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Last Name, First Name Type of Article Notes Yr-Mo-Day-Pg
Abell, Capt. Story A citizen of Palo Pinto county 1880-12-10-pg03
Adair, Chas. Story Planning of the Old Settlers Reunion 1881-06-17-pg02
Adair, Mr. John Story Of Cactus Hill buying cattle 1881-02-11-pg03
Adams, Annie Wedding Wed to Mr. David Bridges 1881-11-25-pg03
Adams, Capt. Frank Death Died in Fort Worth 1881-04-01-pg02
Adams, J.W. Story Sent letter to late 1880-10-15-pg03
Adams, James Story Enlist in Capt. Ira Long's Company 1880-05-14-pg03
Adams, Miss Bertie Wedding Married Mr. John Stovall 1880-09-03-pg03
Adams, Miss Jennie Wedding Wed to Mr. Ed Lee 1881-11-25-pg03
Adams, W.A. Story Our elderly neighbor 1881-02-25-pg03
Adams, Willis A. Story Located at Red Gap in Eastland County 1881-04-29-pg03
Add-Ran College Story Orphans home established 1881-04-15-pg02
Add-Run College Story 300 matricalates at Thorp Springs 1880-07-16-pg04
Add-Run College Story College at Thorp's Springs 1880-12-24-pg02
Adkison, Mr. Paul Wedding Married to Miss Nancy J. Duncan 1881-05-20-pg03
Alderson, E.W. Story Of the Methodist Church to have debate 1881-07-08-pg02
Alen, Sheriff Story Summoning jurors 1881-04-01-pg03
Alexander, Mr W.G.. Story Bought a farm on Garrett's creek 1881-12-16-pg05
Alexander, Mr. J.C. Wedding Wed to Miss Ella Collom by Rev. Mr. Brown 1881-08-12-pg03
Alexander, Mr. W.G. Story Well developed chicken with 4 legs 1881-05-20-pg03
Alexander, Mr.J.M. Story Has bought drugstore here 1881-01-07-pg03
Alexander, W.G. Story Greenback appointment 1880-09-10-pg04
Alexander, W.G. Story Did not move off, rented place on Garrett's 1881-01-14-pg03
Allen, James T. Story Presented with peaches by well wisher 1881-08-19-pg03
Allen, Mr. Story Engaged to teach at this place 1880-11-19-pg03
Allen, Mr. & Mrs. J.T. Story Visit to Willow Point 1881-04-08-pg03
Allen, Prof. Story Discussing events of the day 1881-02-25-pg03
Allen, Prof. R.W. Story Sends Messenger to friend in AL 1881-04-01-pg03
Allen, Sheriff Story Off to Austin, taking lunatic to asylum 1881-01-21-pg02
Allen, Sheriff Story Had prisoners at Fort Worth 1881-02-25-pg04
Allen, Sheriff Story Will sell land 1881-04-01-pg02
Allen, T.R. Story Correspondence from Greenwood 1880-10-01-pg02
Allen, T.R. Story The new sherriff 1880-12-10-pg03
Allen, Tom Story Of Black Creek visited 1880-08-13-pg03
Allen, Tom Story Guest of some of our citizens 1880-09-17-pg03
Allen, W.R. Story Our school-teacher has been sick 1880-12-24-pg03
Alverson, Julia Wedding Wed to Charles A. Hill 1881-02-11-pg02
Amusement Story A shrewd rascal adds up columns 1880-10-15-pg01
Anderson, J.F. Story Teaching at Union Grove 1881-12-16-pg05
Anderson, W.A. Story Canidate for County Treasurer 1880-04-30-pg03
Anderson, W.A. Story His face all beaming with smiles 1880-11-12-pg03
Anderson, W.A. Story County Treasurer gave us a visit 1881-03-11-pg03
Anderson, W.A. Story Has been on farm 1881-04-01-pg03
Anderson, W.A. Story Putting up wire fence 1881-04-08-pg03
Anderson, W.A. Story Called briefly at our door 1881-06-10-pg03
Anderson, W.A. Story Our worthy county treasurer 1881-12-09-pg02
Anderson. W.A. Story Sent for barbed wire 1881-03-25-pg03
Anderson. W.A. Story Drove upwards to 20 beeves to Denton 1881-07-15-pg03
Angel, Miss Ellie Wedding Wed to Mr. J.E. Barnes 1881-10-07-pg03
Annie's Chapel Story Rev. Putnam and Miller 1880-07-23-pg02
Annie's Chapel Correspondence Dunlap, Garvin, Dawes, Wilcox, Gilliland 1881-08-19-pg03
Annis Chapel School Story Mr. Morton, Supt. 1880-06-04-pg02
Archer County Story The petition for organization granted 1880-07-16-pg03
Armes, J. Story Of Boonsville greeted us 1881-12-16-pg05
Armes, Mr. J. Story Of Willow Creek 1881-04-29-pg03
Armstrong, Jack Story Who was raised on Willow Creek 1881-10-21-pg02
Armstrong, Uncle Johnny Story Moved back to his neighborhood 1880-04-16-pg03
Armstrong, Uncle Johnny Story Of South Willow creek was in town 1881-02-04-pg03
Armstrong, Uncle Johnny Story Of Willow Creek gave us a visit 1881-02-25-pg03
Arnold, Little Georgie Death Son of Mr. Arnold was buried 1881-11-04-pg03
Ashlin, Mr. J.F. Wedding Wed to Miss M.A. Rowland of East Mound 1881-08-05-pg03
Ashlock, Mr. Josh Birth It’s a girl and weighs 11 pounds 1880-12-03-pg03
Audubon Story Mr. Keltner speaking 1880-10-08-pg03
Audubon Story Some parties had fisticuff 1880-11-19-pg03
Audubon Correspondence Abundance of rain 1881-05-20-pg03
Aurora Story Bridge repair completed 1880-06-04-pg03
Aurora Story Mr. Keltner speaking 1880-10-08-pg03
Aurora Story New saloon is about completed 1880-12-03-pg02
Aurora Story 250 bales of cotton passed through town 1881-02-04-pg03
Aurora Story Overrun with transient persons 1881-02-04-pg03
Aurora Story Ginned upwards of 2,600 bales of cotton 1881-04-01-pg02
Aurora Story Given up hopes for railroad 1881-04-15-pg03
Aurora Herald Story 6 column newspaper 1880-10-08-pg03
Aurora Herald Story Gleanings from Aurora Herald 1880-11-19-pg03
Aurora Herald Story Goes to Plano, Collin County 1881-05-06-pg04
Austin Story Paper bag factory employs mostly girls 1880-05-07-pg04
Austin Story Lieut. Neville returned from Jack County 1880-05-28-pg03
Austin Telephone Company Story Sixty-two miles of wire 1881-06-10-pg01
Austin Texas Story Board apportioned $782,000 for support 1880-07-30-pg04
Austin, J.H. Story Announces for Sherriff 1880-07-09-pg03
Auvenshire, Miss Sarah Wedding Married Link Ford at Deep Creek 1881-06-10-pg03
Babb, Uncle John Story Of Chico gave a visit 1881-02-25-pg03
Babb, Uncle John Story Spent a day in our town 1881-11-11-pg03
Baggarly, George G. Death Editor of Weatherford Exponent 1880-06-11-pg03
Baggett, John Wedding Wed to Miss Maggie Rowlett 1881-01-14-pg02
Bailey, C.E. Story Purchased residence of J.H. Brown 1881-12-16-pg05
Bailey, Grand-pa Death Boonsville Correspondence 1880-10-29-pg02
Bailey, Z.M. Story Dish washer and happy man 1880-11-19-pg01
Baily Babe Death Greenwood merchant's baby dies 1880-09-24-pg01
Baily, A.J. Story Of Willow Creek lost a horse 1881-02-25-pg03
Baily, Constable A.J. Story Of Willow Creek gave us a call 1881-07-29-pg03
Baily, Mr. A.J. Story Constable of Prectinct 8 1881-06-24-pg03
Baily, W.S. Wedding Wed to Miss Alice Young 1881-03-04-pg03
Baker, Esq. J.R. Story Courts become most interesting 1881-04-01-pg03
Baker, Esq. J.R. Story Soon to build a residence at Garvin 1881-12-23-pg05
Baker, J.R. Story Justice of Peace, became member of Christian Church 1881-08-05-pg03
Baker, Mat Story Of Salt Creek gave a call 1881-03-18-pg03
Baker, Miss Nannie Wedding Wed to Hon. J.W. Patterson 1881-12-02-pg02
Baker, Squire J.R. Story In town doing official bussiness 1881-12-23-pg05
Ball, A.F. Story 1/2 brother of Dr. J.A. Brown 1881-05-06-pg03
Ball, B.J. Elder Story Will preach here 1880-08-27-pg03
Ball, Elder Story Preached on last Saturday 1880-09-17-pg03
Ball, Elder Story Filled his regular appointment 1880-10-15-pg03
Ball, Elder Story Day to preach next Sunday 1880-11-12-pg03
Ball, Elder Story Failed to fill appointment 1880-11-19-pg03
Ball, Elder Story Preached to small congregation 1881-03-18-pg03
Ball, Elder Story Filled his appointment 1881-04-15-pg03
Ball, Elder Story Preached at Read's Chapel 1881-07-15-pg03
Ball, Elder B.J. Story Will preach 1880-09-03-pg03
Ball, Gattis & Daws Story Held services at schoolhouse 1880-06-18-pg03
Ball, Rev. B.J.. Story Of Methodist Church will preach  1880-06-04-pg03
Ball, Rev. E.J. Story Of Methodist Church will preach 2nd Sunday 1880-05-14-pg03
Ball, Rev. E.J. Story Conflict in preaching times 1880-05-14-pg03
Ball, Robert Death Horse and rider drowned in Big Wichita 1881-06-17-pg04
Ball. Dr. J.J. Story 1/2 brother of Dr. J.A. Brown 1881-05-06-pg03
Ball. Elder Story Preached on last Sunday 1881-06-17-pg03
Ballard, Mr. Story Clock peddler of Decatur 1880-12-03-pg03
Bank Saloon Story Robbed of $15 1880-05-07-pg03
Banks and Burton Ad General Merchandise, Cottondale 1880-04-09-pg03
Banks and Burton Ad Cottondale General Merchandise 1880-04-16-pg03
Banks, B.F & Family Story On River fishing 1881-07-08-pg03
Banks, B.F. Story Had lighting rods put on house 1880-05-07-pg02
Banks, B.F. Story Expecting to be In Fort Worth 1880-05-28-pg03
Banks, B.F. Story Returned From Decatur 1880-06-04-pg03
Banks, B.F. Story New cozy home at Cottondale 1880-06-11-pg02
Banks, B.F. Story Credited amount 1880-07-16-pg03
Banks, B.F. Story Drove a small herd to Ft. Worth 1880-09-03-pg03
Banks, B.F. Story Sold out to Mr. Burton 1881-01-07-pg03
Banks, B.F. Story All of Wise Co. invited to Old Settlers Reunion 1881-06-17-pg02
Banks, B.F. Story On building committee for new schoolhouse at Cottondale 1881-08-05-pg03
Banks, B.F. Story Two little ones take sick 1881-09-02-pg03
Banks, B.F. Story Chairman of the Cottondale Academy Committee informs 1881-09-30-pg03
Banks, B.F. Story Doing notorial work in town 1881-12-09-pg03
Banks, B.F. Story In town yesterday 1881-12-09-pg03
Banks, B.F.  Story To take census in his prect. 1880-06-04-pg03
Banks, B.F. Esq. Story Sowing wheat 1880-12-17-pg03
Banks, B.F., Esquire Story Saturday visit to newspaper office 1880-03-26-pg02
Banks, Esquire Story Consented to give a series of short lectures 1881-06-03-pg01
Banks, Geo. L. Story Is employed at Fort Worth 1881-11-18-pg03
Banks, Miss Fannie Story Guests of Mrs. Mershon 1881-03-25-pg03
Banks, Miss Fannie Story Dressed and baked cake 1881-12-30-pg05
Banks, Mr. J.B. Story Looking hale and hearty 1881-06-10-pg03
Banks, Mr. Thomas A. Story Trees struck by lightning  1881-07-29-pg03
Banks, Mrs. Fannie Story Readings are always a gem 1881-06-03-pg01
Banks, Squire B.F. Story In town doing official bussiness 1881-12-23-pg05
Banks, T.A. Story Ride into country with trees on Garrett Creek 1880-10-08-pg02
Banks, T.A. Story Went to Decatur 1880-10-08-pg03
Banks, T.A. Story Will start to Red River to-morrow 1880-11-12-pg03
Banks, T.A. Story Having entirely recovered sooner 1880-11-26-pg03
Banks, T.A. Story Picture of joy for new water well 1881-04-08-pg03
Banks, T.A. Story Conducted exercises for music class 1881-06-17-pg03
Banks, T.A. Story Volunteered to act 1881-07-22-pg03
Banks, T.A. Story Conducted singing at Garvin 1881-07-29-pg03
Banks, T.A. Story Has repaired the new county crossing 1881-11-11-pg03
Banks, T.A. Story Pleasant drive out to our friend 1881-12-09-pg03
Banks, Thos. Story Consents to be canidate 1880-07-16-pg03
Banks, Tom Story Brought in roasting ears 1881-06-24-pg03
Banks,T.A. Story Reports about Sunday School 1881-03-18-pg03
Banks. B.F. Story After leaving Cottondale briefly took in residence 1880-10-08-pg02
Bannock & Keltner Story Doing fine business, all kinds of wagons 1880-09-24-pg01
Baptist Church Story First in N.Texas, Lonesome Dove on Denton Creek 1880-07-09-pg01
Baptist Church Story Held meeting at Read's Chapel 1881-07-22-pg03
Baptist Preaching Story 300 persons attended 1881-05-20-pg03
Barber, H.C. Story Decatur City Election 1881-05-20-pg01
Barker, Boyd Wedding Wed to Miss Maggie Caldwell 1881-01-14-pg02
