Index of 1923 Wise County Texas Newspaper
(Wise County Messenger 'WCM')

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Aug 21, 2015

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Last Name, First Name Type of Article Notes (Optional) Image (Page)
Abernathy, Ira, new father Birth a son 1923-06-01-pg02
Abraham, Joe Wedding Garsia, Rafiala 1923-03-02-pg03
Abraham, Joe Wedding Garcia, Fafeala 1923-03-09-pg07
Adcock, Kathryn Wedding Douglas, Rea C. 1923-02-16-pg02
Albritton, Annie Wedding Bridges, W. B. 1923-12-21-pg02
Alexander, Olen Wedding Rone, Leona 1923-10-26-pg06
Alexander, Ollie Maud Death 21 years old, typhoid 1923-08-31-pg02
Alexander, W. F., new father Birth a son 1923-12-07-pg03
Allen, A. J., Mrs. Death age 71 1923-05-25-pg05
Allen, Jack, Jr. Wedding Stobaugh, Mae 1923-02-23-pg02
Allred, F. H., new father Birth new son 1923-04-13-pg03
Allred, Goldie Fay Death cellar cave in 1923-06-15-pg01
Almonroad, Roy, new father Birth a son 1923-03-23-pg03
Ammons, Effie Wedding Taylor, O. L. 1923-11-30-pg02
Ammons, Effie Divorce Ammons, Virgil 1923-11-30-pg07
Ammons, Virgil Divorce Ammons, Effie 1923-11-30-pg07
Anderson, C. D. Divorce Anderson, Cynthia 1923-11-30-pg07
Anderson, Cynthia Divorce Anderson, C. D. 1923-11-30-pg07
Anderson, George Wedding Short, Martha Olivia 1923-02-09-pg05
Arrington, V. T., new father Birth a son 1923-06-22-pg03
Arrington, W. C., Mrs. (nee Mitchell) Death Boyd 1923-03-30-pg02
Arthur, J. F. Death age 66 of Newark, buried in Kentucky 1923-05-18-pg08
Ashlock, John M. (Josh) Death age 75 1923-03-30-pg05
Ashlock, Josh Death Wizard Wells 1923-03-23-pg03
Atkins, Earl Wedding Moser, Jewell 1923-03-09-pg07
Avalos, Ascenscion Divorce Avalos, Celso 1923-11-30-pg07
Avalos, Celso Divorce Avalos, Ascenscion 1923-11-30-pg07
Ayers Death crushed in car accident 1923-11-30-pg01
Babb, A. B. Wedding Dowdy, Nettie 1923-12-14-pg10
Bailey, J. C. Wedding Gilley, Juline 1923-11-23-pg02
Bailey, Leta Wedding Kaker, Clarence 1923-02-23-pg02
Baker, Cowboy Story best bronc rider 1923-08-17-pg01
Baker, J. C. Wedding Whitley, Blanche 1923-08-03-pg03
Baker, J. F., Ref Death Lubbock 1923-11-02-pg08
Baker, Jack, Mrs. Death age 30 1923-06-29-pg06
Baker, W. H., Rev. Story new pastor at Decatur 1923-10-26-pg01
Baker, W. H., Rev. Picture new pastor at Decatur 1923-11-02-pg05
Barksdale, Earl Story Honorable discharge from Navy 1923-03-30-pg05
Barnes, Mamye wedding Read, J. L. 1923-01-05-pg06
Barnhill, M. A. , Mrs. Death age 66 1923-04-06-pg02
Barton, John Death 74 years old 1923-11-02-pg08
Bass, E. W., Mrs. Story Queen Eighter from Decatur 1923-04-06-pg01
Bassett, Wallace, Dr. Wedding conducted ceremony 1923-03-23-pg06
Batdorff, William Carey Death   1923-02-09-pg01
Batdorff, William Carey Death obituary 1923-02-09-pg07
Batdorff, William M. Death Greenwood 1923-02-16-pg01
Batdorff, William M. Death obituary 1923-02-16-pg07
Batt, T. E. Wedding Carroll, Helen 1923-12-21-pg02
Baxter, Della Wedding McCracken, Earl 1923-09-07-pg02
Beasley, Ben, new father Birth a son 1923-06-15-pg02
Belancia, Pete Story arrested, chicken theft 1923-04-20-pg01
Belew, Mamie Wedding Messenger, Frank 1923-05-11-pg03
Belknap, Nettie Mrs. Story theft 1923-01-12-pg02
Bell, J. F., Mrs. Death   1923-04-20-pg01
Bellah, Jim Death in Florida 1923-12-14-pg11
Bennett, A. C., Jr. Death 21 years old, ptomaine poisoning 1923-06-29-pg01
Besse, J. E. Wedding Pleaster, Blaylock 1923-03-23-pg05
Billington, Louis wedding Johnson, Jewell 1923-01-12-pg03
Billington, Louis, new father Birth a daughter 1923-12-14-pg11
Blackburn, Eules, new father Birth a daughter 1923-11-09-pg02
Blackburn, Leola Wedding Raney, Will 1923-04-06-pg02
Blackburn, Louella Wedding Rainey, W. E. 1923-04-06-pg03
Blankenship, V. N. Wedding Phillips, Cora 1923-11-09-pg02
Blaylock, Pleaster Wedding Besse, J.E. 1923-03-23-pg05
Blewett, G. S. Story retirement as Tax Collector 1923-01-12-pg02
Blythe, C. M. Wedding Bounds, Eva 1923-10-19-pg03
Bobo, Bess wedding Ellis, Dewey 1923-01-05-pg06
Bosque, Cora Death died in Fort Worth 1923-07-27-pg05
Bounds, Eva Wedding Blythe, C. M. 1923-10-19-pg03
Bowman, Brite Wedding Spencer, Minnie 1923-02-09-pg05
Boyd, Brooks, a minor Story guardianship 1923-02-16-pg08
Boyd, Clarence, new father Birth a daughter 1923-09-21-pg08
Boyd, G. F., Rev. Wedding conducted ceremoney 1923-02-23-pg03
Boyd, J. L. Wedding Redwine, Ina 1923-03-02-pg03
Boyd, James A. Divorce Boyd, Louella 1923-12-21-pg02
Boyd, Louella Divorce Boyd, James A. 1923-12-21-pg02
Boydston, Dessie Wedding Caraway, Jim 1923-02-16-pg06
Brandenburg, Jospehine Wedding Hughes, Guy R. 1923-03-30-pg02
Brandt, A. E. Wedding Largent, Tommie 1923-10-26-pg02
Brasher, Maudie Wedding Veach, L. B. 1923-12-21-pg02
Brewer, I. M., new father Birth a son 1923-06-22-pg03
Bridgeport Coal Company Story safe blown up by burglers 1923-01-12-pg03
Bridgeport Coal Company Story safe blown up by burglers-arrested 1923-01-26-pg01
Bridges, W. B. Wedding Albritton, Annie 1923-12-21-pg02
Briley, Ruth Wedding Mount, G. M. 1923-06-29-pg01
Briley, Ruth Wedding Mount, Glen 1923-07-06-pg07
Brock, Ada Wedding Harris, Correll 1923-06-29-pg05
Brock, S. M. Death 69 years old, fell down an elevator shaft 1923-08-31-pg03
Brown, E. L., new father Birth a daughter Chico 1923-08-03-pg03
Brown, Fordson Story arrested 1923-03-23-pg01
