, Pauline Wedding Taylor, Frank 1924-03-28-pg03
Wall, Lavonia Death 5 years old, daughter of Woody Wall 1924-05-09-pg05
Wallace, W. H., Rev. Picture Methodist evangelist 1924-07-04-pg02
Ward, Bhyan Wedding Munn, Alta Mae 1924-12-19-pg07
Ward, J. L., Dr. Picture President of DBC 1924-04-18-pg05
Wariner, Sarah, Mrs. Death wife of late I.R. Wariner, Alvord 1924-02-01-pg06
Warren, Lewis Story arrested for obtaining money under false pretenses 1924-02-01-pg01
Washburn, L. A. Wedding Gilmore, Mary Kate 1924-12-19-pg07
Watly, Mary Wedding Lisenby, Horace 1924-12-19-pg07
Watson, C. H. Wedding Dickenson, Edna 1924-07-04-pg06
Watson, N. S. Wedding Lyda, Letha 1924-09-19-pg02
Watts, M. A. Wedding Evans, Clara 1924-12-05-pg04
Watts, Myrtle Annie Wedding Sailing, Ernest 1924-02-29-pg06
West, Wash Story convicted of burglary ; theft over fifty dollars 1924-02-01-pg01
Whitaker, J. N. Wedding Raney, Ione 1924-12-05-pg04
White, A. Story convicted of burglary 1924-02-01-pg01
White, Dee (new father) Birth a son 1924-09-12-pg08
Wiley, Beulah Wedding Steel, Raymond 1924-12-19-pg07
Williams, Jewell Jeannette Wedding Sparks, George B. 1924-06-13-pg03
Womack, J. F., Mrs. Story Womack reunion on 6th birthday 1924-05-16-pg01
Woodruff, Joe Wedding Lucheck, Mary 1924-10-31-pg02
Woodruff, Joe Wedding Lucheck, Mary 1924-10-31-pg07
Woody, Quint Story barn and contents destroyed by fire 1924-04-18-pg10
Woody, Sam Story Traditional fest 1924-03-07-pg01
Wooldridge, James Story letter to parents from naval ship 1924-03-28-pg06
Workman, Annie Wedding Ash, Paul 1924-09-19-pg02
Workman, Annie Wedding Ash, Paul 1924-09-19-pg02
Workman, Annie Wedding shower   1924-09-12-pg06
Workman, C. N., Dr. Wedding Sanders, Esther 1924-08-01-pg06
Workman, Robert R. (new father) Birth a son 1924-03-21-pg07
Wray, Ethel Wedding Shelton, R. H. 1924-12-05-pg04
Wren, James A. Death 67 years old, pioneer settler 1924-04-04-pg01
Wren, Joe (new father) Birth a son 1924-08-29-pg08
Wright, Earl F. (new father) Birth a son, Dec. 16 1924-12-19-pg06
Wright, John Wedding Barton, Lizbie 1924-02-29-pg06
Young, Corine Wedding Terbet, Robert 1924-09-19-pg02
Young, E. C. (new father) Birth a daugther 1924-04-18-pg10
Young, Ed Wedding Lowrance, Margie 1924-05-16-pg08
Young, Frank Morris Story U.S. Marine guard serving on battleship "California" 1924-10-31-pg01