Barkwell, Mrs. Story Was in our press room 1881-07-08-pg03
Barnes, Charley Death Infant Died 1880-06-04-pg03
Barnes, Mr. J.B. Story Heirs of Harvey Youngblood 1880-04-23-pg03
Barnes, Mr. Richard Wedding Wed to Miss Priscilla Davidson 1881-09-02-pg03
Barnes, Mr.J.E. Wedding Wed to Miss Ellie Angel 1881-10-07-pg03
Barnett, Dr. Story Of Decatur was in our town 1880-12-10-pg03
Barnett, Dr. Story Moving to new home near Chico 1880-12-24-pg02
Barnett, Elder Story A resident of Clay Co. preached Sunday night 1880-10-01-pg03
Barnett, Elder Story Of the Baptist church will preach 1880-12-10-pg03
Barnett, Elder Story Pastor for next year 1880-12-17-pg03
Barr, Robt. Wedding Of Aurora wed to Miss Willis 1881-08-12-pg02
Barrett, Mr Story Was in our press room 1881-07-08-pg03
Barrick, Miss Nina Wedding Wed to Mr. C.F. Kincannon by Rev. T.B. Duncan 1881-09-30-pg03
Barrick, Miss Parnina Story Attendant at Barrick/Whitten wedding 1881-09-16-pg03
Barrick, Mr. A.M. Story Who lives near Chico 1881-09-02-pg03
Barrick, Mr. and Mrs. Story Aged residents of Chico 1881-02-04-pg03
Barrick, Mr. Parmer Wedding Wed to Miss Alice Whitten by Elder Evans at Read's 1881-09-16-pg03
Barrick, Mr. Perry Story On sick list 1881-11-11-pg03
Barrick, Perry Story Sends Messenger to his father Mr. A.M. Barrick of Chico 1881-07-08-pg03
Barto, Mr. Story From Salt Lake Valley had first bale 1880-08-27-pg03
Bass, Mr. Story Of Garvin gave us a call 1881-07-01-pg03
Bass, Mr. Story Of Garvin was in our burg 1881-09-09-pg03
Battle, Miss Hattie Story Returned from State Normal School 1881-07-08-pg01
Battle, Miss Hattie Story Employed to teach at Decatur 1881-08-12-pg02
Baugh, Mr S.A. Story Working in blacksmith shop at Cottondale 1881-08-12-pg03
Baugh, Mr. J.H. Wedding Wed to Miss Lizzie Hays 1881-08-19-pg02
Baugh, Mr. John Story Sends Messenger to kindred 1880-11-12-pg03
Baugh, Mrs. Story Sons are to see their mother 1881-12-09-pg02
Baylor, John Story Moved to Aurora 1880-04-23-pg03
Baylor, John Story Of Aurora 1880-07-02-pg03
Baylor, John Story Chestnut sorrel horse missing at Aurora 1880-07-09-pg03
Baylor, John Story Talking of moving 1881-03-11-pg04
Baylor, John Story Of Aurora, was in town 1881-11-25-pg03
Baylor, Mr. John Story Two new businesses being built in Garvin 1881-07-01-pg03
Beacham, Dorn Wedding Wed to Josie Slimp 1881-03-11-pg03
Beadleston, Mr Story Moved to tract of land on Garrett's Creek 1880-09-03-pg03
Beadleston, Mr. S.C. Story 5 miles S. West of here at Tyler Springs on Garrett's Creek 1881-07-29-pg03
Beale, J.W. Story Of Garrett Creek gave us a brief call 1880-08-27-pg03
Beale, J.W. Death Lived on Garrett's Creek last year, arrested 1881-01-21-pg03
Beall, R.H. Esq. Story Canidate for Tax Collector 1880-06-18-pg03
Beans Creek Story Four miles below the wire road to Decatur 1881-11-04-pg02
Beans Creek Story Mineral wells on creek, laid off township 1881-11-25-pg02
Beard and Patterson Story Have dissolved partnership 1881-01-14-pg03
Beard, C.B. Story Having well in his yard 1881-03-25-pg02
Beard, C.B. Story Decatur City Election 1881-05-20-pg01
Beauchamp, Capt Story Of Aurora was pleaure driving 1881-09-30-pg03
Bedford, Mr. H.G. Story Leading cattle man of Archer Co. Texas 1880-06-11-pg04
Beebe, Mr. R. Story Sends Messenger to uncle 1881-03-25-pg03
Beebe, Mr. Roland Death A loved infant of household 1881-02-04-pg03
Beeson, Tinney Wedding Wed to Wm. Byrum 1881-01-14-pg02
Bell  County Story 6 yr. old boy picked 101 pounds of cotton 1880-12-03-pg01
Bell, Prof. Alexander Story Has been awarded the Voltz prize for best… 1880-09-17-pg04
Benson, F.K. Story A young man well known 1881-09-02-pg03
Benson, Miss Emma E Wedding Wed to Mr. A.W. McClumb? 1881-12-30-pg04
Bent, Sam Death Stabbed and died in saloon in Ft. Worth 1881-03-04-pg03
Berry, Mr. C.L. Story A resident of Keechi Valley in Jack County 1881-07-22-pg03
Bethel Story C.J. Vanmeter, A.M. Vanmeter 1881-11-18-pg03
Bethel Church Story Preaching on Garrett's Creek 1881-05-27-pg03
Bethel Church Story Singing concert held on Garrett's Creek 1881-06-24-pg03
Bethel on Garrett's Creek Story Vocal music class met 1881-09-02-pg02
Biggers, Mr. Jno. Story Is not expected to live 1881-11-04-pg03
Billings, Miss Alice Wedding Eloped with Richard Blackwell 1880-09-03-pg03
Billingsley, Arthur Death Dressmaker's son found dead at Buffalo Creek 1881-06-17-pg02
Billingsley, Mr. Joe Story Brother-in-law is well pleased 1881-05-06-pg03
Black & McClure Story Ginners 1880-09-03-pg03
Black and McClure gin Story 8 or 10 bales of cotton bound for Ft. Worth 1880-09-17-pg03
Black and McClure gin Story Has turned out 106 bales 1880-10-22-pg03
Black Creek Story Scarlet fever 1880-12-17-pg03
Black Creek Correspondence Stock water is scarce and grass is dry 1881-09-02-pg02
Black Creek Story Mat Huff, J.W. Maxey 1881-11-18-pg03
Black, Child Story Marion Black rejoices addition of baby girl 1881-03-04-pg03
Black, Child Death Child of T.B. Black was buried 1881-12-23-pg05
Black, Marion Story Added to Church of Disciples 1880-08-13-pg03
Black, Mr. Story Horse did not have epizooty 1881-02-04-pg03
Black, Mr. J.H. Story Working on F.L. Mershon's new house 1880-12-10-pg03
Black, Mr. Sr.  Story From near Audubon 1880-11-26-pg03
Black, Mr. T.B. Story Will add a new saw mill 1881-10-28-pg03
Black, Mr. T.M. Story And family has moved to Denton county 1881-12-30-pg05
Black, Mrs. Lusetta Story An elder lady living near here 1881-07-08-pg03
Black, T. Story Has returned from the Fort 1880-11-12-pg03
Black, T. Story Moving back from Fort Worth 1881-02-18-pg03
Black, T. Story Moved back to this place 1881-03-04-pg03
Black, T. Story Has the measles 1881-03-11-pg03
Black, T. Story Fresh beef for sale on public square Wed. and Sat. 1881-08-05-pg03
Black, T. Story Sends Messenger to David G. Inman 1881-09-30-pg03
Black, T.& F.M. Story Gained a land suit in Tarrant 1881-06-24-pg03
Black, T.A, Story Hogs driven to the Fort 1880-12-17-pg03
Black, T.B. Story Has sold 40 acres to S. W. Mundy 1881-09-16-pg03
Black, Thomas Story Sold north of here 1881-08-12-pg03
Black, Todd Story Killed stork on Hutton Pond 1880-06-18-pg03
Black, Tom Story After new gin-stand and press 1880-08-27-pg03
Blackburn, C.B. Story Bridgeport School trustee 1880-08-06-pg04
Blackburn, C.B. Story Rented farm form Mr. L.S. Scribner 1880-12-03-pg03
Blackwell, Irv. Story Contemplate building residence at Cottondale $5 for deed 1881-08-05-pg03
Blackwell, Mr. Richard Wedding Eloped with Alice Billings 1880-09-03-pg03
Blakey, Kate Story Teaching at Aurora 1881-01-21-pg03
Blakey, Miss Story Resumed her school with about 25 pupils 1881-08-05-pg03
Blakey, Miss Story Sends Messenger to sister, Mrs. Matthews, in Springtown 1881-08-05-pg03
Blakey, Miss Story Has closed her day school until cotton is picked 1881-09-09-pg03
Blakey, Miss  Story Attendance at Pleasant Hill 1880-06-18-pg03
Blakey, Miss  Story Will have charge of children 1881-06-17-pg03
Blakey, Miss  Story Dismissed school until August 1881-07-15-pg03
Blakey, Miss Kate Story Opens school at McAfee School, Paradise 1880-04-09-pg03
Blakey, Miss Kate Story To begin a school here 1881-04-15-pg03
Blakey, Miss Kate Story Sister of Mrs. Geo. Matthews 1881-07-22-pg03
Blanton, Dr. Story Is sick 1881-01-14-pg03
Blanton, Dr. Story Sold farm near Chico 1881-04-08-pg02
Blanton, Dr. John B. Story From Decatur to Chico 1881-04-01-pg02
Bledsoe, Uncle George Story Has bought Kelsey residence 1881-12-09-pg02
Blount, Gen. James G. Death Died in Washington insane asylum 1881-08-05-pg02
Boatmun, J.J. Story Locating and buying property 1881-05-06-pg03
Boaz and Battle Story Cotton caught fire 200 bales destroyed 1881-05-06-pg02
Boaz and Ellis building Story In Fort Worth is progressing 1881-07-08-pg02
Boaz, Dave Story Killer of Dave Boaz found guilty, 2nd degree 1881-03-11-pg03
Bobo, Mr. Story Of Aurora, were in our city a few days ago since 1881-11-25-pg03
Bobo, Young Child Death Mr. Bobo's child buried 1880-04-23-pg03
Bodenhammer, J. Death Murdered near Henrietta 1880-11-19-pg03
Boling, Elder Story A large audience on Sunday 1880-08-20-pg03
Boling, Elder Story Of the Baptist church gave us a call 1880-12-24-pg03
Boling, Elder Story Preached on last Saturday and Sunday 1881-01-21-pg03
Boling, Elder Story Preached on foot washing 1881-02-25-pg03
Boling, Elder Story Of Baptist Church 1881-07-22-pg03
Bone, N.M. Death Found frozen to death near Fort Worth 1880-11-12-pg03
Bonner, Mr. R. J. Wedding Wed to Miss Florence Shoemaker 1881-07-08-pg01
Books for blind Story 100 books printed for blind 1881-08-19-pg01
Boone, Dan Story Greenback labor party in Jack County 1881-07-01-pg03
Boone, Daniel Story Greenback appointment 1880-09-10-pg04
Boone, Daniel Story Of Pella, Greenhaw Hatchett & Co., ginned 221 1880-11-26-pg03
Boone, Daniel Story Moved to Jacksboro 1881-02-04-pg03
Boonsville Story Correspondence 1881-01-21-pg02
Boonsville Story Excitement over schoolhouse being built 1881-04-22-pg04
Boonsville Story Cowboys thick in this neighborhood 1881-04-22-pg04
Boonsville Story Justice Court in session 1881-04-22-pg04
Boonsville Story Horse thieves 1881-05-27-pg04
Boonsville Correspondence Mr. Chas. Miller has built a new residence 1881-12-23-pg04
Boonsville Texas Story Mr. Reynolds, Mrs. Newsom, Dr. Harrison 1880-06-11-pg02
Boonsville Texas Story Rally! Greenbackers of Precinct No. 8 1880-07-16-pg03
Boonsville Texas Story Greenback meeting 1880-07-23-pg03
Boonsville Texas Story Baptist closed meeting at Oxford Water. 1880-07-30-pg02
Boonsville Texas Story Methodist sharp shooting 1880-07-30-pg02
Boonsville Texas Story Correspondence 1880-11-19-pg01
Booth & Carswell Story Assume control of Decatur Tribune 1881-05-06-pg03
Booth & Cates Story To secure a new road to the fields 1881-06-24-pg02
Booth, Col. Story Gone to Austin 1881-01-21-pg02
Booth, Col.  Story Had a fist fight 1880-10-08-pg03
Booth, Col. J.W. Story Under obligations for favors 1881-02-11-pg03
Booth, Col. J.W. Story Under obligations for favors 1881-02-18-pg03
Booth, Col. J.W. Story Under obligations for favors 1881-02-25-pg03
Booth, Col. J.W. Story Deaf and dumb girl to go to asylum 1881-03-04-pg03
Booth, J.F. Mr Story Sends the Messenger 1881-05-27-pg03
Booth, J.W. Col. Story Greenback Convention 1880-06-11-pg02
Booth, John Story Has arrived at his old home in Dallas Co. MO 1881-09-30-pg03
Booth, John F. Story Acquaintance of J.J. Richardson arrived 1880-09-17-pg03
Booth, John F. Story Of Missouri rented land to till. 1880-10-15-pg03
Booth, John F. Story Bound for Arkansas, will foffow in a few days 1881-08-19-pg03
Booth, Mrs W.J. Story Fallen heir to property from Uncle 1881-03-04-pg03
Booth,Mrs. J.W. Story Quiet sick 1881-03-04-pg02
Boston & McClure Story Sold 1200 lbs of wool 1881-05-06-pg03
Boston & Shean Story Will open a new store 1881-09-02-pg03
Boston and McClure Story Have a few head of Leicester and Cotswold lambs for sale 1881-07-08-pg03
Boston, A. Story Both experienced brick makers 1881-05-20-pg03