Brown, W. P. Story celebrated 87th birthday 1923-11-23-pg05
Brumley, J.G., Mrs. wedding Rankin, Alfred 1923-01-05-pg07
Burch, Jacobina Story UT student 1923-10-19-pg01
Burchard, Austin wedding Yarbrough, Ruby 1923-01-05-pg03
Burchard, Carl wedding Crunk, Nettie 1923-01-05-pg03
Burnett, Tom Story Paradise business lost to fire 1923-04-06-pg01
Burnett, Tom Story shot to death Tom and Arthur Steele 1923-07-13-pg01
Burnett, Tom Story indicted for muder 1923-07-20-pg01
Burnett, Tom Story murder trial begins 1923-08-03-pg01
Burnett, Tom Story murder trial continues 1923-08-03-pg05
Burnett, Tom Story Acquitted of murder 1923-08-10-pg01
Burnett, Tom, Mrs. Story Poisoned 1923-04-20-pg01
Burris, Velean Death 5 yrs old 1923-07-06-pg07
Burton, C. A., new father Birth a son 1923-03-16-pg03
Burton, C.A., infant son Death   1923-03-23-pg03
Burton, Edgar wedding Moser, Violet 1923-01-12-pg06
Burton, William Fort, Rev. Death Slidell 1923-02-02-pg07
Byrd, Sherman Wedding Deathloff, Bertha 1923-12-14-pg10
Byrom, Floyd, new father Birth a son 1923-12-14-pg14
Caldwell, Dan, Mrs. Death   1923-02-09-pg02
Caldwell, Kenneth Story struck by lightening 1923-07-06-pg07
Campbell, Thadeus Wedding Lawrence, Viola 1923-06-08-pg05
Caraway, E. R. Wedding Williams, Lorado 1923-10-26-pg02
Caraway, Ed Wedding Williams, Lorado 1923-11-02-pg08
Caraway, Floye Wedding Vaughan, Willie 1923-11-16-pg05
Caraway, Jim Wedding Boydston, Dessie 1923-02-16-pg06
Caraway, Sam Death age 76 1923-08-03-pg01
Caraway, Wiley Birth a son 1923-08-31-pg04
Card, Maurie E. Wedding Walcott, Josephine 1923-02-09-pg08
Carney, W. R. Wedding Funches, Ruby 1923-10-19-pg03
Carpenter, Bill Story bumper hay crop Rhome 1923-08-03-pg01
Carpenter, Velma wedding Davenport, Arnold 1923-01-05-pg03
Carr, L. B. Wedding Riley, Maud 1923-08-10-pg07
Carr, W. P., new father Birth a son 1923-06-01-pg02
Carroll, Helen Divorce Carroll, J. H. 1923-12-21-pg02
Carroll, Helen Wedding Batt, T. E. 1923-12-21-pg02
Carroll, J. H. Divorce Carroll, Helen 1923-12-21-pg02
Carson, Joe Wedding Lamber, Ila Me 1923-07-13-pg07
Carter, F. P. Wedding Phillips, Almerine 1923-11-16-pg05
Carter, George H. Wedding Sparkman, Ruth 1923-03-23-pg05
Cartwright, Oma, new father Birth new son, Feb. 7 1923-02-09-pg03
Casburn, W. M. Wedding Morgan, Jewell 1923-08-10-pg05
Casey, Ray Wedding Golden, Lurline 1923-12-14-pg14
Cassity, Ilma Wedding Finney, Ben M. 1923-12-21-pg02
Cates, Bill Wedding Hughes, Mamie 1923-06-08-pg05
Cates, Charles C. Death   1923-07-20-pg01
Cearley, E. A. Wedding Flanery, Eunice 1923-03-02-pg03
Cearley, May Wedding Shelton, Carson 1923-11-30-pg02
Chadick, H. C. Wedding Easley, Lena 1923-07-20-pg-12
Chambers, Caroline Story new home demonstration agent 1923-12-14-pg07
Chapman, W. A. Wedding Lynch, Gertrude 1923-05-18-pg02
Chappel, Nora Wedding Moore, J. H. 1923-10-19-pg03
Chappel, Nora Wedding Moore, J. H. 1923-10-19-pg07
Cheeves, J. W. Wedding Stewart, Jewell 1923-07-06-pg07
Chesser, J.J., Mrs. Death   1923-02-23-pg02
Cheves, L. V. Wedding Stewart, Jewell 1923-06-29-pg01
Chilton, R. H. Wedding Dickey, Nell 1923-02-16-pg06
Christian, Charles wedding Simpson, Nancy Bell 1923-01-05-pg06
Churchwell, Arthur, new father Birth a daughter 1923-11-02-pg08
Clark, Florence Divorce Clark, J. R. 1923-12-21-pg02
Clark, G. H. Wedding Stutt, Trula 1923-10-26-pg02
Clark, G. H. Wedding Stutt, Trula 1923-11-02-pg08
Clark, J. R. Divorce Clark, Florence 1923-12-21-pg02
Clark, Woodrow Death child thrown from horse 1923-07-27-pg05
Clarke, Wilson Death   1923-01-19-pg03
Clements, Frank, new father Birth a son 1923-08-03-pg06
Clements, J. P. Divorce Clements, Mary 1923-11-30-pg07
Clements, Mary Divorce Clements, J. P. 1923-11-30-pg07
Cobb, S. S. Mrs. death   1923-01-12-pg02
Cobb, Twit Story old timer 1923-12-21-pg01
Coffee, Minnie Wedding Deatheridge, Roy 1923-09-07-pg07
Coffee, Roy C. Story Texas legislature 1923-07-27-pg01
Coffee, Roy C. Story new law firm 1923-08-17-pg01
Coffey, Wendall Wedding Gibbs, Myrtle 1923-12-21-pg12
Collins, Cecil, new father Birth a dauther 1923-11-09-pg02
Collins, Elizabeth Wedding Collins, J. S. 1923-10-26-pg02
Collins, George W., new father Birth a son 1923-11-16-pg06
Collins, J. S. Wedding Collins, Elizabeth 1923-10-26-pg02
Collins, N.S. B. Death Alvord 1923-03-23-pg06
Collins, Walter M. Wedding Hice, Katherin 1923-06-15-pg08
Concuella, Salas Wedding Gozales, Frank 1923-08-03-pg03
Cook, Florence (Sheppard) Death Alvord 1923-03-02-pg06
Cook, Stella Death Mother, Mrs. George Myers 1923-02-23-pg05
Cooper, Will Story court case 1923-02-09-pg01
Counts, Olivia Wedding Ratliffe, G. C. 1923-05-04-pg07
Covington, Bill Death killed by Olver Kirby 1923-12-14-pg01
Cowling, Frances Wedding Ermel, Rudolph H. 1923-04-20-pg02
Crowder, A. M., family Story 14 children 1923-06-01-pg05
Crowder, A. M., new father Birth a son 1923-05-25-pg06
Crownover, Ruth Wedding Taylor, Leo 1923-11-23-pg02
Crunk, Nettie wedding Burchard, Carl 1923-01-05-pg03
Dalyrimple, Major Story denouncing KKK 1923-08-17-pg01
Daniel, Norine Wedding Goodwin, Fred 1923-12-07-pg06
Daniel, W. J. Death Quanah-buried in Alvord 1923-02-02-pg03
Davenport, Arnold wedding Carpenter, Velma 1923-01-05-pg03
Davenport, Bo wedding Perrin, Trula 1923-01-05-pg06
Davidson, Lora C. Wedding Poore, Roy B. 1923-03-09-pg05
Davis, J. L. Death   1923-08-17-pg02