Boston, Abner A. Story Our new merchant will move to Mershon place 1881-07-22-pg03
Boston, Abner A. Story Having bought stock of goods from W. H. Mershon 1881-08-19-pg03
Boston, Messrs Story Who live a few miles northwest of here 1881-07-01-pg03
Boston, Mr. A. Story Sends Messenger to brother 1881-07-01-pg03
Boston, Mr. A.A. Story Second clip from 400 sheep, 25 cents 1881-09-23-pg03
Bounds, Rube Story Each transferred from county to district 1880-12-17-pg03
Bowers, Walter Story Employed by gambling house 1881-01-07-pg03
Bowling, W.J. Story Will preach her next Tuesday night 1880-09-10-pg03
Boydston, Mr. John Story Pierced with Fowler's arrow 1881-04-22-pg03
Boyle & Runnell, Messrs. Story Awarded the grading and iron 1880-10-15-pg02
Brackett, Mr Story Double egg found 1880-07-30-pg03
Brackett, T.H. Story Concert report 1880-10-01-pg03
Brackett, T.H. Story Gone into partnership with Ramsdale 1881-01-07-pg03
Brackett, T.H. Story Are seen at home from MK&T railroad 1881-07-15-pg03
Brady, Capt. W.W. Story En-route to Stephens County 1881-07-29-pg03
Brady, Capt. W.W. Story Gave us a brief call 1881-08-12-pg03
Brady, D.C. Story Conducted the class last Sunday 1st of John 1880-05-28-pg03
Brady, D.C. Story Teacher ordained as Methodist preacher 1880-07-02-pg03
Brady, D.C. Story Day school attendance increase 1880-07-30-pg03
Brady, D.C. Story School closed 1880-08-13-pg03
Brady, D.C. Story School accounts indebted to me 1880-09-10-pg03
Brady, Mr. W.W. Story Purchasing wire for fence 1881-05-06-pg04
Brady, Prof. Story Expects to be here 1881-03-18-pg03
Brady, Prof. D.C. Story Gone to Gainesville to spend a few weeks 1880-09-10-pg03
Brady, Prof. D.C. Story Now living in Gainsville 1881-01-14-pg03
Brady, Prof. D.C. Story Was here from Gainsville 1881-05-20-pg03
Brady, W.W. Story Announces as a canidate for re-election 1880-04-23-pg03
Brady, W.W. Story Building a new house on his land 1881-02-11-pg02
Brady, W.W. Story Clerk of said court 1881-04-22-pg02
Brady, W.W. Story Planning of the Old Settlers Reunion 1881-06-17-pg02
Brady, Walter Story At home from New Mexico 1881-04-22-pg02
Brady's School Story Small but growing 1880-04-16-pg03
Brewer, Henry Death Burned to death in stable 1881-12-30-pg01
Bridgeport Story Bridgeport Items 1880-05-28-pg03
Bridgeport Story Correspondence From W.W. 1880-06-04-pg03
Bridgeport Story Correspondence 1880-10-29-pg03
Bridgeport Story Deprived of a post office at this place 1880-12-03-pg03
Bridgeport Story Newly opened mines  1881-05-27-pg03
Bridgeport Story Silver has been discovered near Bridgeport 1881-06-03-pg02
Bridgeport  Story Mr. Keltner speaking 1880-10-08-pg03
Bridgeport Bridge Story Decayed bridge condemned 1881-03-11-pg04
Bridgeport Bridge Story Bids to repair 1881-03-25-pg02
Bridgeport Coal Story Man from Kentucky on way to Bridgeport 1881-06-10-pg03
Bridgeport Items Story News from Bridgeport 1880-06-04-pg03
Bridgeport School Story Election of trustees 1880-08-06-pg04
Bridgeport, Texas Story Putting up cotton gin 1880-08-06-pg04
Bridgeport, Texas Story Dr. Poindexter was here 1881-05-20-pg01
Bridges, A. Story Working on railroad, makes coffee 1881-02-11-pg03
Bridges, Allen Death Little boy dies after illness 1880-05-28-pg03
Bridges, Allen Story Son dangerously sick 1880-10-08-pg03
Bridges, Mollie Death Dau. of Mr. Henry Bridges, age 10 years 1881-06-10-pg03
Bridges, Mr. David Wedding Wed to Annie Adams of Friendship 1881-11-25-pg03
Bridges, Mr. Henry Story Of Salt Creek, was a soldier in Confederate  1880-12-03-pg03
Brim, Mrs. Story Sister of L. Freedman 1881-06-10-pg03
Britt, Billy Story Was down from Jack County 1881-02-18-pg03
Britt, Billy Story Is down from Jack County 1881-09-30-pg03
Britt, M.B.R. Story Ran a foot race on the commons here 1880-12-17-pg03
Britt, Micaja Story Looking for hog ranch 1880-04-16-pg03
Britt, Micaja Story Sold hogs to T.A. Black 1880-12-17-pg03
Britt, Micaja Story Standing under tree near residence 1881-05-20-pg03
Britt, Mr. M.B.R. Story And father, W.W. Britt were in town 1881-11-25-pg03
Britt, Mr. W.L.T. Story Was down from Jack County 1881-11-25-pg03
Britt, Mr. W.W. Story Has been sick 1881-12-16-pg05
Britt, W.W. Story Down from his home in Jack County 1881-06-17-pg03
Britton, Miss Wedding Wed to Mr. Whitton by Eld. Matthews 1881-10-07-pg03
Brockham Story Theft of hogs 1880-06-11-pg01
Brooks, Editor Story Editor of Evening Voice 1881-05-27-pg02
Brooks, H.H. Story Fined $25 for carring pistol. Appealed 1880-10-15-pg04
Brooks, Jimmy Story Buying young cattle 1881-02-11-pg03
Brooster, Thomas Story Stole two horses from Anderson 1880-10-29-pg04
Broughton, Frank Story Has new drill built by Shean & Mershon shop 1881-12-30-pg05
Brown & Scarborough Story Store also burned 1881-08-19-pg03
Brown & Scarborough's Story New store line of goods 1880-10-01-pg03
Brown & Scarborough's Story Domestics, Duckings and Cheviots 1880-10-15-pg03
Brown & Scott Story To debate at Paris Texas 1881-11-11-pg03
Brown and Scarborough's Story Fresh onions just received 1880-10-22-pg03
Brown children Death 2 of 3 children born, have died 1881-09-23-pg03
Brown County Story Court house burned 1880-04-23-pg04
Brown County Story Oil well yielding 15-20 gallons per day 1880-06-18-pg02
Brown, Aaron Story Building new dwelling 1881-12-30-pg04
Brown, Col. John Henry Story Attending to Matagorda County School lands 1880-10-29-pg03
Brown, Col. John Henry Story Attending to the sale of land 1880-12-24-pg03
Brown, Dr. J.A. Story 1/2 brother of Dr. J.J. Ball and A.F. Ball 1881-05-06-pg03
Brown, Dr. J.A. Ad Practicing Physician Paradise Texas 1881-07-29-pg01
Brown, Gov. Albert G. Death Mississippi. Thrown from horse and drowned 1880-06-25-pg01
Brown, Jake Birth Late arrivals of 3 girls at house 1881-09-23-pg02
Brown, Jas. & Party Story Las Vagas N.M. denies report of murder 1880-05-07-pg03
Brown, John Story Of the new town of Lone Star was in to see us 1881-07-15-pg03
Brown, John T. Story Elected mayor of Fort Worth 1880-05-07-pg04
Brown, Maj.John Henry Story 1/2 brother served in 1812 1881-03-18-pg04
Brown, Miss E. B. Wedding Of Wise County wed to J.W. Jones 1881-12-30-pg04
Brown, Miss Nannie Story Vote resulted as follows 1880-08-13-pg03
Brown, Miss Nannie Wedding Wed to Wm. B. Ramsdale by Elder Matthews 1881-10-14-pg03
Brown, Mr. Story Will build residence 1881-11-18-pg03
Brown, Mr. Aaron Story Of Hog Branch is building 1881-12-09-pg02
Brown, Mr. J.H. Story Has rented his blacksmith shop to Mr. Baugh 1881-12-09-pg02
Brown, Mr. John Story Of Bridgeport, to lay out a new town 1880-12-10-pg03
Brown, Mr. S.L. Jr. Story Attendant at wedding of Houston and Guthrie 1881-10-28-pg03
Brown, Mr. Sewell Jr. Story Brought nieces, Miss Rollins and Miss Carrie Jack 1881-06-17-pg03
Brown, Mr. Sewell Sr. Story Spent hours in town 1881-08-05-pg03
Brown, Mrs. Jake Death Died after birth of triplets 1881-09-30-pg03
Brown, Rev. Story Preached his farewell sermon last Sunday 1880-11-26-pg03
Brown, S. Story Decatur City Election 1881-05-20-pg01
Brown, S. Jr. Story Will begin erection of large drug store 1881-09-02-pg03
Brown, S.L. Story Fined $1.00 and costs 1881-02-25-ph04
Brown, Sewell Jr. Story Of Decatur is spending a day in Paradise 1881-09-30-pg03
Brown, Sewell Sr. Story Passed through town 1881-06-03-pg03
Brown, W.M. Death Found dead in his bed at Miller house 1881-01-21-pg03
Brown, W.M. Story Returned from trip to Eastern Texas 1881-09-30-pg03
Brown, W.R. Story Lodged in jail 1881-06-17-pg02
Brown, W.R. Story Charged with mail robbery 1881-06-24-pg04
Brown, Wm. Story Pleasant call 1880-09-03-pg03
Bullock, Infant Child Death Infant of Hon. W.H. Bullock 1881-12-16-pg04
Bullock, W.H. Story Asks for suffrage of people of county 1880-05-28-pg03
Bullock, W.H. Story Formed a law partnership 1881-03-11-pg04
Burk Survey Story Required to pay rent 1881-04-08-pg03
Burke, County judge Story Is down with meningitis 1881-02-11-pg03
Burlingame Treaty Story Brutalize and degrade American labor 1880-06-25-pg04
Burnet, Mr. Story Herd bound for Burnet ranche in Wachita Co. 1880-09-03-pg03
Burnett Elder Story Closed a two week meeting at Chico 1881-09-02-pg02
Burnett, Bro. Thos. R. Story Editor of Christian Messenger at Bonham TX. 1880-08-27-pg04
Burnett, Burks Story Cattle drive of 2000 head 1880-05-14-pg02
Burnett, J.R. Story Of the Disciples to have debate 1881-07-08-pg02
Burnett, Rev. Dr. Story Of the Baptist Church 1881-09-02-pg03
Burnham, Ed Death Aged fourteen was killed by Henry Smith aged eleven 1881-11-18-pg01
Burnham, Mr. N.J. Story A young man living near here 1881-07-29-pg03
Burns, Miss E.V. Wedding Wed to Mr. Wm. Wood 1881-12-09-pg03
Burris, Little Boy Story Boy of Tarleton Burris was badly burned on leg 1881-12-30-pg05
Burris, Maansfield Story Has moved into old Burris place 1881-03-04-pg03
Burris, Mr. T. Story Offers land to build Christian Church 1880-08-06-pg03
Burris, Mr. T. Story Bought Ward Churn interest 1881-06-03-pg03
Burris, Mr. T. Story Has given B.F. Hall two acres for a school 1881-12-30-pg05
Burris, T. Story Sold 40 acres of land 1881-02-04-pg03
Burris, T. Ad $8.00 to insure colt. Blooded Stallion 1881-04-29-pg03
Burrow, W.R. Story Of the vicinity of Crafton 1880-12-24-pg03
Burton and Bro. Story At Cottondale retail bacon 14 cents 1881-11-11-pg03
Burton William Story Indicted for murder 1881-02-04-pg04
Burton, Capt. R.M. Story Of Cottondale visited Messenger 1880-04-16-pg03
Burton, Capt. R.M. Story Store room filled to over flowing 1881-04-01-pg03
Burton, Capt. R.M. Story Of Cottondale was at Read's Chapel 1881-07-15-pg03
Burton, Capt. R.M. Story The "boss" merchant of Cottondale 1881-09-02-pg03
Burton, Mr. T.S. Story Gave us a brief call 1881-05-20-pg03
Burton, Mr. T.S. Story Sends Messenger to brother 1881-06-03-pg03
Burton, R.M. Story At Banks home 1880-06-11-pg02
Burton, R.M. Story Fell on head so not hurt 1880-08-20-pg01
Burton, R.M. Story Ride into country pounced down on Cottondale 1880-10-08-pg02
Burton, R.M. Story Of Cottondale enlivened our sanctum 1880-10-15-pg03
Burton, T.S. Story At Banks home 1880-06-11-pg02
Burton, T.S. Story Stepped in to wish us well 1880-07-16-pg03
Burton, T.S. Story Gave us a call 1881-07-01-pg03
Burton, Uncle Tom  Story Was in town 1881-04-01-pg03
Burton, W.C. Story Sold his farm south of Decatur 1880-12-10-pg03
Burton, W.M. Story Killed Jack Rush,sentenced to hang 1881-05-27-pg02
Burton, W.M. Story Who killed Jack Rush sentenced to be hanged 1881-05-27-pg02
Burton, Walter Story Indicted for murder 1881-02-04-pg04
Burton, Wm. Story Convicted of murder of Jack Rush 1881-04-29-pg02
Butler, Miss. S.J. Wedding East Mound, wed to Mr. F. Collier. 1880-12-03-pg01
Butler, W.R.  Story Started to Ft. Worth today with cotton 1880-12-03-pg03
Butler, Wm Story Taught school at Bridgeport 1880-06-18-pg03
Byrum, Henry Wedding Wed to Miss Curley Caldwell 1881-01-14-pg02
Byrum, Wm. Wedding Wed to Miss Tinney Beeson 1881-01-14-pg02
Caldwell, Curley Wedding Wed to Henry Byrum 1881-01-14-pg02
Caldwell, Maggie Wedding Wed to Boyd Barker 1881-01-14-pg02
Calvert, W.C. Death Lawyer of Weatherford died 1881-04-22-pg02
Cameron, Uncle Jimmie Death Died on Sunday 1880-08-13-pg04
Campbell, Henry C. Story Was in town 1881-04-29-pg03
Campbell, J.A. Story Plea of debt 1881-12-16-pg05
Campbell, Marsh Story Will have missed this week 1881-12-16-pg05
Campbell, Mr. Story Residence was near being burned 1881-04-08-pg03
Canales, Gen. Death Of Mexico died on the 28th last month 1881-07-08-pg02
Cannon, Dr. C.W. Story Appointed postmaster at Bridgeport 1881-02-18-pg02
Cantwell, Dr. and Bud Death Silver Creek Parker Co. two men shot and killed by A. Cox 1881-09-23-pg01
Capt. Irving Story Of Fort Griffin has received orders 1881-05-06-pg02
Carauthers, Mr. Story Bought farm from Wm. M. Stephens for $500 1880-08-27-pg03
Carey, Miss Wedding Married Mr. Sam Milhollan 1880-12-17-pg03
Cargill, N.C. Story Appellate Court reversed and remanded 1880-05-14-pg03
Cargill, N.C. Story Town marshall of Decatur 1880-12-17-pg03
Cargill, N.C. Story Decatur City Election 1881-05-20-pg01
Carhart, Elder Story Presiding Elder northwest of Decatur 1881-07-08-pg01
Carlton, Mr. Calvin Story Brother-in-law of Mr. Payton Phillips 1881-07-29-pg03
Carlyle, Thomas Death Famous author is dead 1881-02-11-pg03
Carlyle, Thomas Death The famous author and philosopher 1881-02-11-pg03
Carmicheal, Col. Story Of Walnut Creek 1881-05-06-pg03
Carpenter and Clisbee Story Mail contract between Denton and Decatur  1881-01-14-pg03
Carpenter, B.F. Story Bought 1000 head of beef 1880-06-11-pg03
Carpenter, Dr. Story Gone to Austin to attend 1881-02-11-pg02
Carpenter, Dr. Story Of Decatur, passed through  1881-02-18-pg03
Carpenter, Dr. Story Returned from Austin 1881-03-04-pg02
Carpenter, Dr. L. Story Several left for New Mexico for gold mine 1880-05-07-pg03
Carpenter, Dr. L. Story Attending prisoners in jail 1881-03-04-pg04
Carpenter, J.C. Story In our city 1880-06-25-pg01
Carpenter, J.C. Story Buying beef on Salt Creek 1881-06-24-pg03
Carpenter, J.C. Story Building stone building in Decatur 1881-07-01-pg01
Carpenter, Jesse Story Guest of some of our citizens 1880-09-17-pg03
Carpenter, Jesse Story Of Decatur was in Henrietta 1881-06-03-pg03
Carpenter, L. Story Decatur City Election 1881-05-20-pg01
Carpenter, Miss Dora Story Has come home 1880-05-28-pg03
Carpenter, Mrs. Jesse Story Sold store-house to Mrs. Zadick 1881-12-16-pg04
Carroll Story And a cornet band are all expected at reunion 1881-07-08-pg01
Carroll, J.A. Story Our present District Justice is in town 1880-10-15-pg03
Carroll, Judge Story Bought Grider House in Decatur 1880-05-07-pg03
Carroll, Judge J.A. Story Offers to grade 1 mile of railroad 1880-06-11-pg03
Carroll. J.A. Story Speaker at Old Settlers Reunion 1881-06-17-pg02
Cartersville Story Gin and Gristmill distroyed by fire 1881-07-08-pg02
Cartright, Lem Story Planning of the Old Settlers Reunion 1881-06-17-pg02
Cartwright, T.J. Story Canidate for sherriff 1880-04-30-pg03
Cartwright's Mr. near Story Baptist Sunday School Reeves, Porter, Gentry etc. 1881-04-29-pg03
Caskey, Eld. Story Is to spend a few weeks in Gainsville 1881-09-30-pg01
Caskey, Eld. Story Of Fort Worth will preach 1881-12-02-pg03
Caskey, Eld. T.W. Story Returned from Granbury and points west 1881-05-06-pg03
Caskey, Eld. T.W. Story Made an able and convincing argument 1881-07-08-pg02
Caskey, Elder T. W. Story Preaching at Aurora 1880-08-13-pg03
Caskey, Elder T. W. Story Lectures on infidelity at Christian Church 1881-12-09-pg03
Caskie, Elder T.W. Story Delighting his congregation 1880-10-29-pg01
Castain, Mr. Thos. Story Gave us a call 1881-10-07-pg03
Castleman, Elder J.L. Story Of the Christian Church gave us a call 1880-12-03-pg03
Castleman, Jas. L. Story Agent for Christian Preacher this year 1881-02-18-pg02
Cates Coal Mines Story Shaft completed 1881-07-01-pg01
Cates, Bobbie Death Son of R.G. and Lizzie Cates died 1881-05-27-pg02
Cates, Bobbie Death Little son of R.G. and Lizzie Cates 1881-05-27-pg02
Cates, C.D. Story Decatur City Election 1881-05-20-pg01
Cates, C.D. Story Sent specimen of Wise County coal 1881-06-10-pg02
Cates, C.D. Story Returned from his trip 1881-07-08-pg01
Cates, Chas. D. Story Planning of the Old Settlers Reunion 1881-06-17-pg02
Cates, Claib Story Fell,  Decatur City Hall awning 1881-06-10-pg03
Cates, Mr. R.G. Story Was in town 1881-08-05-pg03
Catlett Creek Story Closing exercises at Gose schoolhouse 1880-06-18-pg04
Ceicil, Baylor Death Died at Greenwood 1881-03-25-pg02
Chambers, B.J. Story Of Texas for Vice President 1880-06-18-pg03
Chambers, B.J. Story Cleburne resident nominated for Vice President 1880-06-25-pg04
Chambers, Col. Story Addressed group In St. Louis 1880-06-25-pg02
Chambers, J.B. Story Receipt of an article from the pen of 1880-10-01-pg03
Chase's Enquirer Story Industrial interests are not safe  1880-09-17-pg04
Cheneweth, T.J. Story Of Aurora, found silver and copper mine in King County 1881-07-08-pg01
Cheneworth, Mr. Jeff Story Come to reside in Seymour 1881-12-09-pg02
Chenoweth Story Horse missing in Aurora  1880-03-26-pg02
Chenoweth, Dr. Story Returned from Seymour 1881-04-01-pg03
Chenoweth, J.W. Story Gone to Seymour in Baylor County 1881-04-01-pg02
Cheves, Child Death Child of J.D.N. Cheves died last week 1881-02-25-pg03
Chicago Story Great Storm Shows Loss of Life and Property 1880-05-07-pg04
Chickasaw Nation Story Stockmen must move herds out of nation 1881-04-29-pg02
Chico Story Methodist church house completed 1880-09-03-pg03
Chico Story Mr. Keltner speaking 1880-10-08-pg03
Chico Story Has tin-shop and M.D. 1881-04-08-pg02
Chico Story Parson Heath, C. C. Hawkins 1881-11-18-pg03
Chico Methodist  Church Story Dedicated by Rev. Dr. Brush 1880-11-26-pg03
Chico Texas Story Temperence Society organized 1881-04-15-pg03
Chico Texas Story To have a grand picnic 1881-06-24-pg04
Childress, Miss Josephine Wedding Married to Jesse Dickerson 1881-07-08-pg03
Chili and Peru Story Peace declared 1881-03-04-pg03
Choctaw Nation Story General John Pope expels white intruders 1881-08-05-pg03
Christian Church Story Sermon was delivered 1881-05-06-pg02
Christian Church Story Meet at the old schoolhouse 1881-07-22-pg03
Christian Church Story Has membership of 30,000 in Texas 1881-08-12-pg01
Christian Church  Story Denton church holds meeting 1880-06-18-pg02
Christian Church  Story Money gathered for building a church house 1880-08-13-pg03
Christian Church  Story Foundation timbers set 1880-08-13-pg03
Christian Church  Story Rock being layed on ground 1880-08-20-pg03
Christian Church  Story New church has been built at Little Elm 1880-09-24-pg03
Church of Christ Story Held meeting 1880-08-13-pg02
Clark, Addison Story Of Add-Ran, Thorp's Springs Texas 1881-03-18-pg03
Clark, Addison Story Will begin protracted meeting at Christian Church 1881-05-27-pg02
Clark, Addison Story Conducting a meeting 1881-07-08-pg02
Clark, Mr. A.T. Story Representing Dallas Herald 1881-10-07-pg03
Clark, Sam Death Local editor of Gainseville Registar died 1881-05-27-pg02
Clay County Story Expect to engage in mining 1881-05-27-pg03
Clement Cotton Factory Story At this place spinning 1881-05-27-pg01
Clement, Mr. B.T. Story Known as a school teacher 1881-05-06-pg03
Clement, Prof. B.T. Story Teaching at Audubon, 75 pupils 1881-03-04-pg04
Cleveland, Col. Story Have finished writing off tax 1880-12-17-pg03
Clifton, Mr. Mark Story Cotton-gin and gristmill on Ash Creek burned 1881-12-09-pg03
Clingman, Mr. A.J. Story Brother-in-law of our neighbor Mr. Reynolds 1881-06-17-pg03
Clingman, Mr.. Story Who is an artist 1881-06-24-pg03
Clisbee and Carpenter Story Mail contract between Denton and Decatur  1881-01-14-pg03
Coats, Mr. William Story Sold farm to Mr. Portwood 1881-03-18-pg02
Cobb,  Miss Lulu Death Died after a brief illness at about age 18 1881-12-23-pg05
Cobb, Brothers Story Of Decatur, about to buy cattle 1881-02-04-pg03
Cobb, D.A. Story Decatur City Election 1881-05-20-pg01
Cobb, Ed Story Bro. of Decatur druggist 1880-04-16-pg03
Cobb, Ed Story Holding 200 head of cattle on Paradise Prairie 1880-05-14-pg03
Cobb, Ed & Johnny Story On their way south to cattle 1880-07-23-pg03
Coggin, Mr. W.A. Story Will close his school at Shady Grove 1880-08-27-pg03
Coggin, Prof. W.A. Story Purchased a farm near Sandy 1880-12-10-pg03
Colbert, Col. J.W. Story Called on us yesterday morning 1881-06-03-pg03
Colbert, J.W. Story Coming home from gold mine in N.M. 1880-05-14-pg03
Colbert, Levi Death Assasinated in Indian Territory 1880-07-23-pg04
Colbert, Mr. J.W. Story Invaded our sanctum yesterday 1881-03-11-pg03
Cole, Jim Story In Minnesota Penitentary  1881-07-01-pg02
Coleman, Mr. Ed Death Shot by friend Dr. Thomas Wynne, accident. 1880-09-24-pg01
Coleman, Sheriff Death Was killed in Indian Terr. 1881-07-15-pg03
Collier, J.B. & N.P. Story Sister, Mrs. Pinnell of MO visiting 1881-12-09-pg03
Collier, Mr. F. Wedding East Mound, wed Miss S. J. Butler 1880-12-03-pg01
Collins, Bob Story To elevate drummers baggage at City Hotel 1880-12-24-pg02
Collins, Britt Story Was in town 1881-04-01-pg03
Collins, Capt. Bob Story Is yet master of the situation 1881-07-08-pg03
Collins, Col. Bob Story Had a fist fight 1880-10-08-pg03
Collins, Little Boy Story Has scarlet fever 1881-04-15-pg01
Collins, R. M. Story Decatur City Election 1881-05-20-pg01
Collins, R.M. Story Proprietor of City Hotel in Decatur 1880-06-18-pg03
Collins, R.M. Story Planning of the Old Settlers Reunion 1881-06-17-pg02
Collins, R.M. Story Proprietor of the City Hotel in Decatur 1881-07-08-pg02
Collins, R.M. Story When in Decatur stop at City Hotel 1881-07-15-pg03
Collom, Billie Story Smiled in on us 1881-11-11-pg03
Collom, Miss Ella Wedding Wed to Mr. J,C. Alexander by Rev. Mr. Brown 1881-08-12-pg03
Collom, Perry Story Gave us a call 1880-09-03-pg03
Collom, Perry Story Enroute to Cottondale to address people 1880-09-10-pg03
Collom, Perry Story Were in town this week 1880-10-01-pg03
Collom, Wm. Story Dropped a passing salutation 1881-10-14-pg03
Collum, Perry Story Wants to sell a tract of land 1881-01-07-pg03
Collum, Perry Story Was in town this week 1881-02-11-pg03
Colorado River Story Swollen 1880-06-11-pg01
Columbus, Georgia Story Electric lights in cotton mills, water power 1880-12-10-pg01
Colwell, Mr. A.J. Story Pleasant Hill Vocal Music Assoc. 1880-11-12-pg04
Commissioner's Court Story Appropriated $355.05 for the poor 1880-12-03-pg03
Confederates Story Ex-soldiers to meet in Dallas 1881-04-01-pg03
Conkling and Platt Story Arrested on a charge of attempted murder of Pres. Garfield 1881-07-08-pg03
Connell, G.F. Story Well pleased with Messenger 1881-05-06-pg03
Cook, Jack Death Murdered in Gainesville 2 miles south of town 1881-04-22-pg02
Cook, Wilson Story Planning of the Old Settlers Reunion 1881-06-17-pg02
Cooley, Jonathan Story Build a new frame dwelling 1881-06-24-pg03
Cooper, Briton Wedding Lizzie Smith marries at Springtown 1880-07-23-pg02
Cooper, Dave Wedding Wed to Miss Tommie Shannon 1881-01-14-pg02
Cooper, Jesse Story An ear of corn from new place northwest of here 1881-07-15-pg03