Dawson, W. G., new father Birth new daughter 1923-04-06-pg03
Day, Joe, new father Birth a son 1923-07-06-pg07
Day, John W., Rev. Wedding Conducted ceremony 1923-03-02-pg01
De Leon, Florencia Wedding Sora, Maximiano 1923-03-16-pg03
de Leon, Marine Wedding Perez, Dionico 1923-05-18-pg02
Dean, Allen Story arrested for arson and Army desertion 1923-09-07-pg01
Dean, Allen (Aver) Story charged with arson and murder 1923-09-21-pg01
Dean, Anver Story trial of arson 1923-12-21-pg01
Deatheridge, Roy Wedding Coffee, Minnie 1923-09-07-pg07
Deathloff, Bertha Wedding Byrd, Sherman 1923-12-14-pg10
Denney, Z. T. Death Chico 1923-02-16-pg08
Denny, Estell Wedding Faith, H. P. 1923-11-30-pg02
Dickenson, Bonner Death damage suit against Rock Island 1923-06-22-pg05
Dickenson, Ed A. Story awarded $7500 in damages in death of son, Bonner 1923-06-29-pg06
Dickey, Nell Wedding Chilton, R. H. 1923-02-16-pg06
Dillehay, Hub Story new milking machine 1923-12-21-pg02
Dillehay, R. H., new father Birth a son 1923-03-02-pg07
Dixon, George Story safe blown up by burglers-arrested 1923-01-26-pg01
Dixon, George Story   1923-02-09-pg05
Dixon, George Story Trial for burglary 1923-02-23-pg01
Dixon, George Story Prison term 1923-02-23-pg01
Dollar, Emory C., Mrs. Death Blewitt 1923-03-02-pg07
Dollar, Maydelle Wedding Hague, Hey 1923-11-30-pg02
Donald, Cliffard A. Story shot his wife 1923-08-31-pg01
Donald, Cliffard A. Death suicide 1923-08-31-pg01
Donald, Ruby Kate, Mrs. Death shot by husband 1923-08-31-pg01
Dones, Marcus Wedding Salas, Eliza 1923-03-23-pg05
Douglas, Rea C. Wedding Adcock, Kathryn 1923-02-16-pg02
Dowdy, Nettie Wedding Babb, A. B. 1923-12-14-pg10
Drain, A. B., new father Birth a son 1923-06-22-pg03
Drennon, Olin Wedding Kinsey, Florence 1923-11-16-pg05
Duncan, Ransom Wedding Hodges, Onie Lee 1923-03-02-pg03
Durrett, W. L., new father Birth new son 1923-04-27-pg02
Durrett, W. L., new father Death baby boy 1923-05-04-pg02
Dye, Zora wedding Wright, Arnold 1923-01-19-pg03
Easley, Lena Wedding Chadick, H. C. 1923-07-20-pg-12
Elder, Gladys Wedding Hartsell, I. J. 1923-11-09-pg02
Elders, Gladys Wedding Hartsell, I. J. 1923-11-09-pg08
Ellis, Dewey wedding Bobo, Bess 1923-01-05-pg06
Ellis, Dewey, new father Birth a daughter 1923-12-07-pg03
Encampment Story First annual 1923-07-20-pg-09
Epper, Redy Wedding King, Audry 1923-03-02-pg03
Ermel, Rudolph H. Wedding Cowling, Frances 1923-04-20-pg02
Erwin, son of Tom Death of Rhome, interred in Boyd 1923-01-19-pg02
Eskridge, Minnie, Mrs. Death   1923-12-07-pg01
Evans, Opal Wedding Medley, G. G. 1923-12-21-pg02
Evans, Silliman Wedding McCrea, Lucile 1923-11-23-pg05
Ewing, Artie, new father birth  a daughter 1923-08-31-pg02
Ewing, John Story Paradise business lost to fire 1923-04-06-pg01
Faith, Doris Wedding Hoyl, Archie 1923-07-06-pg07
Faith, Doris Wedding Hoyl, Archie 1923-07-13-pg07
Faith, H. P. Wedding Denny, Estell 1923-11-30-pg02
Faith, Sam, new father Birth a daughter 1923-12-21-pg07
Ferguson, H. C. Death   1923-01-12-pg03
Ferguson, Oscar Wedding Walker, Essie 1923-04-20-pg06
Finney, Ben M. Wedding Cassity, Ilma 1923-12-21-pg02
Fisher, Albert C., Mrs. Story Musical director for revival 1923-08-17-pg01
Fisher, Albert C., Rev. Picture revival evanlgelist 1923-08-17-pg01
Flanery, Eunice Wedding Cearley, E. A. 1923-03-02-pg03
Fletcher, Hazel Death nine years old 1923-03-23-pg03
Fletcher, Hazel Death Memoriam 1923-03-23-pg05
Fletcher, Hugh, new father Birth a son 1923-09-21-pg07
Floyd, Lola Wedding McGlothlin, G. A. 1923-06-29-pg01
Ford, Rebecca (Kinney) Death Decatur (Mrs. Frank J.) 1923-05-18-pg01
Forsyth, Ona Wedding Mash, J. E. 1923-05-18-pg02
Foster, Floyd Death age 21 1923-05-18-pg06
Fox, Ben J. Wedding Gose, Electra 1923-12-21-pg02
Frank, W. B. Wedding Sparkman, Bertie 1923-03-23-pg06
Frazier, Barney Death Paradise 1923-09-07-pg06
Freeman, Matt Death Alvord 1923-03-23-pg06
Frensley, Edwin L. Wedding Taylor, Judith 1923-08-31-pg05
Fugitt, Essie Wedding Werner, E. R. 1923-11-23-pg02
Funches, Ruby Wedding Carney, W. R. 1923-10-19-pg03
Furlow, Sebe Story Discharge from Army 1923-12-14-pg13
Gage, Elmer, new father Birth a son 1923-05-25-pg06
Gage, Merlin, new father Birth a daughter 1923-03-02-pg07
Ganaway, Walter Story Photographer 1923-09-21-pg01
Gannon, Russell Death Denison 1923-01-26-pg02
Garcia, Fafeala Wedding Abraham, Joe 1923-03-09-pg07
Gardner, Oscar, new father Birth twin girls 1923-06-01-pg02
Garrett, I. N. Death   1923-04-20-pg06
Garsia, Rafiala Wedding Abraham, Joe 1923-03-02-pg03
Gentry, Betty, Mrs. Death 61 years old, wife of T. J. 1923-10-19-pg02
Gettys, C. T., new father Birth a daughter 1923-09-07-pg02
Gettys, Plato L. Story new law firm 1923-08-17-pg01
Gibbs, Myrtle Wedding Coffey, Wendall 1923-12-21-pg12
Giles, A. C., new father Birth a daughter 1923-03-02-pg07
Giles, J. A. Story arrest 1923-01-12-pg02
Giles, J. A. Story guilty of taking money from bank 1923-06-29-pg01
Giles, J. A. Story case appealed to State Supreme Court 1923-07-06-pg01
Gilley, Juline Wedding Bailey, J. C. 1923-11-23-pg02
Godwin, Joc Wedding Ward, Jewell 1923-05-25-pg05
Golden, Lurline Wedding Casey, Ray 1923-12-14-pg14
Goodwin, Fred Wedding Daniel, Norine 1923-12-07-pg06
Goodwin, Joe S. Wedding Ward, Irma 1923-05-18-pg02
Gose Family Story reunion 1923-06-15-pg01
Gose, Electra Wedding Fox, Ben J. 1923-12-21-pg02