Cooper, Mr. D.S. Wedding Married Miss Tommie Shannon 1880-12-03-pg03
Cooper, O.S. Birth Late arrivals are boys at houses of 1881-09-23-pg02
Copeland, Mrs. Death Of Salt Creek died last week 1881-12-02-pg03
Copeland, Young Lady Death Of Salt Creek died 1881-11-11-pg03
Cottondale Story Frost wilted corn 1880-04-16-pg02
Cottondale Story Bouncing 12 lb. baby boy for B.F. Banks 1880-05-28-pg03
Cottondale Story Moving of the town of Cottondale 1880-06-11-pg03
Cottondale Story Magistrate's court here last Friday. One case. 1880-06-25-pg02
Cottondale Story New Baptist Church, Masonic Hall, schoohouse 1880-07-09-pg03
Cottondale Story F. M. Holden ordered new engine & gin stand 1880-07-09-pg03
Cottondale Story Be moved to new location next week 1880-07-23-pg03
Cottondale Story Talk of building bridge over Salt Creek 1880-08-06-pg03
Cottondale Story Building a saloon 1880-08-13-pg03
Cottondale Story New well being drilled on new town site 1880-08-13-pg04
Cottondale Story Our Village has moved 1880-08-20-pg01
Cottondale Story Windmill to be installed 1880-08-20-pg01
Cottondale Story Correspondence 1880-08-27-pg03
Cottondale Story Public well down to 60 feet 1880-09-03-pg03
Cottondale Story Baptist preaching -- Newton, James and Duncan 1880-09-03-pg03
Cottondale Story Baptist meeting, 23 persons immersed 1880-09-10-pg03
Cottondale Story Correspondence 1880-10-15-pg03
Cottondale Story Correspondence 1880-11-12-pg03
Cottondale Story Contract with J.A. Thomas to teach 1880-11-19-pg03
Cottondale Story Vocal Music Assoc., Taylor, Banks, Coffman 1881-01-07-pg04
Cottondale Story Has new M.D. from TN 1881-03-25-pg03
Cottondale Correspondence Mentioned: Taylor, Hatchett, Wilson and Uncle Bob 1881-04-15-pg03
Cottondale Correspondence Sending greetings to Paradise, Squire  Banks, Capt Burton etc. 1881-04-22-pg03
Cottondale Story Saloon making spee for those who indulge 1881-04-22-pg03
Cottondale Story Correspondence 1881-05-20-pg01
Cottondale Correspondence A few meetings ago 1881-06-03-pg01
Cottondale Story People have prepared the largest and best seated arbor 1881-07-22-pg03
Cottondale Story Have raised funds for Academy 1881-08-05-pg03
Cottondale Story Mr. Editor, Cottondale is not dead 1881-08-05-pg03
Cottondale Story Soul stirring sermons of James and Duncan 1881-08-05-pg03
Cottondale Correspondence Over 300 persons present at school benefit ball 1881-10-14-pg03
Cottondale Story We made a brief visit to our sister village in the vale of Salt Cr. 1881-11-11-pg02
Cottondale Correspondence Is going to have a Christmas tree for school children 1881-12-16-pg04
Cottondale Story Presents will be received at stores 1881-12-16-pg05
Cottondale Story Cake cutting at B.F. Banks 1881-12-30-pg05
Cottondale Correspondence Santa Claus visits Cottondale for first time 1881-12-30-pg05
Cottondale Baptist Story Mr. James is chosen pastor 1881-08-05-pg03
Cottondale Blacksmiths Story Best coal from Bridgeport 1881-06-10-pg03
Cottondale Store Ad Banks and Burton, Shoes, Boots, Dry Goods, etc 1880-04-23-pg03
Cottondale, Texas Story Denocrats meet at Cottondale 1880-08-13-pg01
Couch, William Death From Bridgeport, died of pneumonia, feeble wife 1880-04-09-pg02
Courtner's Gin Story 9 miles north of Decatur exploded 1881-10-07-pg02
Courtney, Erney Story Exceeded hopes of friends 1880-07-16-pg03
Cowart, Mr. John Story Has sold his boarding house 1881-01-07-pg03
Cox. Mr. Story Pleasant Hill Vocal Music Assoc. 1880-11-12-pg04
Craft, G. R. Story Canidate for Representative 1880-09-10-pg03
Craft, G.B. Story Introducing of speakers 1880-07-16-pg03
Craft, Geo. Story Expecting to be In Fort Worth 1880-05-28-pg03
Craft, George R. Story Nominated  at convention 1880-07-30-pg03
Craft, Mr. G.R Story Under obligations for favors 1881-01-07-pg03
Crafton Story Crafton correspondence 1880-07-16-pg02
Crafton Story Greenback picnic 2000 people 1880-07-16-pg03
Crafton Story Mr. Keltner speaking 1880-10-08-pg03
Crafton Story Correspondence 1881-01-07-pg03
Craig, J.R. Story Of the vicinity of Aurora 1881-05-27-pg03
Craig, J.R. Story Lost one bay mare 1881-07-01-pg03
Craig, James Story Sold farm to Mr. Huff 1880-05-14-pg03
Craig, John T. Wedding All of Henrietta Miss Semie Mangum 1881-01-07-pg02
Craig, Sheriff Story Of Clay County with three prisioners 1880-06-11-pg03
Crawford, J.M. Story Sends Messenger to B. T. Collier in GA 1881-07-01-pg03
Crenshaw, M.N. Story In attendence at preaching 1880-08-27-pg03
Crenshaw, Miss Alice Story In town visiting friend, Hamiliton 1881-04-22-pg03
Crenshaw, Mr. M.N. Story Will put in 50 acres of cotton 1881-02-25-pg03
Criner, Joe Story Was shot by Jack Armstrong 1881-10-21-pg02
Crisp, Capt. John T. Story Has gone to Sulphur Springs to stand trial 1881-09-30-pg02
Crow, judge W.M. Story Has relatives in this part of the state 1881-11-18-pg02
Crowell, Mr .A.G. Story Passed through town going west 1881-06-10-pg01
Cruce, Mrs. H.F. Death Departed this life on the 8th 1880-10-29-pg04
Crutchfield, L.L. Story Returned from Seymour 1881-12-16-pg04
Culwell, J.W. Story Conducted exercises for music class 1881-06-17-pg03
Culwell, Mr. J.A. Story Appointed Deputy Grand Lecturer 1881-06-03-pg03
Cundiff Story A man named Cundiff shot another at Pella 1881-07-15-pg02
Cundiff, Major Story Becomes a resident of Decatur 1881-03-04-pg04
Cundiff, W.L. Death Departed this life age fifty-one 1881-10-07-pg02
Currie, James Story Proven sane in court 1880-06-25-pg03
Curtis, Mr. Story Bales of cotton left gin this week 1880-10-01-pg03
Curtis, Mr. Story Hum of saw at saw-mill 1881-06-03-pg03
Curtner, Caroline Wedding Wed to P.H. Neal 1881-09-23-pg02
Custis, Charley Story Sold his farm northeast of here 1881-02-04-pg03
Custis, Frank Story Has been to Wyoming 1881-11-18-pg03
Custis, John Story Son of G. W. Custis, cut his foot with ax  1881-09-09-pg03
Custis, Mr. Story Log-yard crowded 1880-08-27-pg03
Custis, Mr. Story Has ginned about 100 bales of cotton 1880-11-12-pg03
Custis, Mr. Story Ordered part of timbers from owner of mill 1880-12-03-pg03
Custis, Mr. Story Contracted with Hamp Cooper to run gin 1881-07-15-pg03
Custis, Mr. G.W. Story Read sermon by Rev. DeWit Talmadge 1880-05-07-pg03
Custis, Mr. G.W. Story Moving his saw-mill back 1881-09-09-pg03
Custis, Mr. G.W. Story Will set up at his old place 1881-10-07-pg03
Custis, Mr. G.W. Wedding Wed to Mrs. S.A. Jones by Rev. Boling 1881-10-07-pg03
Custis, Mrs. Malinda C. Death Aged 46, affectionate wife of G. W. Custis 1880-11-26-pg03
Cuthbert, John A. Story Reached 102 years of age 1880-10-15-pg02
Daggett, Capt. E.M.. Story Chairman of the Greenback 1881-11-18-pg03
Daggett, E.M. Story Director of Manufactoring Company in tarrant County 1881-05-20-pg01
Dallas Story Singer Company agent and forgery 1880-05-14-pg02
Dallas Story Dallas and Wichita Railroad Under Foreclosure 1880-05-14-pg04
Dallas Story German farmers pass through en-route for Crosby  1880-09-24-pg02
Dallas Story Texas Pacific reached Eastland 1880-10-08-pg03
Dallas Story A balloon passed over this city tonight 1881-01-07-pg04
Dallas Story World's Fair in 1883 1881-04-08-pg02
Dallas Herald Story Banks demanding full rates of Interest 1880-04-16-pg04
Davenport, F.W.  Story Vocal music at Martin's Branch. 1880-09-03-pg02
Davenport, Miss Mollie Wedding Wed to B.E. Green on the 20th 1881-02-18-pg01
Davenport's Mill Story Of Denton Co. writes Correspondence 1881-02-11-pg03
Davenport's Mill Story Report from railroading 1881-02-11-pg03
Davidson, Miss Priscilla Wedding Wed to Mr. Richard Barnes 1881-09-02-pg03
Davis & Terry Story Have begun business 1881-12-09-pg03
Davis, I.S. Story Proprietor of Aurora hotel down with fever 1880-12-03-pg02
Davis, Jefferson Story Spending summer in Canada 1881-06-10-pg01
Davis, Mr. Mike Death Shot self while living south of Union Grove 1881-07-29-pg04
Davis, T.J. Story Mershon just bought 50 head of stock 1881-11-04-pg03
Davis, T.J. Story Store house on the south side 1881-12-02-pg03
Dawes, Elder Story Preached here Saturday night 1881-09-02-pg03
Dawes, Elder S. Story Was in town yesterday 1881-01-21-pg03
Dawes, Elder S..O. Story In town attending 1881-05-27-pg03
Dawes, Elder S.O. Story Grand State Lecturer 1881-08-19-pg03
Dawes, Prof. S.O. Story Organized Alliances 1881-11-18-pg03
Dawes, Rev. S.O. Story Selected as delegate to State meeting 1881-06-03-pg03
Dawes, S.O. Story Sends Messenger ot Miss. 1881-05-06-pg03
Dawes, S.O. Story Brief calls from our friends 1881-12-30-pg05
Daws, Rev. S.O. Story Of M.E. church preached last Sunday 1880-10-15-pg03
Deavenport's Mills Story Correspondence, measles for R.R. crew 1881-03-18-pg02
Decatur Story Mayor elected for Decatur, R. M. Collins 1880-05-14-pg02
Decatur Story Decatur Democrat will start next week 1880-05-28-pg03
Decatur Story Artesian well on square 120 feet 1880-05-28-pg03
Decatur Story Those registered at City Hotel 1880-07-02-pg03
Decatur Story Mr. Keltner speaking 1880-10-08-pg03
Decatur Story Much shooting on streets 1881-03-18-pg03
Decatur Story Greathouse about to establish bank  1881-03-25-pg02
Decatur Story Vein of coal discovered north of 1881-04-01-pg02
Decatur Story Railroad coming to town 1881-04-01-pg04
Decatur Story Estrays sold at a good price 1881-04-15-pg01
Decatur Story $20,000 raised and depot ground located for railroad 1881-04-15-pg01
Decatur Story Jail break 1881-05-27-pg03
Decatur Story Buildings southeast corner of public square fronting Main St. 1881-12-16-pg04
Decatur  Story Several persons charged with stealing horses, in jail 1881-09-30-pg03
Decatur Baptist Church Story Dedicated 1881-10-21-pg02
Decatur Democrat Story Arrested on a charge of libel 1881-02-11-pg03
Decatur Merchants Story Buying wool at Paradise 1880-04-16-pg03
Decatur Mining Co. Story Meeting of dissolved mining company  1880-08-06-pg03
Decatur Texas Story City Hotel on south side of square 1880-06-18-pg03
Decatur Texas Story City Election 1881-05-20-pg01
Decatur Tribune Story Refrain from calling Greenbackers blockheads 1880-06-18-pg02
Decatur Tribune Story Contract for building Baptist ch. 1880-10-08-pg02
Decatur Tribune  Story Gleanings from Tribune, Wallace-Taylor-Cobb-Neighbors 1881-05-20-pg03
Decatur Tribune  Story Requested to publish about the Old Settlers Reunion 1881-06-17-pg02
Decatur Tribune  Story Two story buildings on Main Street 1881-11-18-pg02
Decatur, Texas Story Pandemonium opened up 1880-07-23-pg02
Decatur, Texas Story Democratic Convention held 1880-08-20-pg03
Decatur, Texas Story Political Correspondence  1880-09-24-pg03
Decatur, Texas Story Neighbors taken cotton to store 1880-10-08-pg03
Deep Creek [Aurora] Correspondence Christmas Tree, Weddings 1881-01-14-pg02
Delta County Story Is building a new court house 1881-11-11-pg01
Denison Herald Story Destroyed by fire 1881-02-18-pg03
Denton, Texas Story Railroad has reached Denton 1880-12-24-pg01
Denver Col. Death Williams and Gaines hanged 1880-09-03-pg01
Denver, Colorado Story Has been in the hands of a mob for 8 hrs. 1880-11-12-pg02
Devreux, A. Story Briefly in town 1881-04-29-pg03
Devreux, Albert Story Was in our town 1881-11-11-pg03
Dewees, Joe Story Cheerful blazing fire at prairie home 1880-11-12-pg02
Dickerson, Jesse Story Lost a good horse last Sunday night 1881-01-14-pg03
Dickerson, Jesse Story Team of mules ran off 1881-09-30-pg03
Dickerson, Mr. Story Rafter on church falling down 1880-10-08-pg03
Dickerson, Mr. & Mrs. John Death A little boy of the family was buried 1881-10-21-pg03
Dickerson, Mr. Jesse Story Lost a good horse, $100 1881-06-03-pg03
Dickerson, Mr. Jesse Wedding Married by Rev. A. Evans to Josephine Childress 1881-07-08-pg03
Dickerson, Silas Death 50 yrs old, esteemed citizen and neighbor 1880-12-24-pg03
Dickson, Capt. Story Will speak at Cottondale to-morrow 1880-09-10-pg03
Dickson, Capt. Story Spoke to a few persons here 1880-09-17-pg03
Dickson, Capt. J. N. Story Registered at leading hotel in Denton 1880-10-01-pg03
Dickson, Col. Story Addressed audience 1880-07-16-pg03
Dickson, Joe Story Released on suspicion of murder 1880-12-10-pg03
Dickson, John D. Story Attention called to 1877 taxes for land 1880-04-30-pg04
Dickson, John N. Story Expecting to be In Fort Worth, attorney 1880-05-28-pg03
Dickson, Mr. J.N. Story Attended court 1881-04-08-pg03
Dickson, Mr. J.N. Story Speaker at Old Settlers Reunion 1881-06-17-pg02
Dillard, Mrs. Story Sister of Mrs. Scarborough was visiting 1880-10-29-pg03
Dillon, John Story Arrested again and lodged in jail 1881-10-21-pg03
Disciples of Christ Story In Mo, Ill., Miss. and Texas 1880-07-23-pg01
Ditzler, Rev. Dr. Jacob Story Preached at M.E. Church last night 1880-06-25-pg02
Dobbs, Mr. C.A. Story In trouble concerning R. Bounds 1881-05-06-pg03
Dodds, C.A. Story        Industrious farmer on Rush Creek 1880-06-18-pg03
Dodds, C.S. Story Purchased 160 acres 1881-04-29-pg03
Dodds, Mr. & Mrs. Story Visit daughter in Cook County 1881-04-08-pg03
Dodds, Mr. C.A. Story Visits Kaufman county 1880-07-23-pg03
Dodds, Mrs. Story Returned from Cook County 1881-04-15-pg03
Dodson,  D.N. Story Elected mayor of Denton 1881-04-15-pg02
Dodson, Mr. D.N. Story Editor of Denton Monitor 1881-02-18-pg02
Donahoe, Mrs Ed Death Died at Bobo's gin 1881-09-30-pg02
Donald, H.D. Story Was in town 1881-04-01-pg03
Donald, H.D.  Esq. Story Here surveying tracts of land 1881-05-06-pg03
Donald, Mr. H.D. Story Masonic Lodge at New Hope on Boone's Creek 1880-06-04-pg03
Dorsey, Mr. Story Of Pella killed 11 hogs 1881-06-10-pg03
Douglas, Dr. G.W. Death Of Dallas died 1881-03-18-pg03
Douglas, James Death Numbered with dead 1881-03-04-pg04
Doyle, Parson P.T. Story Will commence meeting in McCright at Deep Creek 1881-07-01-pg03
Duckworth, Miss Matilda Death Funeral in new church house at East Mound 1881-06-03-pg03
Duncan, Eld. Story Preached on Sunday 1881-04-08-pg03
Duncan, Eldeer T.B. Story Sends Messenger to friend in MO 1881-03-25-pg03
Duncan, Elder Story Baptist full house last Sunday 1880-06-25-pg03
Duncan, Elder Story Of Baptist Church 1881-07-22-pg03
Duncan, Elder Story Married Mr. Richard Barnes & Miss Priscilla Davidson 1881-09-02-pg03
Duncan, Elder Story Preached a brief sermon 1881-09-30-pg03
Duncan, Elder Story Preached last Sunday at Read's Chapel at night 1881-10-21-pg03
Duncan, Miss Nancy J, Wedding Married to Mr. Paul Adkison 1881-05-20-pg03
Duncan, T.B. Story To witness marriage  1881-05-20-pg03
Duncan, T.P. Story Holding meeting at Friendship 1881-08-12-pg03
Dunn, Anna Death Dau. of Thos. died of convulsion in Decatur 1881-10-21-pg02
Dunn, E.W. Story Who carries mail between Jacksboro and Decatur 1881-11-25-pg03
Dupree, Madam Story Out walked 2 men 1881-02-25-pg02
Earhart, Mrs. Wm. Story Gone to visit old home in Tenn. 1881-09-02-pg02
Earp, John Story Constable resigned Pre. 5 1881-03-25-pg02
Easley, Levi Story Hope for success 1880-04-16-pg03
Easly, Levi Story Engage in merchandising at Garvin 1880-07-23-pg03
Easly, Levi Story Found not guilty 1880-12-17-pg03
Easly, Levi Story Frindship, Siloam and Garvin Sunday Schools 1881-06-10-pg02
East Mound Story Class will meet with Paradise, Cottondale etc. 1880-09-03-pg03
East Mound Story Lumber passed through to build Baptist house 1881-04-15-pg03
East Mound Story Funeral in new church house at East Mound 1881-06-03-pg03
East Mound School Story W.H. Griffith's School closing exercises 1880-07-23-pg03
East Mound School Story Celebration: Little girls did themselves credit 1880-07-30-pg01
Eastland Story Central railroad has reached 1880-10-15-pg02
Edison Story Has completed his electric light 1881-03-25-pg01
Edward Thompson Death Drowned in the Trinity near Dallas 1881-05-06-pg02
Edwards County Story Ordered detachment 1880-10-08-pg03
Edwards Mr. Story Sold farm on the Weatherford road 1880-11-19-pg03
Edwards, A. Story Canidate for County Attorney 1880-07-16-pg03
Edwards, A. Story Greenback Chair 1880-09-10-pg04
Edwards, A. Story Decatur City Election 1881-05-20-pg01
Edwards, G.F. Story Was here last week 1881-05-20-pg03
Edwards, Infant child Death Child of Judge A. Edwards 1881-07-08-pg01
Edwards, Judge Story Address Greenbackers at Pringle Creek School 1880-07-23-pg03
Edwards, Judge A. Story Efficent attorney and gentleman 1880-04-23-pg03
Edwards, Judge A. Story Expecting to be In Fort Worth 1880-05-28-pg03
Edwards, Judge A. Story Elected Mayor of Decatur 1881-05-06-pg03
Edwards, Judge A. Story Mayor of the city of Decatur 1881-11-25-pg03
Edwards, Lizzie Story Has fever 1881-03-18-pg04
Edwards, Mr. J.W. Story Were at home from the railroad 1881-11-18-pg03
Edwards,Boy Birth Mr. J.W. Edwards rejoices the addition 1881-12-23-pg05
Eilliston, James Story Supposed shot and killed blind saloon man 1881-01-14-pg03
El Paso Story Railroad miles for Railroad City of S. W. 1880-05-28-pg04
El Paso Story About 2000 people gathered to witness the bull fights 1881-12-23-pg01
El Paso Texas Story Fast Town, six men shot 1881-04-22-pg03
El Paso Texas Story Beef sells for 25 cents 1881-06-24-pg01
El Paso, Texas Story The Southern Pacific  1880-10-08-pg02
Elam, Mr. Story Charged with killing a hog 1880-09-24-pg03
Elam, Thomas Story Each transferred from county to district 1880-12-17-pg03
Elliot, Dr. Story Has ginned about 500 bales 1881-01-07-pg03
Elliot, Dr. Story Of Crafton has been sick 1881-02-04-pg03
Elliot, Dr. Story One of the leading merchants of Crafton 1881-11-25-og02
Elliot, Dr. J.F. Story Declaratipn of Independence 1880-07-16-pg03
Elliot, J.F. Story Greenback appointment 1880-09-10-pg04
Ellis and Huffman Ad Farming Implements in Fort Worth Texas 1880-06-11-pg03
Ellis County Story Man shot at dancing parties 1881-01-07-pg03
Ellis, Miss Wedding Wed to Mr. Lamar near Keeter 1881-12-16-pg05
Ellis, Mr. T.J. Story Entertained, of Mount Hope 1880-06-04-pg02
Elliston, James Story Sentenced to 7 years 1881-04-01-pg02
Elliston, Jim Story Guilty of 2nd degree murder 1881-03-11-pg03
Elm School House Story B.B. Pior, T,M, Marbry 1881-11-25-pg03
Elser, Max Story Book store overrun with business 1880-11-12-pg02
Elser, Mr. Max Story Extending telegraph line on west 1880-06-11-pg03
Embry, Dr. Story Having a new well sunk 1880-08-13-pg03
Embry, Dr. Story Sinking a  well 1880-12-17-pg03
Embry, Dr. H.H. Story Expecting to be In Fort Worth 1880-05-28-pg03
Embry, Dr. H.H. Story Elected trustee at Paradise 1880-07-30-pg02
Embry, Dr. H.H. Story Stock of drugs and notions 1880-09-10-pg03
Embry, Dr. H.H. Story Has turnips 2 to 3 inches 1881-05-20-pg03
Embry, Dr. H.H. Story Invited to address the B.B. Club at Garvin 1881-07-08-pg03
Embry, Dr. H.H. Story Purchased about 20 lots for sell to appropriate for school 1881-11-18-pg03
Embry, H.H. Ad Physician in Paradise  1881-02-18-pg01
Embry, H.H.  Ad Resident physician Paradise 1880-04-09-pg03
Embry, H.H.  Ad Resident Physician Paradise 1880-06-11-pg03
Embry, H.H.  Story Met at Cottondale on Friday 1880-07-23-pg02
Embry, H.H.  Story Greenback appointment 1880-09-10-pg04
Embry, H.H. Secretary Story Sunday school organized Paradise 1880-03-26-pg02
Embry, J.A. Story Employed to teach at Decatur 1881-08-12-pg02
Embry, John A. Story Teaching at Decatur 1881-03-11-pg04
Embry, Jos. Story Brother of one of our M.D.s 1881-02-25-pg03
Embry, Prof. John Story Principal of Decatur High School 1881-05-06-pg03
Ennis Texas Story Tannery in full blast 1881-07-08-pg01
Ensey, J.D. Story Brief calls from our friends 1881-12-30-pg05
Erwin, wife of Lewis Death Buried on last Sunday 1881-02-04-pg03
Escobedo, Gen. Story Passed through New Orleans 1880-05-07-pg04
Eserige, Miss Eliza Wedding Wed to W.J. McCright 1881-12-23-pg05
Etter, Emma Death Who has been sick, died 1881-06-03-pg02
Etter, Henry Birth Late arrivals are boys at houses of 1881-09-23-pg02
Etter, Miss Emma Story Very sick, expected to die 1880-12-03-pg03
Etter, Miss Emma Story Is recovering  1881-04-22-pg03
Evans, A. Story Had not seen son in 14 years, lives in Ind. Terr. 1881-08-05-pg03
Evans, Eld. A. Story Will preach at Read's Chapel 1881-06-10-pg03
Evans, Eld. A. Story To preach at Read's chapel 1881-06-17-pg03
Evans, Eld. A. Story Will preach at Read's Chapel 1881-07-22-pg03
Evans, Eld. A. Story Preached at 11 AM 1881-08-05-pg03
Evans, Elder Story Will preach to the people of this community 1880-08-27-pg03
Evans, Elder Story Only preached one sermon 1880-09-03-pg03
Evans, Elder Story Lost horse to blind staggers 1880-12-03-pg03
Evans, Elder Story Preformed marriage of Barrick and Whitten at Read's Chapel 1881-09-16-pg03
Evans, Elder A. Story Will preach at this place Sunday 1880-09-10-pg03
Evans, Elder A. Story Of the Baptist church preached 1880-09-24-pg03
Evans, Elder A. Story Will preach at new church 1880-10-15-pg03
Evans, Elder A. Story Preach at new church in this place 1880-10-22-pg03
Evans, Elder A. Story Has appointment to preach at Bethel church 1880-12-03-pg03
Evans, Elder A. Story Failed to fill his appointment 1881-02-04-pg03
Evans, Elder A. Story Lord being willing he will preach 1881-05-06-pg03
Evans, Elder A. Story Performed marriage vows for Duncan and Adkison 1881-05-20-pg03
Evans, Elder A. Story Preached to a full house 1881-06-03-pg03
Evans, Mr. Wm. Story Finished digging well in his yard 1880-07-23-pg03
Evans, Mr. Wm. Story Member of Farmers' Alliance informs  1880-09-17-pg03
Evans, Mrs. W.N. Story Paid our press room a visit 1881-03-11-pg03
Evans, Sam Story Director of Manufactoring Company in tarrant County 1881-05-20-pg01
Evans, W.N. Story Will plant corn 1881-02-25-pg03
Evart, Mr. Sam Story Buying goods in Fort Worth 1881-12-02-pg03
Ewing, Dr. Story Sold his place near Chico 1880-11-19-pg01
Faith, Mr. D.W. Story Has cotton stalks with 300 bolls 1880-07-23-pg03
Fakes, Capt. M.T. Story Registered at City Hotel in Decatur 1880-06-18-pg03
Fannin County Story Tornado struck town of Savory 1880-06-11-pg04
Farmer, J.J. Story Have been visiting the Old States 1881-08-05-pg04
Farmers Story Must Replant Corn 1880-04-09-pg03
Farmers Alliance Story Will convene at Paradise 1881-12-09-pg03
Farrington, E. Story Prohibition vs Whiskey 1881-11-04-pg03