Gossett, Leona Wedding Hall, Charles H. 1923-03-09-pg05
Gould, N. G., Mrs Death age 78 1923-07-06-pg02
Gozales, Frank Wedding Salas, Concuella 1923-08-03-pg03
Green, A. J., new father Birth a son 1923-11-09-pg02
Green, Billy Death Sycamore 1923-02-09-pg03
Green, Frank, Infant Son Death   1923-02-16-pg07
Green, Lloyd Wedding Nash, Georgia 1923-09-21-pg02
Hague, Hey Wedding Dollar, Maydelle 1923-11-30-pg02
Hall, Babe Wedding Martin, Roma 1923-02-02-pg03
Hall, Charles H. Wedding Gossett, Leona 1923-03-09-pg05
Hall, Linis Parker Wedding Mount, Lorena Vashti 1923-05-11-pg05
Ham, Leona Death Alvord 1923-01-19-pg03
Hammond, Mary Bell Divorce Hammond, Robert 1923-12-21-pg02
Hammond, Robert Divorce Hammond, Mary Bell 1923-12-21-pg02
Handly, R. L. Death   1923-02-09-pg03
Handly, R. O. Death obituary 1923-02-16-pg07
Harding, Warren G. Death Citezens pay tribute 1923-08-10-pg01
Hardwick, Silliman (S.L.) wedding Taylor, Ulra 1923-01-19-pg01
Harkey, Jack Wedding Jones, Ida Ma 1923-08-10-pg05
Harlan, L. W., Mrs. Death age 61 1923-07-20-pg07
Harmonson, Sam J. Death buried in Justin 1923-11-23-pg05
Harmsonson, S. J. Death 30 years old,crushed by horse 1923-11-16-pg02
Harris, Correll Wedding Brock, Ada 1923-06-29-pg05
Hartsell, I. J. Wedding Elder, Gladys 1923-11-09-pg02
Hartsell, I. J. Wedding Elder, Gladys 1923-11-09-pg08
Hash, R. L. Wedding Rodgers, Alberta 1923-03-23-pg05
Hatchett, N. W. Death died in Clarendon 1923-07-06-pg07
Hawsley, H. A Wedding Messengale, Laura 1923-10-19-pg03
Hayes, Leonard Story arrested for stealing car 1923-08-17-pg01
Hayes, Myrtle Wedding Stephens, Coy 1923-12-21-pg02
Henderson, C.C., Judge Wedding performed first marriage ceremony 1923-10-19-pg07
Henderson, L. M., Rev. Wedding conducted ceremony 1923-02-23-pg02
Hendrick , May wedding Verner, James T. 1923-01-12-pg02
Hendricks, Birdie Wedding Smith, J. L. 1923-07-06-pg05
Henton, Gretchen Wedding Magness, J. D. 1923-11-30-pg02
Hice, Katherin Wedding Collins, Walter M. 1923-06-15-pg08
Hicks, Cora Wedding Look, John Barrington 1923-06-08-pg02
Hiett, Mandy Wedding Walls, Cleo 1923-06-01-pg08
Hill, Ernest Wedding Newark 1923-05-25-pg08
Hines, J. C., Rev. Story   1923-01-05-pg05
Hodges, Onie Lee Wedding Duncan, Ransom 1923-03-02-pg03
Holloway, Frank Death bullet-ridden body 1923-02-09-pg02
Holloway, Frank Story   1923-02-16-pg01
Holt, Armanda Wedding Wilson, C. T. 1923-11-30-pg02
Hopson, Bob Birth a daughter 1923-08-03-pg06
Horton, Marion, new father Birth new daughter 1923-04-06-pg03
House, Joe Wedding Jinks, Carry 1923-10-26-pg02
Howard, J. F. Wedding Stoneking, Lona 1923-11-23-pg02
Hoyl, Archie Wedding Faith, Doris 1923-07-06-pg07
Hoyl, Archie Wedding Faith, Doris 1923-07-13-pg07
Hudson, Bonnie Wedding McKay, J. W. 1923-07-27-pg08
Hudson, Bonnie Wedding McKay, J. W. 1923-08-10-pg05
Hudson, Cecil, new father Birth a son 1923-10-19-pg07
Hudson, J.O. Story house destroyed by fire 1923-08-31-pg05
Hughes, Guy R. Wedding Brandenburg, Josephine 1923-03-30-pg02
Hughes, Mamie Wedding Cates, Bill 1923-06-08-pg05
Hunt, John Death Clovis, New Mexico 1923-02-09-pg07
Hutchins, I. R., Mrs. Death Sunset 1923-04-20-pg02
Ingram, J. J., Dr. Story   1923-01-05-pg06
Irvin, Will Story home destroyed by fire 1923-07-20-pg-12
Ivans, F. E., Mrs. Death Decatur 1923-03-23-pg07
Jackson, George H. Death   1923-07-06-pg07
Jackson, T. M. Story court case 1923-02-09-pg01
Jarrett, W. S. Death in Fort Worth 1923-11-09-pg02
Jenkins, Lola Wedding Kirby, H. L. 1923-10-26-pg02
Jinks, Carry Wedding House, Joe 1923-10-26-pg02
Johnson, Charley Death Wizard Wells 1923-12-21-pg02
Johnson, Jewell wedding Billington, Louis 1923-01-12-pg03
Jones, Alta Wedding Lackey, H. Grady 1923-06-15-pg01
Jones, Dossie Wedding Lemme, F. C. 1923-11-30-pg02
Jones, Ida Mae Wedding Harkey, Jack 1923-08-10-pg05
Jones, J.A. Story first bale of cotton 1923 1923-08-10-pg02
Jones, Johnny Death in house fire by arson 1923-09-07-pg01
Judkins, Tina wedding Stack, E. T. 1923-01-19-pg03
Kaker, Clarence Wedding Bailey, Leta 1923-02-23-pg02
Keen, Annette Wedding Ward, Grady 1923-11-16-pg01
Kelley, Velma Wedding Livengood, Albert 1923-12-14-pg14
Kendall, John E. Death brother of Mrs. E. P. Gibson 1923-04-06-pg03
Kendall, John E. Death obituary 1923-04-06-pg04
Kendrick, John Story home struck by airplane 1923-11-16-pg01
Keown, Allan, new father Birth new son 1923-04-20-pg06
Key, Martha Ann Death Mrs. W. C. 1923-06-15-pg05
Kimball, H. D. Wedding Pitman, Mamie 1923-08-03-pg03
Kincannon, B. E. Death   1923-02-16-pg07
King, Audry Wedding Epper, Redy 1923-03-02-pg03
King, D. Wedding Perry, Ruby 1923-08-03-pg03
King, Fayette, father Death of child by diptheria 1923-06-22-pg06
King, Marvin Wedding Thompson, Zelma 1923-12-21-pg02
King, William A. (Uncle Billy) Death age 95, Sand Hill 1923-06-01-pg01
King, William A. (Uncle Billy) Death   1923-06-01-pg02
Kinsey, Florence Wedding Drennon, Olin 1923-11-16-pg05
Kinzey, A. J. Wedding Stidham, Opal 1923-12-21-pg02
Kirby, H. L. Wedding Jenkins, Lola 1923-10-26-pg02
Kirby, Oliver Story arrested for murder 1923-12-14-pg01
Kirkwood, Ellen, Mrs. Death 64 years old, wife Jim 1923-10-19-pg02
Kiser, Ella Wedding Steward, J. H. 1923-10-19-pg03
Kiser, Ella Wedding Stewart, J. H. 1923-10-19-pg07
Knox, Mary Wedding Rudd, Brownlee 1923-09-07-pg07
Knoy, Rev. wedding conducted ceremony 1923-01-05-pg06