Farrington, E. Esq. Story of Audubon has moved from town 1880-12-17-pg03
Fatheree, Miss Nancy J. Wedding Wed to Mr. H.A. Middleton 1881-12-09-pg02
Feltner, Mr. Story To go to mineral springs in Palo Pinto County 1881-11-11-pg02
Fendley, J.J. Story Moved to Ft. Worth 1880-10-08-pg03
Fendley, Mr. J.J. Story Member of New Mexico Minning Assoc. 1881-09-16-pg03
Fentress, Edward Story Due our thanks 1881-05-20-pg03
Ferguson, H.C. Story Was in Decatur last week 1881-02-11-pg02
Ferguson, J. Story Building a saloon at Cottondale 1880-08-13-pg03
Ferguson, Joe Story Drove a small herd to Ft. Worth 1880-09-03-pg03
Ferguson, Jos. Story In town yesterday 1881-12-09-pg03
Ferguson, Mr. H.C. Story Was in Denton 1880-11-19-pg01
Ferguson, Thomas Story Had good new saddle stolen at preaching 1881-07-22-pg03
Ferguson, Wm. Story From north part of county 1881-12-30-pg05
Fillmore, Mrs. Millard Death Died in Buffalo N.Y. 1881-08-19-pg03
Finch, Amos Story Kindly called last Tuesday 1880-10-01-pg03
Finch, Amos Story Tax collector ordered Messenger 1880-12-17-pg03
Finch, Amos Story The tax collector 1880-12-24-pg03
Finch, Amos Story Collector has received $3,500 in taxes 1881-01-21-pg02
Finch, Collector Story Has received $1200 taxes 1881-01-14-pg03
Finch, Collector Story Raked in $1000 tax tribute 1881-02-25-pg03
Finch, Mr. Amos Story Passed through our town on way to Crafton 1880-09-10-pg03
Finlay, Mr. Story Bill introduced to prohibit foreign employment 1881-02-11-pg03
Fitzgerald, Henry Story Talks of moving to Arkansas 1881-09-23-pg03
Fitzgerald, Henry Story Of Garrett's Creek bought the Beadleston place 1881-10-07-pg03
Fitzgerald, Henry Story Has declined going to Arkansas 1881-10-14-pg03
Fitzgerald, John Story At Banks home 1880-06-11-pg02
Fitzgerald, Mrs. Death Elderly lady of Rush Creek buried 1881-04-01-pg03
Fitzwater, Fannie Death Death has again visited the community 1880-12-03-pg03
Fitzwater, Miss Fannie Story Vote resulted as follows 1880-08-13-pg03
Fitzwater, W.L. Story Have moved to Collin County 1881-09-23-pg03
Fleming, Mr. Thomas Wedding To Miss Mary Newsom 1881-07-22-pg03
Fleming, Son Death Son of Wm. Fleming was buried 1881-11-18-pg03
Flint, Col. J.T. Story Of Waco, arrived today 1881-02-18-pg02
Fondren, Bud Story Cut Dan Nearn in back of neck 1881-01-14-pg02
Foote, A.T. Story Arrested for arson and forgery 1880-05-14-pg01
Ford & Weakley Story They will sell stoves and hardware at Ft. Worth prices 1881-10-21-pg03
Ford & Weakley Story A mammoth stock of cook and heating stoves  1881-11-04-pg03
Ford & Weakley Story First class tinners 1881-11-18-pg03
Ford, "Link" Wedding Married Miss Sarah Auvenshire at Deep Creek 1881-06-10-pg03
Ford, Benj. Story Chosen for jury 1880-11-19-pg01
Ford, Burt Story Regaling in wilds of Palo Pinto County 1881-09-30-pg03
Ford, Capt. Milton Story Had a horse to throw himself  1880-11-19-pg01
Ford, Lucy Story Passed through town yesterday 1880-06-11-pg03
Ford, Major Story And family will take up abode 1880-11-26-pg03
Ford, Major Story Has returned from a flying visit 1880-12-24-pg02
Ford, Major J.B. Story Visiting brother 1881-08-19-pg03
Ford, Miss Ida Story Visiting her relatives and friends 1881-05-27-pg03
Ford, Miss Ida Story Attendant at wedding of Houston and Guthrie 1881-10-28-pg03
Ford, Mr. J.B. Story Gave our village a call 1881-03-18-pg03
Ford, Mr. J.D. Story Of Decatur made us a call 1881-12-09-pg02
Ford, W.B. Story Have gone to Fort Worth 1881-09-02-pg02
Fore, J.F. Story Bro-in-law of T.W. Deavenport 1880-07-30-0g03
Forgey, Mr. M.A. Wedding Wed at residence of Bride's father to Miss Luthella B. Reid 1881-12-23-pg05
Forsythe, Mr. Correspondence Will be able to begin his school Nov. 7 1881-11-04-pg03
Forsythe, Prof. J.M. Story From the portals of Add-Ran College 1881-09-09-pg03
Fort Concho Story To be abandoned at once 1881-05-06-pg01
Fort Davis Story Indians stealing and robbing 1881-07-08-pg01
Fort Griffin Story To be abandoned at once 1881-05-06-pg01
Fort Leavenworth Story Raiders encamped at Indian Territory line 1880-12-24-pg02
Fort Sill Wedding Telegraph marriage performed 1880-12-17-pg01
Fort Stockton Story Band of robbers terrorizing 1880-06-11-pg04
Fort Worth Story Ft. Worth & Cleburne were connected, telegraph 1880-10-01-pg02
Fort Worth Story Raised $10,000 in few hours for cotton factory 1881-04-22-pg02
Fort Worth Story Census amounts to 9200 souls 1881-10-07-pg03
Fort Worth Story Mr. Shean of Paradise was in the city 1881-12-16-pg05
Fort Worth Advance Story Work on court house, clock needed 1881-07-29-pg01
Foster, H.C. Story Director of Manufactoring Company in tarrant County 1881-05-20-pg01
Foster, Hon. Lafayette S. Death Vice President of the US 1880-10-01-pg04
Fowler, Child Death Child of Dr. R. Fowler of Aurora 1881-07-08-pg01
Fowler, Mr. Story Fine $200 horse died recently, blind staggers 1880-12-03-pg03
Fowler, R.   M.D. Ad Having located in Aurora 1881-01-07-pg03
Fox, H.H. Story An old friend in MO 1881-08-12-pg03
Franklin, Dr. Story Invention of Iron Framed Fireplace 1880-04-30-pg04
Freedman, L. Story Leading merchant in Decatur 1880-06-18-pg03
Freedman, L. Story Leading dry-goods merchant of this county 1881-08-05-pg03
Freedman, L. Story Of the famous New York Store has gone 1881-09-09-pg02
Freedman, Mr. L. Story Stock of goods burned 1881-05-06-pg04
Freedman, Mr. L. Story Start to NY to buy stock of new goods 1881-07-15-pg02
Freeman, Capt. Wm. Story Sold twenty-seven bales of cotton 1881-11-04-pg03
Freeman, Mr. Story Of Decatur were in our city a few days ago since 1881-11-25-pg03
Friendship School Story Mr. W. V. Yeaker, Supt. 1880-06-04-pg02
Fullingim and Donald's gin Story 275 bales, north of Decatur 1880-12-17-pg03
Fullingim, J.P. Story Planning of the Old Settlers Reunion 1881-06-17-pg02
Furguson, Mr. H.C. Story Of Decatur, to move to Denton in fall 1880-07-23-pg02
Gainesville Story To witness triple hanging  1880-04-23-pg04
Gainesville Story Followed the old beef trail 1880-05-21-pg04
Gainesville Story Man shot during fair. 1880-07-16-pg03
Gainesville Story $15,000 burn, two men lost lives 1881-04-08-pg02
Gainesville Story Murphy and Edwards murderers of Jack Cook 1881-04-22-pg02
Gainesville Story Railroad near St. Jo 1881-04-29-pg04
Gainsville Story Legal hanging In Cook Co. was witnessed 1880-05-07-pg03
Gale, V. Story Teaching school at Hines gin on Garretts Creek 1880-06-18-pg03
Gano, F.M. Death Father of Gen. Gano 1881-02-25-pg02
Gardner, J.C. Story New county planned 1880-10-15-pg02
Gardner, Wyley Wedding Wed to Miss Susan Neal 1881-01-14-pg02
Garfield Death Died at age 49 yrs, 11 mos, and 10 days 1881-10-14-pg02
Garfield, Pres. Story Was shot twice today, removed to white house 1881-07-08-pg03
Garfield, Pres. Story Mentioned at Old Settlers Reunion hope of recovery 1881-07-15-pg03
Garfield, Pres. Story Since he was shot does not show emprovement 1881-08-05-pg03
Garfield, Pres. Story Is again recovering 1881-09-02-pg03
Garfield, Pres. Death The county officers closed all businesses on news of death 1881-09-30-pg02
Garrett's Creek Story Greenback Club formed, Alexander, Hines, etc. 1880-06-25-pg03
Garrett's Creek Story Speaking at Bethel Church 1880-09-03-pg03
Garrett's Creek Story Correspondence, Gilley, Mershon, Uncle Billy 1881-01-07-pg04
Garrett's Creek Story Justice Court changed to Boonsville 1881-01-21-pg02
Garrett's Creek Vocal Music Class Story Was in town last Sunday 1881-06-17-pg03
Garside Place Story On Paradise Prairie bought by  gentleman  1881-02-25-pg03
Garvin Story New Post Office 1880-04-30-pg03
Garvin Story Raised $5.00 for railroad 1881-04-15-pg03
Garvin Correspondence Garvin, Ensey, Peterson, Bond, Culwell, Dawes, Scott, etc 1881-09-02-pg03
Garvin Story Situated about 12 miles north of Springtown 1881-12-16-pg04
Garvin Story Dry-goods-grocery-dentist-drug-blacksmith-cotton gin 1881-12-16-pg04
Garvin Texas Story Mail from Cottondale 1880-06-11-pg03
Garvin Texas Story Note from Levi Easly 1880-08-27-pg02
Garvin Texas Story Correspondence, Fisher, Thompson 1881-03-18-pg02
Garvin, Miss Cora Wedding Wed to Mr. J.W. Morton 1881-11-04-pg03
Garvin, Mr. W.L. Story Has gone to Red River County 1881-12-09-pg03
Garvin, Prof. Story Teaching at Friendship School 1880-04-16-pg03
Garvin, Prof. Story To organize a lodge at Pleasant Hill 1880-08-20-pg03
Garvin, Prof. Story Teaching at Garvin 1881-03-11-pg04
Garvin, Prof. W.L. Story Explained the object and purposes 1880-08-27-pg03
Garvin, Prof. W.L. Story Selected as delegate to State meeting 1881-06-03-pg03
Garvin, Prof. W.L. Story Was in our town 1881-08-19-pg03
Garvin, Texas Story Siloam Vocal Music Society unites 1880-12-10-pg01
Gary, Delia Death Daughter of Mr. and Mrs Thomas Gary 1881-04-08-pg02
Gary, Thomas Story Family all down with measles 1881-04-01-pg02
Gattis, Elder Story Preached the funeral of Miss Duckworth 1881-06-03-pg03
Gattis, Elder, W.B. Story Held a series of meetings at Read's Chapel 1881-10-28-pg03
Gayle, Prof. V. Story Begins the Bridgeport free school in December 1880-12-03-pg01
Geers, Mr. C.W. Story Retires as editor of Denton Monitor 1880-07-02-pg02
Gerrin, Deputy Thomas E. Story Bass gang operated in Texas 1881-07-29-pg03
Gibbons, Ed Death Ex-Mayor of Paris Texas 1881-07-01-pg02
Gibson Brothers Story Placing arched stone over grave, Paradise 1880-12-03-pg03
Gibson, Child Death Child of Mr. and Mrs. Gibson 1881-02-18-pg03
Gibson, Mr. Story Came from Oregon, talks of remaining in Texas 1880-09-10-pg03
Gibson, Mrs. Death Buried on Paradise Prairie 1880-08-20-pg03
Gilbert, Miss Mary Story Fine essay on Dreams of the Future 1881-06-03-pg01
Gilhooly, Col. Story Mad man bathing in surf 1880-07-30-pg01
Girl's Diary Story Must buy, cologne, hair-pins, gloss for shoes 1880-05-14-pg01
Givens, Robert Story Of White Prairie arrested 1881-10-21-pg02
Glasco, Robt. Story Of Springtown sends Messenger to J.M. Glasco 1881-09-30-pg03
Goodman, Elder Story Feeble condition 1880-08-13-pg03
Goodman, Elder Story From Cottondale, will preach here 1880-08-27-pg03
Goodman, Elder Story Of Cottondale will preach here 1880-09-03-pg03
Goodman, Elder Story Of Cottondale filled his appointment here 1880-09-10-pg03
Goodman, Elder Story Of Salt Creek gave us a call 1880-10-01-pg03
Goodman, Elder Story At Pleasant Hill Schoolhouse in south part of county 1881-08-05-pg03
Goodman, Miss Gineva Story Of the vicinity of Garvin 1881-07-08-pg03
Gordon, Adam Death Died of cholera 1880-05-07-pg03
Gordon, Emma Death Child of Mrs.Alice Gordon 1881-07-08-pg01
Gordon, J.A. Story Decatur City Election 1881-05-20-pg01
Gordon, J.C. Story Cattle inspector 1881-05-06-pg03
Gordon, Scott Story Dropped a passing salutation 1881-10-14-pg03
Gordon, Scott and John Story Have been visiting the Old States 1881-08-05-pg04
Gore, A.J. Story Contemplate building residence at Cottondale $5 for deed 1881-08-05-pg03
Gose, David Story Were in town this week 1880-10-01-pg03
Gould, Mr. Jay Story Telegraphs, railroads and Heaven knows 1881-02-18-pg01
Gow, James Story Added to Church of Disciples 1880-08-13-pg03