Koeninger, Sidney Wedding Womack, Emma 1923-10-19-pg03
Koeninger, Sidney Wedding Womack, Emma 1923-10-26-pg05
Lackey, H. Grady Wedding Jones, Alta 1923-06-15-pg01
Lamb, Delia Divorce Lamb, Joseph 1923-11-30-pg07
Lamb, Delle Wedding Payne, J. D. 1923-11-30-pg02
Lamb, Joseph Divorce Lamb, Delia 1923-11-30-pg07
Lambert, Ila Mae Wedding Carson, Joe 1923-07-13-pg07
Lambert, Paschall H. Wedding Putman, Etta 1923-05-25-pg03
Lancaster, G. D. Death died during surgery 1923-11-09-pg03
Lanham, Fritz Story Congressman 1923-07-27-pg01
Largent, Tommie Wedding Brandt, A. E. 1923-10-26-pg02
Lawrence, Viola Wedding Campbell, Thadeus 1923-06-08-pg05
Layfield, E. C. Wedding Taylor, Lottie 1923-11-09-pg02
Leatherwood, W. M., Mrs. Death daughter, Mrs. Guinn Williams 1923-04-20-pg07
Ledford, Elsie Death Rhome News 1923-07-13-pg08
Lee, Gomer, new father Birth a daughter 1923-11-09-pg02
Lemma, August Death age 72, Paradise 1923-05-11-pg02
Lemme, F. C. Wedding Jones, Dossie 1923-11-30-pg02
Lenniem, August Death Paradise 1923-05-04-pg03
Lewis, Dewey Wedding Norton, Mattie Lee 1923-05-18-pg02
Lewis, Dewey Wedding Norton, Mattie Lee 1923-05-18-pg08
Lewis, Lora Wedding Padgett, Albert 1923-12-21-pg02
Liles, Walter Death age 24, pneumonia 1923-04-06-pg02
Liles, Willis, new father Birth a daughter 1923-04-20-pg06
Lively, Lois, new father Birth a daughter 1923-08-10-pg07
Livengood, Albert Wedding Kelley, Velma 1923-12-14-pg14
London, Julia Wedding Shannon, Elbert 1923-08-10-pg05
Long, Hayes Story arrested for burglary 1923-08-17-pg01
Long, Marvin Story arrested for burglary 1923-08-17-pg01
Long, O. E. Death   1923-02-09-pg06
Long, Oss E. death Houston 1923-02-23-pg06
Long, Tom, son of Death 8 year old son drowned 1923-05-11-pg05
Longmire, C. B., new father Birth new son 1923-05-04-pg02
Look, John Barrington Wedding Hicks, Cora 1923-06-08-pg02
Lovejoy, B. K. Divorce Lovejoy, Dollie 1923-12-21-pg02
Lovejoy, Dollie Divorce Lovejoy, B. K. 1923-12-21-pg02
Lowry, A. H. (Alex) Death Altus, OK, age 63 1923-03-30-pg05
Lunn, W. R. Death 71 years old 1923-12-07-pg01
Lynch, Gertrude Wedding Chapman, W. A. 1923-05-18-pg02
Magness, J. D. Wedding Henton, Gretchen 1923-11-30-pg02
Magness, Verona Wedding Mullins, Cleatus 1923-09-07-pg07
Mann, R. C., new father Birth a son 1923-07-27-pg02
Mann, Robert, new father Birth a son 1923-06-01-pg02
Maples, S. H. , Rev. Wedding conducted ceremony 1923-05-04-pg07
Mareno, Pete Story arrested 1923-05-18-pg05
Martin, Roma Wedding Hall, Babe 1923-02-02-pg03
Mash, J. E. Wedding Forsyth, Ona 1923-05-18-pg02
Mason, Grady Story Acquitted of murder 1923-11-30-pg05
Massey, John Story ex-confederate soldier under Gen. Lee 1923-08-31-pg02
Massey, John Story celebrated 81st birthday 1923-11-16-pg01
Matthews, Gus, Rev. Wedding conducted ceremony 1923-02-16-pg02
Matthews, Miles Wedding Paschall, Elizabeth 1923-04-06-pg01
Matthews, Miles Wedding Paschall, Elizabeth 1923-04-13-pg01
Mattox, Ed Death Notice of estate 1923-02-23-pg02
Maxwell, Lois Wedding Roach, Jeffries 1923-10-26-pg02
Mayfield, Thomas, new father Birth new daughter 1923-04-06-pg05
McAfee, Fern, new father Birth a son 1923-11-30-pg06
McCarty, G. B. Death 66 years old 1923-11-30-pg07
McCaskey, Mighty Wedding Parr, James 1923-10-26-pg01
McCaskey, Mighty Story wedding shower 1923-10-26-pg01
McCaskey, Mighty Wedding Parr, James A. 1923-10-26-pg02
McClendon, Virginia, Mrs. Death 74 years old 1923-09-07-pg07
McClure, Tom Story ex-Sherriff of Wise County 1923-01-05-pg04
McCracken, Earl Wedding Baxter, Della 1923-09-07-pg02
McCrea, Lucile Wedding Evans, Silliman 1923-11-23-pg05
McCurdy, Cal Story   1923-01-05-pg03
McCurdy, Pearl Wedding Phillips, Walter 1923-02-23-pg02
McEntire, J. D. Death   1923-03-30-pg01
McGlothlin, G. A. Wedding Floyd, Lola 1923-06-29-pg01
McGoodwin, Sid Wedding Teetle, Ethel 1923-06-22-pg08
McKay, J. W. Wedding Hudson, Bonnie 1923-07-27-pg08
McKay, J. W. Wedding Hudson, Bonnie 1923-08-10-pg05
McMillon (first name not legible) Death age 56, appendicitis (wife Sallie Mason 1923-05-25-pg05
McWhirter, Marvin Clarence Story estate of a minor 1923-02-02-pg03
Means, L. W. Death age 89, former Mayor of Decatur 1923-08-03-pg01
Medaries, Jewell wedding Reynolds, R. A 1923-01-05-pg06
Medley, G. G. Wedding Evans, Opal 1923-12-21-pg02
Messengale, Laura Wedding Hawlsey, H. A. 1923-10-19-pg03
Messenger, Frank Wedding Belew, Mamie 1923-05-11-pg03
Miles, Elizabeth Story   1923-09-07-pg01
Miles, W. H. Story home destroyed by arson 1923-09-07-pg01
Miller, A. B., Mrs. Death shot by son-in-law 1923-08-31-pg01
Miller, Nellie, Mrs. Death 39 years old, wife of Jess 1923-10-19-pg02
Miller, Will A., Capt. Death 81 years old 1923-08-31-pg05
Mitchum, Eunice Wedding Richmond, J. S. 1923-10-26-pg02
Mooney, H. M., new father Birth a son 1923-05-25-pg06
Moore, J. H. Wedding Chappel, Nora 1923-10-19-pg03
Moore, J. H. Wedding Chappel, Nora 1923-10-19-pg07
Morgan, Jewell Wedding Casburn, W. M 1923-08-10-pg05
Morgan, Pearl Wedding Perkins, A. L. 1923-11-23-pg02
Morris, R. L. Story attended Oklahoma Gov. inaugeration 1923-01-19-pg07
Moser, Jewel Wedding Atkins, Earl 1923-03-09-pg07
Moser, Violet wedding Burton, Edgar 1923-01-12-pg06
Mount, G. M. Wedding Briley, Ruth 1923-06-29-pg01
Mount, Glen Wedding Briley, Ruth 1923-07-06-pg07