Gow, James daughter Birth Daughter born to family circle 1881-02-18-pg03
Gow, James daughter Story Lost two mares to staggers 1881-03-18-pg03
Gow, Jim Story Left here to find home in Arkansas 1881-10-14-pg03
Gow, Jim Story Landed safe in Cross County Arkansas 1881-12-09-pg03
Graham Story Jack Post on trial for murder 1880-10-08-pg01
Graham Leader Story Corn is selling, several bales of cotton come in 1880-09-17-pg04
Graham Texas Story Jack Post was sentenced to hang 1881-10-07-pg01
Grant, Elder Story Preached at schoolhouse 1880-06-04-pg03
Grant, Elder Story Will preach here on 4th Sunday 1880-09-10-pg03
Grant, Elder Story Will preach here 1880-09-17-pg03
Grant, Elder Jas. Story Preached at the church 1880-10-29-pg03
Grant, Elder Jas. Story Changed from this to Cartersville Circuit 1880-12-03-pg03
Grant, General Story Warmly received 1880-05-14-pg04
Grant, General Story Expects to sail for Vera Cruz on the Whitney 1881-02-04-pg02
Graston, Josiah Story 102 years old on Home Creek, Coleman Co. 1880-10-22-pg02
Graves, Dr. Henry L. Death Was buried today 1881-11-18-pg01
Gray, Charles Story Hanged for horse stealing 1880-05-14-pg04
Gray, Elder Story Assisted in meeting 1880-08-06-pg03
Gray, G.W. Death One of the breakmen 1881-06-17-pg03
Gray, Miss Victoria Catherine Wedding Married William Munn at Fort Sill 1880-12-17-pg01
Great Northern Railroad Story Have six hundred hands 1880-05-07-pg04
Greathouse, G.R. Story Decatur City Election 1881-05-20-pg01
Greathouse, George Wedding Wed to Miss Emma Hodges of Tarrant Co. 1881-01-14-pg03
Greathouse, Henry Story Has returned from his camp 1880-10-15-pg04
Greathouse, Messrs. & Co. Story About to establish 1st National Bank  1881-03-25-pg02
Green, B.E. Wedding Wed to Miss Mollie Davenport of Denton 1881-02-18-pg01
Green, J.W. Story Sends Messenger to his step-father G.W. Finch 1881-07-08-pg03
Green, J.W. Story Our young friend left here bound for Mississippi 1881-11-11-pg03
Green, Mattie B. Wedding Married Mr. John A. Weakly 1881-07-01-pg01
Green, Miss Emma R. Wedding Wed to Mr. John A. McAfee by Rev. T.B. Duncan 1881-09-23-pg03
Green, Mr. W.N. Story Father arrived from Mississippi 1880-11-19-pg03
Green, W.N. Story Never failing supply of pure water 1881-07-15-pg03
Greenbacks Story Poem for almighty Greenbacks 1880-05-07-pg01
Greenhaw, Hatchett & Co. Story At Pella put up 350 bales 1881-02-11-pg02
Greenwood Story Correspondence 1880-09-24-pg01
Greenwood Story A gentleman from Decatur drove into Denton Creek 1880-10-08-pg01
Greenwood Story Mr. Keltner speaking 1880-10-08-pg03
Greenwood Story Odd Fellows and Masonic Lodges effort being made 1881-07-08-pg01
Greenwood  Story Pickett and Collom to address people 1880-09-10-pg03
Greenwood Texas Story Correspondence  1880-08-20-pg02
Greenwood Texas Story A.C. Long of the firm W. P. Tucker & Co. 1880-09-10-pg01
Greenwood, John Story Indicted for murder 1881-02-04-pg04
Greers, Mr. C.W. Story Full Control of Denton Monitor 1880-05-07-pg02
Griffeth, W.H. Story Has several thousand shingles 1881-12-30-pg05
Griffin, Dr. Story Wife to fall heir 1880-08-06-pg04
Griffin, McKavett & Stockon Story Forts abandoned for summer 1880-06-11-pg04
Griggs, G.R. Story Putting up cotton gin 1880-08-06-pg04
Griggs, G.R. Story Completed new gin, Bridgeport 1880-10-29-pg03
Griggs, G.R. Story Gone to Fort Worth after new press 1880-10-29-pg04
Grigsby, Mont. Story Left for New Mexico and Colorado mines 1881-04-22-pg02
Gross, T. Story Moved from and retruned to Salt Lake Valley 1880-08-13-pg03
Gross, T. Death Child buried at graveyard on Paradise Prairie 1880-08-13-pg03
Guinn, J.M. Ad Farm for sale 1881-09-09-pg02
Guinn, Mr. J.M. Story Has sold his farm NW of here 1881-11-04-pg03
Gulf Coast Story Yellow fever feared 1880-05-14-pg01
Guthrie, Miss Mollie Story Of Decatur visiting her sister Mrs. Sallie Houston 1881-11-25-pg03
Guthrie, Miss Sallie M. Wedding Wed to Mr. J. S. Houston of Paradise 1881-10-28-pg03
Gwinn, George Story Bro. Banks says horses are dying 1880-12-10-pg03
Gwinn, Infant Death Infant of Mr. John Gwinn buried 1881-03-11-pg03
Gwinn, Mr. George Story Sending Messenger to MO for brother 1881-09-16-pg03
Hackberry Springs, Tom Green Story Correspondence 1880-10-22-pg04
Haggard, Mr. J.W. Story Cattleman of Young county gave us a call 1881-02-11-pg03
Hale, J.W. Story Planning of the Old Settlers Reunion 1881-06-17-pg02
Hale, John W. Story Of Decatur member of board of directors of railroad 1881-09-23-pg03
Hale, Mr. Story Lightning struck tree 1880-06-18-pg03
Hale, Mr. M.B. Story Sends Messenger to MO 1881-05-06-pg03
Hale, Mr. W.T. Story Brought a champion stalk of cotton into town 1880-10-01-pg03
Hale, T. Death 70 years old died in MO 1881-05-20-pg03
Hale, W.T. Story Thanks for melons 1880-07-23-pg03
Hale, W.T. Story Killed rattlesnake 1880-09-03-pg03
Hale, W.T. Story Left his pocket-book in Ft. Worth 1881-02-11-pg03
Hale, Z.T. Story Sends Messenger to MO 1881-05-06-pg03
Hale, Z.T. Story Sends Messenger to G.W. McCullough in MO 1881-05-20-pg03
Haley, Mrs. Death Died at White's Prairie buried at Crafton 1881-09-02-pg02
Hall School Story Elder M. W. Mathes? will preach on Walnut Creek 1880-10-01-pg03
Hall, Mr B.F. Story Wants carpenter to build residence 1881-12-30-pg05
Hall, Prof. B.F. Story Preached at Read's Chapel 1881-11-11-pg03
Hall, Prof. B.F. Story Has consented to build a schoolhouse of his own 1881-11-11-pg03
Hall, Prof. Benj. Story Of Parker County is a successful teacher  1881-09-23-pg03
Hall, Rev E.W. Story Continues his revival services 1881-06-03-pg04
Halpine, James Wedding Do not know to whom 1881-07-08-pg03
Halsell, Glen Story Killed a hog 15 years old 1880-12-17-pg03
Halsell, Glen Story Was in our city this week 1881-12-09-pg02
Halsell, Glenn Story Registered in Jacksboro 1881-04-01-pg03
Halsell, Glenn Story A leading cattleman 1881-09-02-pg03
Halsell, Glenn Story Ikard Bros. & Halsell Bros. cattle combined 50,000 1881-10-14-pg02
Halsell, Harry Story Have gone to Fort Worth 1881-09-02-pg02
Halsell, J. G. Story Sold to W.E. Halsell 1881-05-06-pg04
Halsell, J.G. Story Gratified his many Fort Worth friends 1881-08-05-pg02
Halsell, J.G. Story In 1873 was worth $10,000, now $200,000 1881-08-05-pg02
Halsell, J.G.& W.E. Story Have sold 2000 beeves to Ikard, Curtis & Wells 1881-07-29-pg02
Halsell, Mr. J.G. Story Passed through town yesterday 1880-06-11-pg03
Halsell, Mr. Keech Wedding Wed to Miss Ida Perry step-daughter of Henry May 1881-11-25-pg02
Halsell, W.E. Story Returned from Fort Worth 1880-10-15-pg03
Hamiliton, T.P. Story Has been to the Fort 1881-08-19-pg03
Hamilton, Carrie Story Has been very ill 1881-06-10-pg03
Hamilton, Johnnie Death Son of Mrs. and Mr. Hamilton 1881-10-21-pg03
Hamilton, Mr. Story Sells the celebrated Ward Churn 1881-05-20-pg03
Hamilton, Mr. Story Has begun work on dwelling 1881-07-29-pg03
Hamilton, Mr. L.P. Story Sold his farm northwest of here to Hembry 1881-09-23-pg03
Hamilton, Mr. T.P. Story Bought a farm near the river 1881-11-04-pg03
Hamilton, Mr. T.P. Story Will move from his farm 1881-11-18-pg03
Hamilton, Mr. T.P. Story Has moved to his farm 1881-11-25-pg03
Hamilton, Mrs. T.P. Story Received letter about brother's death 1881-06-17-pg03
Hamilton, Peter Story Thinks of moving to town 1881-01-14-pg03
Hamilton, T.P Story Having a cellar dug 1881-06-17-pg03
Hamilton, T.P. Story Receipt of a letter from Ben Lamb 1880-07-30-pg03
Hamilton, T.P. Story Bought a county right to sell Ward churn 1880-09-17-pg03
Hamilton, T.P. Story Farm for sale northwest of Paradise 1880-11-12-pg03
Hamilton, T.P. Story Drive into country across river 1881-02-25-pg03
Hamilton, T.P. Story Standing under tree near residence 1881-05-20-pg03
Hamilton, T.P. Story Sold interest for land & stock 1881-06-03-pg03
Hamilton, T.P. Story Sends Messenger to Mississippi 1881-06-17-pg03
Hamilton, T.P. Story Off to the Fort 1881-06-24-pg03
Hamilton, T.P. Story Says he can get better bargains at L. Freedman store 1881-07-15-pg03
Hamilton, T.P. Story Youngsters invaded vacant building 1881-12-02-pg03
Hampton, Dr. M.F. Death Died in Galveston 1881-12-09-pg03
Hancock, Gen. Story President of Rifle Assoc. 1881-02-18-pg03
Hand, J. Story The lighting rod man 1881-07-22-pg03
Hand, J. Story The lightning rod man 1881-09-30-pg03
Hand, Joseph Story Lighting rod man in town 1881-04-29-pg03
Hand, Mr. Story An Irish lighing rod man 1881-03-25-pg03
Haney, J.C. Story East Mound will meet 1880-09-03-pg03
Haney, Miss Maggie Story Mr. Griffith's school at East Mound 1880-07-30-pg03
Haney, Mr Wm. Story Up from Salt Creek 1881-04-15-pg03
Haney, Mrs. Wedding Wed to Parson Kaywood 1881-01-14-pg02
Haney, Mrs. Story Paper on how to be charming 1881-06-03-pg01
Haney, W.L. & W.A. Story New drilling outfit going to Chico 1881-06-10-pg03
Hardeman County, Texas Story Immigrants arriving from all parts 1881-03-04-pg04
Harding, J.L. Story Found man hung on White's Prairie 1881-03-25-pg02
Hardwick, H.M. Story Planning of the Old Settlers Reunion 1881-06-17-pg02
Harkey, H. Death Sherman, Cooke Co. shooting 1881-01-07-pg02
Harland, Miss Wedding Wed to James Oats 1881-08-12-pg02
Harmon, Miss Dena Story Has been sick 1881-12-09-pg02
Harms, Fred Story An industrious gentleman living north of here 1881-10-21-pg03
Harp, Mr. J.E. Story Changed from Springtown to Van Alstyne 1880-12-17-pg03
Harris, boy Story Stole two horses from Anderson 1880-10-29-pg04
Harris, J.J. Story Lost a mare 1881-07-15-pg03
Harrison, Minnie Story Christmas tree present can be found 1881-12-30-pg05
Harrison, Uncle Berry Story Rose to shake hands with the Blue 1881-05-06-pg01
Hartzog, E. Story Left for New Mexico and Colorado mines 1881-04-22-pg02
Hatchett Bros. Story Plea of debt 1881-12-16-pg05
Hatchett, Dr. B. Story Of Cottondale was seen parading streets of Paradise 1881-05-06-pg03
Hawkins, D.P. Story Authorized agent at Aurora 1880-12-10-pg03
Hawkins, D.P. Story Authorized agent  1881-01-07-pg03
Hawkins, D.P. Story Authorized agent at Aurora 1881-01-14-pg03
Hawkins, Peter Story Attending school at Aurora 1881-02-25-pg03
Hawkins, Peter Story Leaving Aurora School for Decatur. 1881-03-04-pg03
Hayes, Ex-Pres. Story Portrait to be placed 1881-08-05-pg02
Hayes, John Death Pilot Point, killed by lighting 1880-12-10-pg01
Hayes, Parson Story Up from railroad this week 1881-03-18-pg03
Hayes, S.S. Story Working on railroad, washes dishes 1881-02-11-pg03
Hayes, S.S. Story In town from the railroad 1881-04-15-pg03
Hayes, Sid Story At home from the railroad 1881-11-04-pg03
Haynes, Prof. R.H. Story Introduced, of Aurora 1880-06-04-pg02
Hays, Miss Ella Wedding Wed to Mr. D H. Rupe 1881-08-19-pg02
Hays, Miss Lizzie Wedding Wed to Mr. J.H. Baugh 1881-08-19-pg02
Hays, Sid Story Up from railroad 1881-09-23-pg03
Hays, Sid Story Were at home from the railroad 1881-11-18-pg03
Hays, Sid Story And others were at home from railroad 1881-12-02-pg03
Head, Elder J.F. Story Preferring grave charges against 1880-07-02-pg03
Head, J.T. Story Subject of serious charges 1880-08-20-pg03
Head, Rev. J.F.