Mount, Lorena Vashti Wedding Hall, Linis Parker 1923-05-11-pg05
Mowery, Orvid Wedding Stockton, Bernice 1923-11-30-pg02
Mullins, Cleatus Wedding Magness, Verona 1923-09-07-pg07
Nash, Georgia Wedding Green, Lloyd 1923-09-21-pg02
Newsom, R. Divorce Newsom, R., Mrs. 1923-11-30-pg07
Newsom, R., Mrs. Divorce Newsom, R. 1923-11-30-pg07
Niblett, Mike Story arrested for manufacture of whiskey 1923-04-27-pg02
Norris, J. B., new father Birth a son 1923-06-22-pg03
Norton, Mattie Lee Wedding Lewis, Dewey 1923-05-18-pg02
Norton, Mattie Lee Wedding Lewis, Dewey 1923-05-18-pg08
Norwood, Jack Wedding Simpson, Teola 1923-06-22-pg06
Norwood, Jack Wedding Simpson, Lois Teola 1923-07-06-pg07
Odum, "Grandma" Death   1923-02-23-pg02
O'Neal, Horace, father Death infant daughter 1923-03-23-pg06
O'Neal, Horace, new father Birth new baby girl 1923-02-02-pg03
Orr, R. E. Death in Dallas 1923-12-21-pg07
Owens, B. F. Divorce Owens, Ollie B. 1923-12-21-pg02
Owens, Ollie, B. Divorce Owens, B. F. 1923-12-21-pg02
Padgett, Albert Wedding Lewis, Lora 1923-12-21-pg02
Padgett, Josie Wedding Saling, Harvey 1923-12-21-pg02
Panter, Josephine Wedding Porterfield, N.S. 1923-02-23-pg03
Parr, James Wedding McCaskey, Mighty 1923-10-26-pg01
Parr, James A. Wedding McCaskey, Mighty 1923-10-26-pg02
Paschall, Elizabeth Wedding Matthews, Miles 1923-04-06-pg01
Paschall, Elizabeth Wedding Matthews, Miles 1923-04-13-pg01
Paschall, J. T. Death 74 years old 1923-11-09-pg07
Paschall, W. D. Story retirement as County Judge 1923-01-05-pg04
Paschall, W. D. Death front page obit 1923-11-23-pg01
Paschall, W. D. Story   1923-12-07-pg05
Pate, Raymond Story Navy, serving on the Idaho 1923-07-06-pg07
Patterson, Bert Wedding Smith, Aleen 1923-02-23-pg03
Patterson, Glen, new father Birth a son 1923-12-07-pg06
Patterson, Marie Wedding Waggoner, John 1923-12-21-pg06
Payne, J. D. Wedding Lamb, Delle 1923-11-30-pg02
Pearson, W. J. Death Paradise 1923-05-18-pg01
Perez, Dionico Wedding de Leon, Marine 1923-05-18-pg02
Perkins, A. L. Wedding Morgan, Pearl 1923-11-23-pg02
Perrin, Trula wedding Davenport, Bo 1923-01-05-pg06
Perry, Bertha Wedding Shannon, C. H. 1923-11-16-pg05
Perry, J. W., Mrs. Death Chico, age 72 1923-05-18-pg05
Perry, Ruby Wedding King, D. 1923-08-03-pg03
Peyton, Lois Wedding Stafford, Arthur 1923-08-10-pg05
Phillips, Almerine Wedding Carter, F. P. 1923-11-16-pg05
Phillips, Burdett James Story missing serviceman 1923-07-06-pg01
Phillips, Cora Wedding Blankenship, V. N. 1923-11-09-pg02
Phillips, Walter Wedding McCurdy, Pearl 1923-02-23-pg02
Pinkerton, D., new father Birth a son 1923-08-10-pg07
Pitman, Mamie Wedding Kimball, H. D. 1923-08-03-pg03
Pitts, Thelma Wedding Wheeler, J. F. 1923-11-16-pg05
Poindexter, William Death 69 years old, a Judge 1923-12-14-pg01
Poore, Roy B. Wedding Davidson, Lora C. 1923-03-09-pg05
Poore, Roy B., new father Birth a daughter 1923-12-14-pg14
Porterfield, N. S. Wedding Panter, Josephine 1923-02-23-pg03
Powell, J. I. Story car stolen 1923-08-17-pg01
Preskitt, Lloyd Birth a daughter 1923-06-01-pg02
Price, Gertrude Wedding Taylor, Newton P. 1923-06-15-pg01
Pruett, Clifford, new father Birth a son 1923-11-23-pg07
Pruett, Jack, new father Birth new baby girl 1923-02-09-pg06
Putman, Etta Wedding Lambert, Paschall H. 1923-05-25-pg03
Quinn, F. M., Mrs. Death age 70 1923-06-01-pg05
Rainey, W.E. Wedding Blackburn, Louella 1923-04-06-pg03
Rainwater, A. C., new father Birth a son 1923-11-09-pg02
Ramsdale, Dock Death   1923-05-11-pg03
Ramsdale, Joe, new father Birth a daughter 1923-11-02-pg02
Ramsdale, Rock Death age 74 1923-05-18-pg05
Raney, Mr. Wedding Reid, Miss 1923-07-13-pg03
Raney, Will Wedding Blackburn, Leola 1923-04-06-pg02
Rankin, Alfred wedding Brumley, J.G., Mrs. 1923-01-05-pg07
Rasberry, C. E. Death Boyd cemetery 1923-03-23-pg03
Ratliffe, Charles, new father Birth a daughter 1923-10-19-pg07
Ratliffe, G. C. Wedding Counts, Olivia 1923-05-04-pg07
Ray, Vonnie Wedding Vance, B. F. 1923-03-23-pg05
Read, J. L. wedding Barnes, Mamye 1923-01-05-pg06
Read, Maggie Wedding Smith, D. M. 1923-03-16-pg03
Redford, Ethleen Story BA from Baylor 1923-06-15-pg01
Redwine, Ina Wedding Boyd, J. L. 1923-03-02-pg03
Reed, Chalrie, new father Birth a son 1923-06-22-pg03
Reid, Miss Wedding Raney, Mr. 1923-07-13-pg03
Renfro, J. T. Story missing KKK lecturer 1923-09-07-pg05
Renfro, J. T. Story found KKK lecturere 1923-09-21-pg05
Renshaw, John, Mrs. Death in California 1923-01-05-pg06
Renshaw, L. W., Mrs. Death ne Neels 1923-12-14-pg10
Renshaw, Sam, new father Birth a son 1923-05-25-pg06
Reunion Story Old Soldiers 1923-07-27-pg01
Reynolds, J. W. Death throat cut 1923-03-16-pg03
Reynolds, R. A wedding Medaries, Jewell 1923-01-05-pg06
Rhine, Walter, new father Birth a daughter 1923-08-03-pg02
Rhome Fire Story downtown fire 1923-07-20-pg01
Rhyne, J. E., Mrs. Death   1923-04-20-pg02
Rice, W. H. Story Senator 1923-01-12-pg02
Richmond, J. S. Wedding Mitchum, Eunice 1923-10-26-pg02
Richter, O. Story gunmen arrested 1923-07-06-pg01
Riley, E. Death   1923-01-26-pg01
Riley, Jim Death Greenwood 1923-04-06-pg05
Riley, Maud Wedding Carr, L.B. 1923-08-10-pg07
Roach, Jeffries Wedding Maxwell, Lois 1923-10-26-pg02
Roach, Lee B. death   1923-01-05-pg06
Roberts, A. D., Rev. Wedding conducted ceremony 1923-02-23-pg02
Roberts, Bert, new father Birth new son 1923-04-27-pg02
Robinson, J. J., Mrs. Death pneumonia 1923-02-16-pg07
Rochester, J. A divorce citation by publication 1923-01-05-pg08
Rochester, Lillian divorce citation by publication 1923-01-05-pg08
Rodgers, Alberta Wedding Hash, R. L. 1923-03-23-pg05
Roe, Will, Mrs. Death Rhome 1923-03-02-pg07
Rogers, T. G., Mrs. Story picture 1923-05-04-pg06
Rone, Leona Wedding Alexander, Olen 1923-10-26-pg06
Ross, Azilee Wedding Swagler, Runnard 1923-08-03-pg06
Ross, Randall Story injured by dynamite blast 1923-07-20-pg-12
Rudd, Brownlee Wedding Knox, Mary 1923-09-07-pg07
Runnard, Swagler Wedding Ross, Azilee 1923-08-03-pg06
Russell, Lee Death Clovis, New Mexico 1923-02-09-pg07
Salas, Eliza Wedding Dones, Marcus 1923-03-23-pg05
Saling, Harvey Wedding Padgett, Josie 1923-12-21-pg02
Sandlin, R. L., Mrs. Death Chico 1923-02-16-pg08
Savage, Robert, Mrs. Death Denver 1923-02-02-pg03
Scott, Paul B., new father Birth a daughter 1923-08-03-pg06
Sensibaugh, Lillian Wedding St. Clair, Bonnie 1923-06-22-pg01
Shannon, C. H. Wedding Perry, Bertha 1923-11-16-pg05
Shannon, Elbert Wedding London, Julia 1923-08-10-pg05
Sharp, Jack Story safe blown up by burglers-arrested 1923-01-26-pg01
Sharp, Jack Story   1923-02-09-pg05
Sharp, Jack Story Trial for burglary 1923-02-23-pg01
Sharp, Jack Story Prison term 1923-02-23-pg01
Shaw, C. O., new father Birth new son 1923-04-20-pg06
Shawver, L. D., Rev. Story reappointed to Paris, Texas 1923-10-26-pg01
Shawver, Lois Story pianist 1923-02-16-pg02
Shawver, Lois Story Queen of Fair 1923-09-07-pg01
Shawver, Lois Picture Queen of Fair 1923-10-19-pg01
Shawyer, L. D., Rev wedding conducted ceremony 1923-01-05-pg06
Shelton, Carson Wedding Cearley, May 1923-11-30-pg02
Sherley, Homer Death killed in oilfields of Burkburnet 1923-09-21-pg06
Short, Charley Young Death obituary 1923-04-13-pg01
Short, Martha Olivia Wedding Anderson, George 1923-02-09-pg05
Short, Young Death son of B.D. Short 1923-04-13-pg02
Shuggart, L. O. Death age 82, Slidell 1923-06-01-pg02
Simmons, Ruth, Mrs. Death ne Taylor 1923-11-23-pg07
Simpson, Lois Teola Wedding Norwood, Jack 1923-07-06-pg07
Simpson, Nancy Bell wedding Christian, Charles 1923-01-05-pg06
Simpson, Teola Wedding Norwood, Jack 1923-06-22-pg06
Singleton, Tommie Wedding Stone, B. G. 1923-11-09-pg03
Slagle, J. W., Rev. Wedding conducted ceremony 1923-03-30-pg02
Slaton, Elmer Story arrested for illegal manufacturing of whiskey 1923-11-30-pg01
Smith, Aleen Wedding Patterson, Bert 1923-02-23-pg03
Smith, Clayton Death fall 1923-02-16-pg02
Smith, D. M. Wedding Reed, Maggie 1923-03-16-pg03
Smith, J. L. Wedding Hendricks, Birdie 1923-07-06-pg07
Smith, L. R., new father Birth a son 1923-07-20-pg08
Smith, Leon, new father Birth a daughter of Wichita Kansas 1923-08-31-pg04
Smith, Martha Jane Wedding Warren, H. D. 1923-12-14-pg10
Smith, Sallie, Miss Death 80 years old 1923-11-02-pg06
Sora, Maximiano Wedding De Leon, Florencia 1923-03-16-pg03
Spain, M. F., father Birth a daughter, born April 24, 1903 1923-05-04-pg07
Sparkman, Bertie Wedding Frank, W. B. 1923-03-23-pg06
Sparkman, Jarrell Story hero 1923-02-09-pg05
Sparkman, Ruth Wedding Carter, George H. 1923-03-23-pg05
Speer, D., Mrs. Story 75 years birthday party 1923-12-21-pg15
Speer, Lon A. Death Denton 1923-03-23-pg06
Spencer, Minnie Wedding Bowman, Brite 1923-02-09-pg05
Splawn, Walter Story biographical sketch 1923-07-13-pg06
Splawn, Walter Story   1923-11-30-pg04
St. Clair, Bonnie Wedding Sensibaugh, Lillian 1923-06-22-pg01
Stack, E. T. wedding Judkins, Tina 1923-01-19-pg03
Stafford, Arthur Wedding Peyton, Lois 1923-08-10-pg05
Staley, Bettie Divorce Staley, Isaac 1923-12-21-pg02
Staley, Isaac Divorce Staley, Bettie 1923-12-21-pg02
Standley, Fred, new father Birth new son, April 2 1923-04-13-pg03
Stark, W. B., Mrs. Death mother of Mrs. Grover Cleveland 1923-05-18-pg06
Starnes, Cecil, new father Birth a son 1923-07-27-pg05
Starnes, Cecil, new father Birth a son 1923-08-03-pg06
Starnes, Cyrus Story house burgaled 1923-08-17-pg01
Steel, Aruthur Death Murdered by brother-in-law 1923-07-13-pg01
Steele, Buford Story indictment for poisoning well 1923-07-20-pg01
Steele, Tom Death Murdered by brother-in-law 1923-07-13-pg01
Stephens, Coy Wedding Hayes, Myrtle 1923-12-21-pg02
Stepp, Edith Wedding Thompson, F. I. 1923-03-02-pg01
Stewart, J. H. Wedding Kiser, Ella 1923-10-19-pg03
Stewart, J. H. Wedding Kiser, Ella 1923-10-19-pg07
Stewart, Jewell Wedding Cheves, L. V. 1923-06-29-pg01
Stewart, Jewell Wedding Cheeves, J. W. 1923-07-06-pg07
Stidham, Opal Wedding Kinzey, A. J. 1923-12-21-pg02
Stobaugh, Mae Wedding Allen, Jack, Jr. 1923-02-23-pg02
Stockton, Bernice Wedding Mowery, Orvid 1923-11-30-pg02
Stockton, Luther, new father Birth a daughter 1923-07-06-pg07
Stokes, Gene, new father Birth a daughter 1923-11-09-pg02
Stone, B. G. Wedding Singleton, Tommie 1923-11-09-pg03
Stoneking, Lona Wedding Howard, J. F. 1923-11-23-pg02
Stubblefield, Bob Death Chico 1923-08-03-pg03
Stutt, Angus, new father Birth a daughter 1923-06-29-pg06
Stutt, Trula Wedding Clark, G. H. 1923-10-26-pg02
Stutt, Trula Wedding Clark, G. H. 1923-11-02-pg08
Sullins, William Newton Death 72 years old 1923-09-21-pg03
Sumbling, Willam Story arrested, chicken theft 1923-04-20-pg01
Svensson, C. G. Death pioneer citizen 1923-07-20-pg08
Tate, J. M. C. Death 86 years old 1923-11-02-pg07
Taylor, J. L. Death   1923-10-19-pg05
Taylor, Jewell Wedding Wright, Earl F. 1923-11-30-pg02
Taylor, Jewell Story wedding shower 1923-12-07-pg08
Taylor, Jewell Wedding Wright, Earl 1923-12-14-pg02
Taylor, Jewell L. Wedding Wright, Earl F. 1923-12-21-pg06
Taylor, Judith Wedding Frensley, Edwin L. 1923-08-31-pg05
Taylor, Leo Wedding Crownover, Ruth 1923-11-23-pg02
Taylor, Lottie Wedding Layfield, E. C. 1923-11-09-pg02
Taylor, Newton P. Wedding Price, Gertrude 1923-06-15-pg01
Taylor, O. L. Wedding Ammons, Effie 1923-11-30-pg02
Taylor, Speed, infant son Death   1923-03-16-pg03
Taylor, T. L. Death Cottondale 1923-09-21-pg01
Taylor, T. L., Esquire wedding conducted ceremony 1923-01-12-pg03
Taylor, Ulra wedding Hardwick, Silliman (S.L.) 1923-01-19-pg01
Teetle, Ethel Wedding McGoodwing, Sid 1923-06-22-pg08
Terrell, Margaret Wedding Ward, Frank 1923-06-08-pg05
Terry, John, new father Birth a son 1923-07-27-pg08
Terry, Luther Story arrested for possession of liquor 1923-11-30-pg01
Thompson, F. I. Wedding Stepp, Edith 1923-03-02-pg01
Thompson, Zelma Wedding King, Marvin 1923-12-21-pg02
Thorn, J. Dale, Rev. wedding conducted ceremony 1923-01-05-pg03
Thorn, J. Dale, Rev. wedding conducted ceremony 1923-01-05-pg03
Trussell, H. H. Death   1923-04-27-pg03
Tyler, Edna, Miss Death 40 years old, linotype operator 1923-10-19-pg01
Tylre, Edna Death   1923-10-19-pg08
Tyson, G. W., Rev. wedding conducted ceremony 1923-01-05-pg06
Unidentified man Death killed by car on Meridian Hwy 1923-07-13-pg01
Unidentified man Story still not identity 1923-12-21-pg14
Vance, B. F. Wedding Ray, Vonnie 1923-03-23-pg05
Vaughan, Willie Wedding Caraway, Floye 1923-11-16-pg05
Vaughn, Clinton, new father Brth a daughter 1923-10-26-pg07
Vawter, O. L. wedding Williams, Roxie 1923-01-19-pg03
Veach, Charles Bowman Death   1923-06-29-pg05
Veach, L. B. Wedding Brasher, Maudie 1923-12-21-pg02
Verner, James T. wedding Hendrick , May 1923-01-12-pg02
Vick, T. E. Death 89 years old 1923-08-31-pg04
Wade, J. D. Story court case 1923-02-09-pg01
Waggoner, John Wedding Patterson, Marie 1923-12-21-pg06
Walcott, Josephine Wedding Card, Maurie E. 1923-02-09-pg08
Walker, A. M. Death   1923-01-05-pg05
Walker, Charles E. Death 21 years old, high dive 1923-07-27-pg02
Walker, Essie Wedding Ferguson, Oscar 1923-04-20-pg06
Walker, J. B., new father Birth a daughter 1923-08-10-pg07
Walker, Jess Story house fire 1923-07-06-pg07
Wallace, Homer Story arrowhead found; Indian fight story 1923-06-01-pg06
Walls, Cleo Wedding Hiett, Mandy 1923-06-01-pg08
Ward, Frank Wedding Terrell, Margaret 1923-06-08-pg05
Ward, Grady Wedding Keen, Annette 1923-11-16-pg01
Ward, Irma Wedding Goodwin, Joe S. 1923-05-18-pg02
Ward, J. L., Rev. wedding conducted ceremony 1923-01-05-pg07
Ward, J. L., Rev. Wedding Conducted ceremony 1923-05-11-pg03
Ward, J. L.., Rev. wedding conducted ceremony 1923-01-05-pg06
Ward, Jewell Wedding Godwin, Joc 1923-05-25-pg05
Ward, Sam, Judge wedding conducted ceremony 1923-01-12-pg02
Ward, Sam, Judge Wedding conducted ceremony 1923-02-23-pg03
Warren, H. D. Wedding Smith, Martha Jane 1923-12-14-pg10
Watson, Emmett Death pneumonia 1923-02-16-pg02
Watson, James B. Wedding Whitty, Marrie 1923-03-23-pg05
Werner, E. R. Wedding Fugitt, Essie 1923-11-23-pg02
Wheeler, J. F. Wedding Pitts, Thelma 1923-11-16-pg05
White, Oscar, new father Birth a daughter 1923-12-14-pg14
Whitley, Blanch Wedding Baker, J. C. 1923-08-03-pg03
Whitty, Marrie Wedding Watson, James B. 1923-03-23-pg05
Williams, Aneta Death appendicitis 1923-04-20-pg02
Williams, B. P., new father Birth a son 1923-08-10-pg07
Williams, Guinn picture Congressman Williams 1923-01-05-pg03
Williams, Guinn Story recovering from operation in Decatur 1923-01-05-pg03
Williams, Guinn, Jr. Story actor Big Boy Williams 1923-11-09-pg01
Williams, Lillan Frances Birth   1923-01-12-pg03
Williams, Lorado Wedding Caraway, E. R. 1923-10-26-pg02
Williams, Lorado Wedding Caraway, Ed 1923-11-02-pg08
Williams, Roxie wedding Vawter, O. L. 1923-01-19-pg03
Williamson, C. W. Story new superintendent Rhome 1923-08-03-pg01
Williamson, Homer Story home burned 1923-11-09-pg01
Williamson, Homer, new father Birth a son 1923-12-14-pg11
Wilson, C. L., new father Birth twins, son and daughter 1923-09-07-pg02
Wilson, C. T. Wedding Holt, Armanda 1923-11-30-pg02
Wilson, Roland Death kicked by a mule 1923-06-29-pg08
Winfrey, Richard L. Death   1923-08-31-pg02
Wise County Teacher's Institue Story   1923-08-17-pg01
Womack, Emma Wedding Koeninger, Sidney 1923-10-19-pg03
Womack, Emma Wedding Koeninger, Sidney 1923-10-26-pg05
Woolaver, Charles, new father Birth a daughter 1923-03-23-pg03
Wooldridge, James Story   1923-09-07-pg05
Workman, Sheriff Story   1923-01-05-pg06
Wright, Arnold wedding Dye, Zora 1923-01-19-pg03
Wright, E. A., Mrs. Death Fairview 1923-08-10-pg08
Wright, Earl Wedding Taylor, Jewell 1923-12-14-pg02
Wright, Earl F. Wedding Taylor, Jewell 1923-11-30-pg02
Wright, Earl F. Wedding Taylor, Jewell L. 1923-12-21-pg06
Wright, J. J. Death Bridgeport 1923-03-23-pg03
Wright, J. W. Story house burned 1923-09-21-pg07
Wright, R. B. Death New Harp 1923-04-13-pg08
Yarbrough, Ruby wedding Austin, Burchard 1923-01-05-pg03
Young, Frank Morris Story promoted to Marksman on USS California 1923-08-31-pg01
Young, Jesse, new father Birth a daughter 1923-07-27-pg02
Young, Murdock Embry, Jr. Birth   1923-06-22-pg03